History and Success of a Southwestern HVAC Company Celebrating 78 Years, , Goettl Air



Goettl Air Conditioning has been one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. for over 78 years. This February 2017 is they celebrated their 78th birthday as the company inches closer to the century mark. Goettl Air was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1939 by the Goettl brothers. They had developed an efficent, interior cooling system that would battle the heat of the summers in the southwest, and established the company with that. The Goettl brothers produced over 100 patents in their lives.


It wasn’t until the 50s, after WWII that central air really caught on with the public, and within a few years, Goettl Air expanded in Arizona. They had acquired the reputation of having dedicated and loyal servicemen with premium parts and central air installation.


Ken Goodrich has been CEO and manager for over five years, and he is proud to follow in the Goettl’s footsteps. Goodrich has been reviving businesses throughout his career, so he was a perfect fit to take over the Goettl Air.


Goettl has been very successful in Arizona from the start and transitioned through many changes, including technology, new products, and management, but in 2015, Goettl was awarded the Best HVAC in Arizona.


Ken Goodrich has more plans for the Goettl family. The company consistently offers high-quality HVAC parts and new AC units as well as indoor air quality services and duct cleaning for both residential and commercial customers. Service centers in Arizona can be found in Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas and reach into the suburbs.


In 2016, Goodrich has been in the process of acquiring several AC companies in Nevada, expanding into Las Vegas. This enlarged the number of employees in the company and also the number of customers, while still maintaining excellent products and services.


Since 2015, Goodrich has inspired 500 percent growth every year in the company, and he has his eyes focused on more expansion in the future. He expects to take the AC market in Las Vegas like they did in Arizona being named the Best of Nevada. After that accomplishment, he plans on taking the company into California from San Francisco to San Diego, and scouts have already been sent to investigate the state for properties.


Goodrich told the media recently that from the west coast, he sees Goettl Air reaching across east and central U.S. Goettl is expanding rapidly; Happy 78th Anniversary Goettl Air Conditioning!








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