UKV PLC Explains Why This is the Perfect Time to Invest in Wine

Investing in fine wines has become one of the most influential and enjoyable choices made by individuals and groups looking to secure a positive investment portfolio without the dangers associated with the financial markets. A wine investment offers a range of benefits for an investor that are of a higher level than those made on the financial markets as an investment wine can be viewed and held by the individual when visiting their wine cellar or UKV PLC storage facility; the lack of capital gains tax that needs to be paid when an investment wine is sold is another another benefit for the wine investor.

There is little to fear in making a wine investment as the benefits can be seen at all times when an investor makes the decision to seek out the best possible advice from the wine experts at UKV PLC. Choosing to work with UKV PLC to create and store your investment wine adds an extra layer of security to the collection created by any wine enthusiast as every individual account includes insurance and is fully bonded fr the protection of every customer.

Knowing any investment wine is safe and secure is important, but knowing just how successful investment grade wine can be for any portfolio is even more important; fine wines should be held for a minimum of five years when an expected level of growth in the investment can reach between between 12 and 15 percent on average. At times of global financial uncertainty many top investors look towards tangible products to invest in, such as gold and gold mines that have now been joined by fine wines as an investment made that almost guarantees the success of any investment. Instagram Photos.

UKV PLC looks to develop partnerships with wineries, vineyards, and wine merchants across some of the most prestigious regions of what is often known as the “Old World” of wine production. Although UKV PLC has been at the forefront of working with major vineyards, these vintner’s refuse to enter major partnerships with any major group of wine producers as they guard their independence in providing the best possible advice and wine recommendations to clients regardless of existing relationships with top wine merchants.

UKV PLC Helps To Choose French Wines

Any French sommelier will insist that the region where wine gets produced is as important as the kind of grape being used to produce it. This is because even though wonderful wines are being produced all across France, but there are a few notable regions that any novice must be well aware of.

UKV PLC considers one of these regions to be Burgundy. This is a place where both red and white wine is produced. In Burgundy, the Reds are the Pinot Noir variety. This has a complex and earthy note. In the case of Burgundy whites, Chardonnay grapes are made use of. These have mineral as well as light fruit flavor. UKV PLC As talks about this eastern region as it has been cultivated for making wine for many centuries now. Today Burgundy is enjoying a legendary reputation for these vineyards. The local wines like Côte de Beaune Chardonnay will always demand a high price.

Another region suggested by UKV PLC is Bordeaux. It is located on the Atlantic coast. This region has been transporting wines to a number of foreign countries since centuries. The vineyards of Bordeaux are producing medium-body reds. These are blended from different grapes. Hence based on the appellation, there may be Cabernet Sauvignon, or Malbec, or Cabernet Franc or even Merlot in a bottle of Bordeaux. All these can be supplied by UKV PLC wines. Bordeaux is a large region. There are nearly 10,000 producers here. The local wines from here can be of any range.