Glen Wakeman – A CEO Who Helps New Business Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman – the man above all men at Launchpad Holdings, LLC. Being the businessman that he is, his business stature makes his underlying businessmen shudder – because they know that he will get things done with no hesitation, for the success of his business.

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC, which is a company that helps entrepreneurs that are early in their business endeavors, to be more successful by providing them with advice and strategies that will help them grow their business. Glen Wakeman himself is a top businessman – an entrepreneur, a global business executive, and an investor and advisor of start-up businesses. He also writes blogs about how to keep businesses up and running even during low times. Gaining the experience and knowledge from GE Capital has helped Glen Wakeman tremendously with his own business and the business of others. He started his business career while working for GE Capital for 20 years. He has also helped numerous businesses to revamp their structure and tactics and because of it, has helped countless businesses gain millions in assets.

Glen Wakeman has gained many activities through the business industry and has since gained more knowledge on how businesses can succeed. And he continues to use this knowledge to help start up companies, downsize them, grow them, or invest in them – whatever the case may be. As companies and entrepreneurs grow in today’s business industry, Glen Wakeman will strive to continue giving his advice and input so the new companies can grow consistently and be successful. As long as he is working with businesses, his services will thrive and so will he. He will continue to make a difference in today’s business world. Being a CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC will definitely not be the last we hear of Glen Wakeman.


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