James Larkin Life Recap Bio

He was born on 21st January 1876 in Liverpool. He was brought up in the slums of Liverpool and while still young, he worked on various jobs to attain extra income. The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union was established by Jim Larkin although it fell apart right after the Dublin lockout. His belief that workers were unfairly treated led him to join a workers union that fought for the rights of workers.

Mr. Larkin’s aim was for all the Irish industrial laborers either skilled or unskilled to come together with one union that could work to promote their welfare. He used militant strike methods to fight for workers rights although they alarmed the NUDL. The primary aim of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union that was formed by Larkin while in Dublin was to bring all workers together so they could fight for their rights.

In 1913, there was a large strike that lasted for more than 8 months and it eventually bore fruits as its efforts were not futile in the agitation for fair employment and the protection of rights of workers.

Jim Larkin also led anti-war demonstrations that were aimed at prevention of the First World War he was however charged with criminal anarchy and deported later back to Ireland. In Ireland, he formed a workers’ union of Ireland and obtained recognition from the communist international. His efforts were now largely recognised and accepted by many.

Although the duties of his Union did not fully achieve its objectives in promoting for respect of workers’ rights as well as better pay, he did leave a great mark in the history of Ireland workers and this inspired many other workers to stand and fight for their rights. The power of workers who had come up together was firmly established and afterwards, several other unions came up to advocate for what is rightfully theirs.

His work mainly created a long lasting impression to many and many poems, songs as well as a monument were developed to mark his strong efforts. He is celebrated up to date for his heroic actions and up to date, looked up to by majority for his bravery.

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