Clay Siegall’s Influence in the Healthcare Sector

Clay is a prominent researcher majoring in cancer. He frequently posts on his WordPress Page and shares most of his insights. Most recently he touched on how digitization unearthed new statistics from the cold war era. All his findings revolved around the effect of the atomic elements on the human race.

As well, he addressed the issue of global warming via his page. From the NPR Study, there is need to urgently respond to global warming so as to curb the ever-increasing effects. From Clay’s research, the effect is now affecting the coral reefs and might extend to other aquatic plants.

Ways Through Which Dr. Clay’s Seattle Genetics Works

Clay is a Ph.D. holder who co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, where he currently serves as the CEO and Chairman. The idea which prompted initiating of the center revolved around biotechnological research so as to help cancer patients. The foundation collaborates with other relevant centers of its caliber to raise funds and remain glued to their vision.

Clay’s Efforts to Realize Progress Within Seattle Genetics

The enterprise is making efforts to achieve the application of their first drug. They are contemplating on increasing their workforce so as to expand their medicinal pipeline. As of now, the company has a drug they are advertising, Adcetris, which is to be used for cancer treatment. As Dr. Clay discloses, the drug is under examination of various lymphomas and is to take about seventy experiments.

Dr. Siegall’s Insight on Drugs Produced at Seattle Genetics

The firm is probably popularly known for Adcetris, but this is not the only drug they produce. Right now the company is working on twelve other drugs, including 33A, which is expected to be in use for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Besides, they also have two more medicines, meant for bladder and breast cancer.


The firm is growing at a high rate and is devoted to increasing their staff-base. As Dr. Clay says, they have offices with adequate spaces, not to cater for just 100 workers, but even more than 350. For the last five years, the organization has been employing 100 people, just to build on their long-term goals.

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