Glen Wakeman Offers The Tools Needed To Succeed In Business

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and executive with extensive experience in business leadership. He began his career by working for GE Capital for over twenty years. This lead to him living in seven countries and working in thirty-two. Glen Wakeman’s experience with GE Capital gave him the skills needed to start his own business in 2016.

Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. LaunchPad Holdings is a company that offers other businesses the skills and tools they need to turn their business around. Glen Wakeman used his company to help companies of all sizes. This includes companies with seventeen thousand employees and seventeen billion dollars in assets. LanchPad Holdings is also designed to assist much smaller companies, and it offers its services at a price that offers much needed services without cutting into the bottom line. Glen Wakeman even offers personal training and development courses (

Glen Wakeman is able to help companies in a variety of ways. LaunchPad Holdings offers a toolkit designed to help business leaders create a detailed plan. The planning tools mean that a business can develop a stop by step process with realistic goals. The toolkit contains sections where a company creates a plan to increase revenue, acquire qualified candidates, develop reputation, and expand its customer base.

Glen Wakeman developed his business development program from three personal behaviors that allowed him to succeed in the business world. He believes that businesses should gather as much data as possible. This includes detailed records, research the market, and pay careful attention to the labor market. Secondly, business leaders should pay careful attention to the downsides of all of their actions. By keeping an eye on downsides it allows a business leader to avoid problems that may prevent them from following opportunities in the future while being prepared for the eventual problems a business may face. Finally, Glen Wakeman believes that a business leader should always follow opportunity. The ability to identify an opportunity and follow it without being worried about unexpected problems is what allows a business leader to become successful in a competitive market.


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