I Visit Homes To Help Families Call With Securus

Securus is the only prison calling application that I use because I am going into homes to help family members talk to those who are in prison. I see these people every day because they are scared about how their loved ones are doing in jail, and I can let them see their loved ones on the tablet that I carry with me. Securus has been able to put more video cameras in more jails, and they have made it very easy for people to get the video calls done to any kind of prison. Securus wants to expand, and Securus has installers that are the best in their profession.


 Securus has an application that I put on my phone and tablet, and I use it every time I go to see someone. That means that we can take out my device right there and help them. I can show them what is possible when they need to speak to someone, and I have even helped people talk to more than one person. I often visit older people because they will get left behind when people are not in touch with them. It is a good public service when they cannot call the jails on their own.


I want to get into homes where families are trying to take care of their own, and I think it is important that they are taught that they have real options for helping their family stay in touch. The family is trying to take care of each other while someone is in jail, and I know that seeing people on the video camera means more than talking on the phone. I believe that I am doing a public service, and I also know that I can help more people by just firing up the Securus app.


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