Chris Burch: Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

When it comes to fashion and technology industries, there are numerous similarities. As a matter of fact, the two industries have seen numerous changes over the years. Many of us, including the liberal thinkers, consider this fact as true. Technology and fashion industries have grown together for a long time. For most of us, we have seen technology grow to become fashionable. On the other hand, fashion has grown to become technologically fashionable. The amazing part of the story is how the two industries have grown together. It also forms the basis of our argument. A glimpse of the present and past sheds light on what is ahead of us shortly.


According to Chris Burch, the dawn of the 70s brought us new technology. This was one of the best ways in which we could see technology growing with fashion. The introduction of the Boombox revolutionized the music experience because it allowed the user to walk around with their favorite stations and tunes. The technology came to us with two decks. While one was used to play the music, the other one could record the playing music. The use of this piece of technology went down to the 80s. For this reason, movie storyline was also added into this part of music.


The 90s saw a revolutionized way of technology where one could purchase a more personalized experience with the introduction of the Walkman into the market. This action was considered fashion, while you walk, you would listen to music. For more than one decade, this experience was made smaller with the introduction of the iPod into the market. This was the most up-to-date technology developed. As we can see, technology always grows with what people consider fashionable.


In the recent past, there has been a synthesis of technology and fashion. The two industries have grown to complement each other through growth and business. With the use of technology, fashion designers have delivered the best clothes in the market. They attribute their success through the growing technology. For this reason, technology brings out higher standards of functionality and fashion innovation. One of the Dutch fashion designers has announced his relationship with technology. She uses technology to develop fashion in most parts of her designs. She has considered the use of technology meaningful to fashion. With the use of fashion and technology, there are endless opportunities. One of her greatest success is when she used technology to design dresses which were worn by the British royal families.


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