How Dr. Mark Holterman Is Making A Difference In The World Of Medicine

Mark Holterman, MD, is a medical practitioner and researcher who works in Peoria, Illinois. He works at the University of Illinois College of Medicine where he is a professor of both pediatrics and surgery. One of his career accomplishments was being awarded by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) with their Innovative Research Award.

The ADA has worked for over 60 years supporting research into diabetes, both the cause of it and how to cure it. They have supported almost 5,000 research initiatives. The award they hand out is given to those who are either about to make a big impact through their research or they are someone that is working on an early-stage study of large importance.

Dr. Mark Holterman is also someone is a member of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The goal of this organization is to improve pediatric medicine for the children of Vietnam, many of whom lack pediatricians in their communities. Medical personnel and supplies are sent to Vietnam in support of this program and Dr. Mark Holterman has participated in this. Learn more on Crunchbase about Dr. Mark Holterman.

It was at the University of Virginia that Dr. Mark Holterman earned his MD and PhD in medicine and immunology. He completed his fellowship at Seattle Children’s hospital while also working at the University of Washington at the same time as an instructor in surgery. After this experience he moved to Montreal, Canada in August 1995 and joined the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal as a research associate.

The University of Illinois at Chicago is where Dr. Mark Holterman first became a professor. HE taught at this school for over 13 years. During his time at this institution, in addition to teaching, he developed research program. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holreman at

Dr. Mark Holterman became an entrepreneur in 2012. He is the founder of Mariam Global Health and serves as his company’s Chief Executive Officer. His company invests in businesses around the world. He also offers business management services. He focuses on those companies that are innovative and are poised to make a large impact in their industry. His goal in doing this is to have an impact on the health of people around the world.


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