Evolution Of Smooth Now Offers Vegan Options

Evolution Of Smooth has expanded their products to be more inclusive of vegans. Their newest collection has multiple flavors that are made with effective bees-wax substitutes. This opens up their product to a larger scale audience of people who may not have been able to try the products before. Vegan options are healthy and set EOS apart from other major lip balm manufacturers. Not only are their products made with organic ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E and coconut essence, but they are soft and flavorful. EOS makes lip balm and moisturizing a fun process that will be sure to leave you smiling.

Starting out less than a decade ago based on usmagazine.com, EOS has taken the market by storm when it comes to daily moisturizers and methods of applying lip balm. There are significant benefits to using EOS because of the curative formula and cute container designs. Not only is EOS fun and easy to use, but they can be found in many drug stores and retailers like Walmart, Target and CVS Pharmacy.

The guiding principles behind this company are focused on giving women what they want. When it comes to moisturizing, EOS understands that lip balm can be a daily routine. They have emphasized a commitment to helping people get the best results out of this process. The new flavors that have vegan crystals were so popular, that they sold out online the first day that they were launched. This is just one example of the incredible popularity that EOS products have, buy here!

Their remarkable marketing teams have made a fun sized pod shape that is recognizable internationally. Celebrity endorsements have furthered the cause when it comes to promoting EOS lip balm, check this out here on influenster.com. They have done so well in recent years that they have claimed more of the market than predecessor chalp stick. The personal way that lip balm has been individualized by EOS makes women feel more comfortable and adds gratification to the process of moisturizing.

You can find here the latest info video craze, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.



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