George Soros Fights For The Rights Of Every Human

In the 21st century, the majority of U.S. citizens have come to know and expect the influence of members of the right-leaning billionaire class who have become known for their support of conservative causes across the U.S. A contrast to the work of conservative-leaning political donors such as the Koch Brothers is the philanthropy and political donations being completed by hedge fund legend, George Soros; Business Insider reports George Soros has been a major part of the philanthropic and political landscape of the U.S. for decades and is the subject of a series of outlandish conspiracy theories published by conservative news media groups.

The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros has been backing the fight against totalitarian regimes since the late 1970s when he made his first attempts at supplying those trapped in closed societies with the equipment and knowledge to work towards securing their own freedom and Follow his Twitter. Soros made his initial impact working in Apartheid-era South Africa and to secure the freedom of those living under the rule of Communist leaders in the former Eastern Bloc of the Soviet Union; by the 1980s, George Soros had formed the Open Society Foundations and battled to bring knowledge of the freedoms and rights afforded by democracy to the people of the world and more information click here .

Working in the U.S. may seem like a strange decision for an organization dedicated to bringing democracy to the world but George Soros believes the American Constitution must be fought for each day to avoid its protections being damaged by Conservative political leaders. Business Insider reports the work of George Soros continues to move towards the U.S. in bringing about political and social change to the people of the nation as he feels the battle against President Donald Trump and the right-leaning leaders of the Republican party has become something of a conflict between himself and the conservative donors known for their high levels of backing for Republicans during federal, state, and local elections and what George Soros knows.

Known across Europe for playing a key role in the devaluation of the British currency in 1992, George Soros has become the major target for right-wing media outlets across the world who push forward fake conspiracy theories targeted towards anti-semitic readers. Many political experts believe a large amount of the ire targeted towards George Soros comes from anti-Semitic motives developed by those who feel the Holocaust survivor is part of some plan to take over the world by a so-called “New World Order“. Seeing the Jewish-born Soros as some form of puppet master using his $25 billion in personal wealth to extend his own ends is similar to the theories of Nazi-era fascists who accused prominent Jewish community leaders across Europe of similar acts during the 1930s and 40s as they prepared for the Holocaust and learn more about George Soros.

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