Jason Hope and SENS

Hope has donated $500,000 in funds to the SENS anti-aging foundation, which has an involvement in anti-aging research, such as finding cures for diseases that cause body breakdowns. Aubrey de Grey is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, who believes the goal of this foundation is to start a rejuvenation biotech industry aiming at speeding up the development of drugs that repair the damage caused by aging as well as age-related illnesses that impact the body. Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona, receiving a finance degree from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Other organizations that Jason Hoppe supports include Teach for America Phoenix, T Gen Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Family Health International, The Mark Walberg Youth Foundation, True Colors Fund, The Andre Agassi Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Metropolitan Phoenix Boys and Girls Club, and International Foundation for Education and Self-Help. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Alzheimer’s, lung and heart disease among others are what SENS research. He believes in using modern scientific research to look for answers about aging. Another passion of Jason Hope’s is the Internet of things, referring to a vast collection of products that helps humans connect to each other using the Internet. As an example, in modern times people do not have to go to the library to look stuff up, they go online to Google or Yahoo and google stuff to search for. High-speed Internet is now available for everybody. Indeed, free wi-fi access is available everywhere you go. These days, alarm clocks are set on mobile devices. Some people have pre-programmed coffee makers. There are programmable appliances that help you input orders into their user interface. These days, you can start your car remotely. Or even automatically park it while in a tight spot. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Health monitoring these days, helps people fill prescriptions without much of a hassle.Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forwar. Phones can give you traffic jam alerts along with wearable devices that tell you how much you sleep or walk. The smart baby monitor exists to take a look at how your child is doing. Hope feels that technology has to develop an industry-wide standard. His grant program helps students or entrepreneurs, because he feels that young people can have amazing ideas but the economy would not let them save the money to get started on that idea with $500 grants.Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

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