Glen Wakeman’s Influential Career

Glen Wakeman’s Potent Influence on Business

Glen Wakeman is an accomplished businessman from Miami, Florida. He is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a SAAS company founded in 2015. He serves as a mentor for startup companies. Wakeman has expertise in M&A’s (Mergers And Acquisitions).

Wakeman earned a master of business administration in Economics. He has previous fulfilled positions at GE Capital and Nova Four. Wakeman is primarily known for a system he created, involving five steps. They include performance methods, risk management, human capital, execution, and leadership power. These five steps have been proven in his industry as viable and successful.

Personal experience with markets, corporations, and subsidiaries are few of the reasons behind his quality reputation. Wakeman has successfully served as a strategist. He extends valuable, accurate advice to executives of major companies.

Wakeman provides detailed advice to angel investors. He is dedicated to innovation and growth in the global marketplace. He has lived in six countries throughout his lifetime.


More about Wakeman’s Company: LaunchPad Holdings

The initiation of LaunchPad came from Wakeman’s desire to seek talented startups. He did not understand why the failure rates were so high for these companies. A lack of organization and structure were the missing links in the startups. As a result of this realization, Wakeman designed a simple software, tailored to helping startup companies flourish.

Wakeman credits his high curiosity as the reason he was able to persevere in his industry. He is constantly looking for intelligent and efficient ways to conduct business.


Wakeman’s Recommendation

Wakeman recommends applications that organize day to day activities, such as meetings and schedules. In addition to strategic practices, Wakeman advises everyone to read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. He says the book is a classic, with potent real-world lessons. Teamwork, discipline and dedication are some of the lessons Wakeman has learned from the novel. Wakeman will continue to have a substantial impact on business, influencing one person at a time.


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