Desiree Perez is Riding the Tidal Wave High in Online Music Streaming

Online music streaming is now the go to business for anyone looking to making lucrative profits in the entertainment world. Amidst the competition is the upcoming music streaming service, Tidal, going head to head with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. But the competition is bound to be leveled out when Desiree Perez waves her magic wand.


It’s no secret that the success of the likes of Spotify have dwarfed that of Tidal, making founder Jay Z constantly reshape his strategies to stay afloat. Nevertheless, one thing that Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter has always been good at is finding the right person for the job. He understood the challenges of transitioning from music to online music streaming, thus made sure he had the likes of Desiree Perez on his side.

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Immediately she took the role of spear heading Tidal’s marketing strategies, Dez Perez proved to be the breath of fresh air Jay Z was waiting for. Even as many of the Executives at tidal hastily stepped down when they noticed Jay Z’s news project almost hitting the rocks, Perez has turned things around by increasing subscriptions to the online streaming service. But this is just part of it, there is a lot she is doing behind the scenes that has helped Tidal remain relevant.


According to,  Perez is the face of the company right now in closing recent multi-million dollar contracts that will be used to fund Tidal. Moreover, Perez is also using familiar armory to help keep the competition at bay. This includes strategies like Tidal’s exclusive rights to releasing new albums from musical giants like Rihanna and Beyoncé. Kanye West’s Life of Pablo single-handedly raised the number of trial subscriptions by 1 million.


Also to Perez’s advantage is her background of experience in business and closing some of the biggest lucrative deals. This is not the first time she is rubbing shoulders with Jay Z as her husband Juan Perez heads Roc Nation’s Sports segment, while Perez later on joined to contribute her negotiation and accounting skills to the marketing team. On her resume, she can proudly say she was instrumental in promoting Beyoncé’s Formation tour and closing a contract deal with Samsung on behalf of Rihanna.  Check this on


With Perez behind the wheels, Jay Z can finally breathe and watch his new project take shape. Tidal is currently capitalizing on new content as opposed to promoting what is already on their archives.


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