Glen Wakeman Uses LaunchPad Holdings to Raise Up and Coming Businesses

Glen Wakeman inspires entrepreneurs to help their communities by teaching them essential business practices. Wakeman’s company offers a software service that helps early-stage entrepreneurs that put together their ideas in the form of a plan. Wakeman founded Launchpad Holdings, a company that targets entrepreneurs in the early stages of business planning (Analystoffinance). The services cost $100 for 30 minutes to go over an idea that can be put together in a business plan. An idea is different from a plan and does not make up a plan easily. Wakeman wants to help entrepreneurs work on their business plans.

Wakeman has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, followed up by earning an MBA at the University of Chicago, eight years later. He knows how to achieve customer satisfaction. For more than 20 years, Wakeman had worked for GE Capital in positions that gave him a greater responsibility to leading GE Money Latin America as it’s CEO while producing assets of $12 billion with 17,000 employees in a 9-country operation. Wakeman has lived in six different countries besides South America, in Europe and Asia. He led operations in 30 regions around the world. Wakeman is both an investor and a writer.

As a writer, he shares important insights into emerging markets and international fiscal matters, through blog posts. Wakeman uses his mentoring talent to help C-level executives as well as advise entrepreneurial start-ups such as Sitter Bee and Dreamfunded. LaunchPad Holdings was his way of researching why new start-ups fail. He talks about ideas in a way that generates interest. Wakeman is a person who always seeks opportunities to explore, and believes that machine learning can create insights. He has many busy days, which require the use of social media to maintain contacts. He points out that entrepreneurs’ abilities to comprehend a useful product or service may not depict an accurate viewpoint of the customer’s perceptions. Statistical data needs to reflect the number of customers. All employees must perform to acceptable standards. Wakeman provides customers with the LaunchPad Toolkit to help solve their problems of bridging the gap between creativity and facts.


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