Getting The Word Out on Urological Cancers: Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a man who wants to get the word out about all urologic diseases. He encourages people to get tested for such things as bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer. He was a young man who moved around a lot when he was a child in Iran. He and his brother went to Belgium and London before settling in the United States. After settling in this country he went to college at Stony Brook School of Medicine and received his M.D. from the college in 1994.

Technology has always played a part in the career of Dr. David Samadi. He is currently the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He believes that robots can make surgeries for doctors as well as patients. He is currently working on a new project called a SMART robot. SMART stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. The procedure allows the prostate to be removed with minimal effort. This creates less downtime for the patient and makes the process of removal much easier. This process could make the lives of many men easier once it is approved for use.

Dr. David Samadi has also been a presence on television as well. He had an interview on FOX in 2013 and his career took off from there. He had his own medical show on the network called House Calls. He discussed the latest in medical procedures and mainly wanted to get the word out about prostate cancer. He also has worked with a number of celebrities to spread the word about prostate cancer and the effects of the disease. One particular person of note recently was Mitt Romney.

Dr. David Samadi says that Romney made the right choice to have his prostate removed rather than undergo radiation therapy. He also said that the odds for Romney’s recovery from the disease drastically improve whereas with radiation the chances of survival are much less and the disease could spread beyond the prostate. cases like this are why FOX has relied on his expertise over the years and he is happy to give it as well.

Dr. David Samadi has proved his worth in more ways than one. He is always learning new techniques and trying to improve older ones to make surgery easier for people. This is why he is at the forefront of urology care in the United States today.

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