Dedication of Perry Mandera in Helping the Community

Perry Mandera has been in the scene of business for quite a long time. He has demonstrated his abilities in various sector particularly in the segment of  transport. The great achievement he has accomplished has led to the reformation in the society through his contribution in different charitable organization. Perry Mandera implemented the idea of forming Custom Cares Charities. Most of the projects that he has set in the society are associated with sports and church projects and programs.

Perry Mandera was a student from one of the known universities called Chicago public high school. He graduated in 1975. He then served as a part of the members in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves where he demonstrated his abilities in various aspects. He was made to be the driver motor pool among the members. Much of his efforts in the field put him at the vantage point, and he was evaluated with an honor of Honorable Discharge from United States Marine Corps.


Venturing into Business

Perry Mandera made his debut in the arena of business earlier while at the age of 23. The most areas that he focused much on was the transport. He put his efforts and the skills that he had gained from the different field in propelling his business to the peak point in the market. The company that put Perry Mandera in the limelight of the world was in 1980 which he later sold in 1985. The concern that he had in transforming various factors in the community made him ventured into the world of politics as a member of Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago. Perry Mandera served in the position that he was elected in as the youngest leader.

Perry Mandera combined the skills he had in the scene of business with politics. He set up a firm named The Custom Companies, Inc. which was meant to operate within the United States. The pragmatic skills he had in the leadership made his set the objectives of the company at the vantage position in the market (  He set the headquarter of the company in Northlake and created other branches in several parts of United States.




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