How to Educate Your Kids on Personal Finances and Investing

Parenting is a huge responsibility. One of the jobs that a parent has is to educate his or her child about personal finances. Children are incredibly intelligent and learn from the examples that are set for them early on. Parents should not be reluctant to talk to their children about finances because most children are mature enough to digest the content that is being explained to them.

Money management is a part of everyday life. Children need to be taught good spending and investment habits so that they make smart financial decisions as adults. There are a few ways to help children learn about positive spending habits early on.

The first way is to set up an allowance for your child. In the real world, adults are compensated for the work that they perform on a daily basis. By empowering your child with jobs to do around the house, you are teaching them the benefits of hard work. A strong work ethic can help children be motivated so that when they become adults they can strive for excellence. Children can be paid biweekly as well to mirror how a majority of employees are paid by their employers.

The second way is to establish a budget for the child based off of the earnings that they will receive for doing chores. A budget is very important to proper financial management. Kids can benefit from seeing what expenses they have so that they begin to know how to allocate and spend the money that they have earned. Create a spreadsheet for your child and have them update it as they go along so that they can see how well they are doing. Kids are competitive by nature so the more they save the happier they will feel overall.

The third way is to take your child to a bank and open a savings account for him or her. Saving money is a good way to help to build wealth over time. Children do not have the same burden of household expenses that their parents do. It is important for kids to see the value of putting money away. Writing checks to your child for the work that they do can help them learn about making bank deposits.

The final way is to teach your child about investment strategies. Parents need to educate kids about investment strategy. Stocks, bonds, annuities and other investments can be highly lucrative. HCR Wealth Advisors can help parents chart out their own financial futures.

In today’s day and age, it is important to have a clear roadmap to follow to ensure financial freedom. Investment advisors like HCR Wealth Advisors can create personalized financial strategies that are easy to follow and can be adjusted at any time to incorporate new life events or goals. A little planning today can ensure a prosperous tomorrow.

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