Susan Macgalla’s Tips to Being a Successful Woman

For more than a century now there has been a lot of advocacy on changes that need to be done to change conditions and standards of women in workplaces. Data from labor reports show that the current percentage of women contributing to the labor force accounts for 46.9% with less than 15% featuring as executive officers.

Despite the high number of women in the workforce, most Americans are still not advancing career wise. This is something Susan Macgalla believes can change with the right strategies.

As a successful founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and an expert in marketing, branding and time management, she believes that success is possible if only we know where to look. She represents success and has a couple of tips she could share with women who want to succeed.  To read about this, follow this link.

Invest in higher education to increase your opportunities

Susan advises women to further their studies so as to excel in a male dominated world. It is important for university-educated women to increase if the number of successful women in the nation is to go up. The growing cost of higher education should not be intimidating to the younger women. Susan believes that they can rely on scholarships and education financing to pursue this goal.  Related Articles on

Confidence is key

Most women get into the workforce and get intimidated. This is counterintuitive since confidence is crucial to success. Women need to find support systems to help them forge on in confidence.

Always Ignore the Glass Ceilings

According to Susan, her excellence came to be by ignoring glass ceilings. Focusing on work ethics and not concentrating on prejudice will guarantee success. Discrimination and stereotyping will always exists and only those strong enough to deal with it will succeed.

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Susan McGalla’s Advice on Success for Women

For a century now, the advocacy for change has been a national conversation in the conditions and the standards for women in the workplace. The United States Department of Labor has data that shows that in the mid 20th century there is one in 5 women who participated in the labor force.

Now women compose 46.9% of the labor force, however they only make up about 14.6% of executive officers. Susan McGalla says that although the growth is in continuous demand for females that are in America, many women are still finding it rather hard to move up in the workplace.

Susan McGalla is a founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is an expert when it comes to helping clients to brand and market as well as talent management and much more. She’s shared her views on how to get ahead being with being a businesswoman. A couple of the audiences that she has shared her views with were Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Conference for CEOs. Susan speaks on 3 important strategies that women need in order to progress and to become successful.  Learn more about Susan, follow this link.

She encourages higher education because there are better and greater opportunities available. Over half of the United States consist of women professional workers and it is critical to continue this growth. If women want to succeed in a male-dominated workplace, then they must increase their skill-dependent economy. Susan says that young women should not be intimidated by the cost of higher education ,but rather learn how to smart plan. Related article on

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When entering the workforce, women can start to have less confidence in pursuing their careers so it is important to find support. It is important to build a network of people that will influence them.

Lastly, she tells women to “ignore the glass ceiling” which simply means to ignore the prejudice and discrimination and just let their work speak for itself.

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What drives Helane Morrison’s compliance career

Saying that predators plague the financial management industry is an understatement. Helane Morrison knows this only too well. Before joining Hall Capital as the Managing Director, Helane was a compliance officer with the SEC San Francisco office.

Having spent all her life chasing bad people does not earn you a leadership position, but proving that you are always successful at what you do certainly gives you an edge.

The financial sector is home to very many entrepreneurs who are very successful. Helane Morrison is one of the successful people in the financial management and hedge fund area. Some of the things that drive her will probably surprise.

Her passion is undoubted

There is always something intimate about how she conducts her business. Her expertise and career are in law and journalism. Part of the management of most hedge funds borders between understanding what is allowed and what is not. With over ten years as a SEC insider, she understands the deepest loopholes in the market.

Her class is permanent

On reason why I like her is that, over the years, her role in various capacities have proven a major success. Her career has no blemish. In her capacity, she has steered Hall Capital as a very compliant company. There has not been a single incidence related to non-compliance. Her ethical and tactical nous in managing comes naturally to her. She is an avid communicator and a staunch follower of integrity.

At Hall Capital, the goal is to give the customer the trust that he or she deserves. The management team at the capital is somewhat skewed towards women. I find the company’s blueprint on leadership and integration of the diversity always admirable especially in inspiring young leaders.

Her interest is deep

When she spoke of her team, I could not help but notice her deep interest in encouraging every woman to strive for the highest. I believe that Hall Capital is a model that many women executives can emulate to inspire a very hospitable working environment.

She worked under her role model who mentored her for ten years shortly after graduating with a JD from the University of California. Her contact with Justice Blackman gives her the impetus to continue inspiring more people to pursue social justice.

At Hall Capital, I do not expect to hear any concerns about the company’s inability to follow strict financial integrity. She has managed to instill a forthright environment that customers and other people can trust.