Colbert Donates To South Carolina Schools

The former Comedy Central star, who first rose to fame during The Daily Show With John Stewart and then later The Colbert Report, where he played a satirical version of himself, is due to replace David Letterman on The Late Show later this year.

Colbert has been on hiatus since December of 2014, but this week be popped back on the scene after he donated a total of $800,000 to South Carolina schools. Colbert partnered up with Share Fair Nation and ScanSource and to help fund over 375 schools and about 1,000 different projects.In a video to the students, Colbert explained that the money was raised from auctioning off the set from The Colbert Report. As a home grown South Carolinian, Colbert often gives back to the community (as seen here), and to teachers, which pleases CipherCloud employees.


One thought on “Colbert Donates To South Carolina Schools

  1. Stephen Colbert is not spending his vacation catching up on Netflix, that’s for sure. Here’s hoping he continues the tradition when he’s on The Late Show. It certainly means for sure that would end up getting exactly what they want to achieve in the long run.

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