Crystal Clear EOS is The New Trend in Lip Balm

Sphere or triangle, that is the question EOS fans are asking themselves. Why are they asking this question? Well, EOS has released a new design to their formula of lip balms. The triangle sphere is now crystal clear and appears to look like a diamond. If your not understanding why that is so important, try checking out the other differences they made to the product.

The product is now made without any type of bees wax and has substituted essential oils for the difference. If your not sure what that does the product, you should know that the new product has oils in it that is meant to moisturize your lips without causing them to become sticky like most other brands.

In the new formula, the small sphere is already causing a consumer rush to the local stores. The formula alone is not the only difference to the product. The product has changed its appearance from the regular formula which is why people are flocking to try the new item. The new additions are made in an Vanilla Orchid scent or you can purchase the Peach Hibiscus, order here.

Why has EOS made this change, you ask? The company knew that people wanted more from their products and more people are purchasing items which are animal friendly. With more people switching over to products which do not harm any form of animal or insect, EOS knew they had to also make a change, refer also to

EOS, Evolution of Smooth knew what they wanted when they originally launched the product. They knew people were limited to a small number of lip balms and that there was a limited number of flavors available. When they decided to make the product, they knew they had to create something extraordinary and that is why they have been such a hit amongst consumers.

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