Focus on Omar Boraie’s Visions for New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is a farsighted individual and has for the last forty years appreciated the exceptional prospects in the area of New Brunswick. He has invested in a number of properties in the area with The Aspire being his latest development. The Aspire is expected to house an amazingly luxurious high rise and deluxe residential building. This particular project has remained his main dream for a number of years and he is just happy that it was finally becoming a reality.

Omar Boraie’s Dream

Boraie Development LLC’s head, Omar, admitted that this particular project was doubted by a large number of people for several years. He had a huge desire to ensure that New Brunswick was rebuilt in an almost identical manner to what he had witnessed in Europe in his travels when he was schooling. He remembers that the area used to be terrible in the past such that walking on the streets past 4 p.m. was not done at all. He set his mind on changing this narrative and that marked the start of his dream. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Previous Investments

Omar started off by buying 21 buildings that were crumbling in a bid to start realizing his dream. He bought all of them and started renovating them. Most people thought that he was insane not realizing that he was just a visionary individual whose ideal time had come early. Omar Boraie created office space from the first building, which he named Tower One. In 2003, he constructed Tower Two that was just adjacent to the first one. The towers were a great start but Omar realized soon enough that the area also required top quality residential spaces. He embarked on a journey to build high quality condominiums. The end result was a 25-storey building that contained 121 residential units. The building also provided spaces for retail businesses, parking garage, offices and adequate space for pet walking and barbeques. This was according to an article published via Central Jersey Working Moms. Check out Fundacity for more info.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development LLC offers various services in real estate in urban areas like property management, real estate development as well as sales and marketing. Boraie Development is devoted fully to developing great properties as well as offer unmatched services to all its clients. The company’s forte has from the beginning being teaming up with the strongest and best financial institutions, contractors and visionary architects who understand the need to observe deadlines. This guarantees the successful delivery of all its projects in a timely manner.

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