EOS Flavors for the Four Seasons

When the weather changes so do our everyday routines. We put away one set of everyday clothes and bring out another. (And add another piece or two to spice things up.)


As the outdoors changes with the seasons so do our internal moods. We put away our light, airy summer attitudes to prepare for bittersweet fall and serious winter. Come springtime, it’s time to lighten up and embrace freshness. Click to read more, blogwebpedia.com.


But have you remembered to match your lip wardrobe with the season? EOS lip balm flavors are a terrific complement to your seasonal mood:

  • For FALL think Pomegranate Raspberry for lingering sweetness with a touch of tart, shop here.
  • In the WINTER, you have a decision to make. Will you be cozy and sweet with Vanilla Bean or deep and mysterious with Blackberry Nectar?
  • The promise of SPRINGTIME means Sweet Mint, for sure.

SUMMER is full of all kinds of possibilities, and your lips won’t be left out. Try Coconut Milk for a taste of the beach, or zippy Passionfruit to energize you. You can dive deep into Summer Fruit, a blend of strawberry, blueberry, and peach. But for ultimate summer allure, pull out all the stops with luscious Honeysuckle Honeydew. Order now here on amazon.com.


When it comes to keeping your lips super soft year-round, EOS has you covered with natural ingredients for rich moisture. Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil keep your lips smooth and silky, for whichever of the four seasons you’re feeling.



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