Eric Lefkofsky: The Author of Accelerated Disruption Knows His Stuff

Eric Lefkofksy, founder and CEO of Tempus, is the author of the book “Accelerated Disruption.” The accelerated disruption phenomenon, defined by Eric, is the fact that business’s these days are often overtaken rapidly by a new business that offers better choices, services, functionality, convenience, or prices and that much new business’s miss their opportunity to succeed in this climate of change by ignoring the forces of technology that might become vital in the following years. He maintains that startup companies should focus on understanding the concept of pain in any industry so they can use it competitively, first choose the right target market to innovate in the first place, use automation for tasks that can be done quicker at the same level of quality, promote their idea well in a climate of investor skepticism, and much more.

Eric would be one to know what he is talking about when it comes to business because he has been an innovator for most of his life. His latest company, Tempus, is redefining the way that physicians deal with cancer patients. By creating an operating system that can battle cancer, Eric has provided those who treat cancer patients with the tools they need so they make real-time, data-driven decisions that can greatly affect the outcome of their patient’s live. Tempus collects genomic data from cancer patients and puts that information into the hands of physicians so that they know and understand all of the histories of using a certain treatment or from treating a person with a very specific set of circumstances.

On Eric Lefkosfky’s social media accounts you can see that he has a great interest in technology and the treatment of cancer as well as another disease. On his Facebook account he also shares posts that showcase some of the companies that Tempus has partnered with, and on his Twitter account, you can find Tweets to articles that reveal the latest advances in scientific knowledge about many different topics, including cancer.


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