How Mullen Lowe Kept Up with Technological Evolution

Media has been developing alongside society since its creation and has become a fundamental part of our lives that influences much of what we do. During the twentieth century, mass media such as radio and television drastically changed allowing propaganda and advertising It is in this climate that the seeds of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe were sewn.

This incredible growth was due to the long reach of the mass media infrastructure that attracts the attention of companies large and small, who saw the opportunity to showcase their product to markets they never had access to before. Jose Borghi and Mullen Lowe capitalized on this prospect rich environment to create a successful agency.

In modern times, we are again experiencing another boom in advertising thanks to again to technology advances. In this case, it is the internet, which has changed the way people communicate dramatically and given us the tools to create very profitable industries with tremendously valuable brands and companies. Jose Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, reports that this technological advance and subsequent means of global advertising are responsible for brands such as Google and Apple becoming some of the companies to benefit from this profit and growth bonanza.

The creation of new advertising platforms and the enormous and widespread use of smartphones, tablets, and computers just another step of this evolution with even more advertising opportunities presented to companies. As always with new opportunity comes the necessity to rethink old methods and create new ways to bring your product to your target audience. Although this presents a great challenge, firms like Mullen Lowe Brazil are revolutionizing the way we think of advertising and how to reach not only the most people but to also reach them with meaningful messages. Will new technology inspire another advertising revolution? for more.

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