The success of Jennifer Walden at work and home

For the longest time, people have believed that women who look great have a hard time making achievements in education and work. However, today’s career woman is managing to combine the good looks and brains into one package. One of these success cases is Jennifer Walden, one of the most successful plastic surgeons and mother from Dallas Texas. Harper’s Bazaar named her as one of the top 24 surgeons in the country.

Jennifer developed her passion for cosmetic surgery at a very young age. After medical school, she decided to get an internship with some of the best surgeons in Manhattan. She set up her first practice in Manhattan, and she received many awards for the exemplary work that she did. After many years of service to the community, she decided that she wanted to become a mother. The considerations that she had to make included getting the ideal environment to bring up the child in. She realized that she needed her children to be close to her family, hence the decision to move back to Texas.

She restarted her practice in Dallas and within a short time; she had built a reputation for herself, even bigger than she had in Manhattan. Most of the people that have been treated by her talk about how kind and gentle she is. She also serves on the Plastic Surgeons board for many years now.

Jennifer is also a mother of twins. Everything about her life, and the healthy balance between successful work and home life is an example that most people should strive to emulate.

What Makes People Check Out Wengie

When it comes to YouTube videos there are all types of tricks that people will play to make other people take notice of what they are doing. These are people that are trying to make a living for themselves as full-time YouTube video bloggers. Some people are good at doing the things that attract people to the videos. Others may not have the ability to formulate videos that are going to make a difference.


What Wengie has managed to do is give people access to an immeasurable number of hacks. She has been able to create the type of videos that are designed to help people navigate through life without spending a whole lot of money.


Her lazy hacks are among the best when it comes getting advice on the things that are going to make life easier. Wengie is the type of person that knows how to make all types of different life hacks that can bring out the best ideas for creative people. Wengie takes simple things that most people already have in their homes and turns these things into incredible life hacks. This is a phrase that has become very interesting because it speaks to all of those people that want to improve their finances.


What Wengie has been able to do is give people the access to tips that can help them use what they have to do what they want to do. She has turned hoodies on her sweaters into popcorn bowls. She has printed pictures of a sink in order to avoid washing dishes. Wengie has posted a lot of funny videos to get the attention of people that want the hacks delivered in a funny way.


That is what makes the entire concept of her videos so intriguing. She has shown many people that she has the desire to help them maximize their time. There is no shortage of cool videos for people that want to find alternative methods for doing things. Her ability to provide these hacks in very interesting ways is what keeps people kicking on one video after the next.

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The Role of Helane Morrison as CCO at Hall Capital Partners

Helane L. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007 immediately after leaving Securities and Exchange Commission District Office in San Francisco, California. She resigned from the government agency in October and was hired as the Chief Compliance Officer at the firm the following month. While working for SEC, she was responsible for litigation and enforcement of securities, which involved investigating compliance violations. Her role at Hall Capital is to ensure the firm and its advisers follow policies and processes issued by the SEC. Helane came to the hedge fund management firm with approximately 10 years of experience as an attorney and 11 years of expertise representing SEC government agency in legal and business issues.

The role of Helane Morrison at Hall Capital Partners LLC differs from her role working with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She presently advises senior managers of the firm the importance of compliance and maintaining ethical practices. One of the first duties of Morrison at the firm was to review the existing compliance processes and establish new policies based on SEC new and amended regulations. Hall Capital is a privately owned entity with offices in California and New York City. Morrison is working for a hedge fund management firm that manages $29 billion in investment securities and alternatives.

Before joining the team at Hall Capital Partners, Helane Morrison worked for law firm, Howard-Rice-Nemerovski-Canady-Falk and Rabkin from 1986 through 1996. Five years after working for the firm, she became a partner and practiced corporate litigation, private securities defense, and corporate investigations. Morrison received a journalism degree from Northwestern University and J.D. from the University of California-Berkley School of Law. She passed the California State Bar exam in 1987, a year after joining the law firm.

Helane Morrison’s role isn’t just to ensure compliance of Hall Capital, but to protect the investment interests of its investors. Hall Capital Managers oversee asset investment portfolios for endowments, foundations, and high net worth individuals and families. The firm and advisors are registered with Securities and Exchange Commission; which Morrison ensures for the firm. Helane has proven her ability to administer policies and processes of the Investment Adviser Act. Her overall objective to safeguard managing assets of Hall Capital and the firm as a whole is ensure there are no violations of the Act and SEC regulations.

Investors And The Feds Are Concerned About Global Growth

The Federal Reserve has been on the minds of investors like Brian Bonar all year. Let’s be clear. The Federal Reserve is always in the back of investors’ minds, but this year has been a very strange year. Brian Bonar, the CEO and one of the directors of Dalrada Financial Corporation, knows how quickly the investment world can change when there is a glitch in the global market. The glitch this year is a big one. China, the leader of the top emerging markets in the world, had a major financial meltdown. The Chinese stock market lost almost 40 percent of its value, and the Chines government injected billions into the market to keep it from crashing completely. There were signs that the Chinese were headed for a meltdown, Chinese manufacturing is slowing down, and that means China exports are off as well, according to Mr. Bonar. In a global economy, exports are the glue that holds emerging economies together.

Mr. Bonar has extensive experience in the global business world. He worked for IBM Europe for 17 years, and he is an executive and a board member of several corporations. Bonar thinks the Federal Reserve is very concerned about China’s ability to recover quickly, and the Feds are also concerned that the economies of Brazil, Russia, and South Africa. The Feds and some investors think the BRICS countries will continue to experience a recession and a major bout of inflation through 2016 and possibly into 2017.

The Federal Reserve is very data-dependent, according to Mr. Bonar. The recent downgrade of Brazilian bonds and the fact that oil prices have had such an impact on the global economy left them no choice but to keep interest rates the same. The strong U.S. dollar and low inflation in the United States will help the U.S. economy in the short term, but if China doesn’t get a handle on their financial debacle quickly the U.S. economy will show signs of the global financial slow-down.

In fact, the Federal Reserve thinks the U.S. economy will slow down because of the issues that face the world. The oil situation, export lethality, and currency fluctuations along with several other issues will start to erode the American economy, according to the Feds. But those issues may not stop them from raising rates in 2015, according to Mr. Bonar. The Feds have their own way of interrupting the global signs plus they have their own agenda. So some investors are planning for a quarter of a percent increase before 2016. If that happens, some investors think it will complicate an already complicated global financial scenario. Other investors say oil prices will come back, and China will recover sooner than expected, and those changes will help the current economic outlook.

From Finance to the Art World – A Former Hedge Fund Manager’s Passion for Art

Adam Sender wasn’t always known for his art collection.

Before making a name for himself as an art collector and owner of the Sender Collection, he was deep into a finance career at SAC Capital Advisors before striking out to form his own hedge fund in the late 1990s. It was around this time that he developed a taste for buying art, and many of the pieces he acquired have had a remarkable increase in value since then. In a piece for Interview Magazine, Sender states that he wouldn’t be able to afford many of those initial pieces if he bought them today.

In recent years, Sender has held art exhibitions at events in the Miami area, such as Art Basel Miami Beach in 2011. His exhibition of around 70 works out of his personal collection was held in one of the several Miami home properties he held at the time.

Those who have a chance to take a peek at his massive collection – with an estimated value of around 100 million USD – will find a preference for emerging artists who already have a few years under their belt, rather than completely new faces in the art world.

Despite its impressive size, in 2014 Sender has made moves to auction off large parts of his collection, which represents nearly 20 years of purchases. After closing down the hedge fund he started, Sender began selling off 400 pieces in his collection with an estimated value of 70 million USD. He also hasn’t been a stranger to profiting off his purchases in the past, having made impressive sales valuing almost 20 million in 2006.

Even after his plans to auction off that many works, Sender still remains passionate about art. He still holds on to a large part of his collection, and has no plans to stop growing it any time soon.

QNET Gives Back to the Society and Partners with Manchester City

QNet, which is an Asian direct selling corporation, boasts of strong distribution networks in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Ramadan is considered quite imperative in the company’s calendar. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan entails fasting during the daytime besides donating to charities, refraining from indulges and engaging in intermittent prayers on a daily basis.

The staff of QNET, distributors and business associates ensures that they respect the pillar of charity. According to the Muslim faith, this pillar ensures that one is rewarded with greater spiritual nourishment. As part of Ramadan celebrations, QNET distributed food to orphans and needy people in the society. These donations were distributed in Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast. Distributors were in charge of identifying the needy families in these nations and ensured that each of these families received the much-needed aid.

Ramadan presents Muslims with time to devote and self-reflect through fasting and praying. QNET is grateful for every agency that has been devoted towards creating numerous opportunities with the view to reducing poverty and inequality in income. The entity has been delivering food to different needy people in the society, annually. QNET’s Managing Director asserted that the needy societies have benefited massively from the charity provided by the company around the month of Ramadan.

Founded in 1998, QNET has managed to establish 25 offices around the globe. The corporation is considered as one of the leading direct selling enterprises in Asia. Manchester City entered into partnership with the award winning company as the recognized direct selling associate of the leading premier league club. QNET shall have access to Manchester City’s experiences like player meet and greet as part of the incentive for rewarding loyal consumers.
Internationally, the corporation is recognized as being philanthropic. The entity specializes in lifestyle augmenting products and services that ranges from nutrition and health, education, home care and personal care. Tom Glick, Manchester City’s chief business officer, observed that QNET’s philosophy at the grass root in terms of empowering the average people around the globe to initiate their own enterprises has been the secret to their swift growth. He further showed his gratefulness by positing that the club is excited to work with QNET because the partnership provides collaborative opportunities through football that is played across the globe.
Besides Manchester City, QNET has been working on different sports sponsorship in the past. The corporation’s partnership with Marussia formula one team is renown by many. QNET looks forward to working with the club in enhancing their engagement with different communities around the sphere.
QNET is known for its philanthropic nature. The corporation provides the needy communities with the assistance that they deserve. Besides delivering food, the award winning enterprise entered into partnership with Manchester City as its official direct selling representative.

How Important Was The Service Mesh Acquisition For CSC

As most people in the industry know, CSC’s plan to spin off its government business was partly driven by investors who wanted the company to provide more return for its shareholders. But in creating value in order to move towards a spin-off, the move to purchase Service Mesh is looking stronger all the time.

The former CEO of Service Mesh, Eric Pulier is a savvy technologist whose work has a propensity for living on in an industry where product life spans can be counted on one hand. His ability to divine what customers need and build an organization that provides that service in a crowded field has been documented over and over. So when CSC decided to purchase Service Mesh, it did so knowing that it had already emerged as a winner.

The Service Mesh Agility Platform

What Service Mesh does for customers is provide them with cloud capabilities that are much more flexible than they might otherwise provision themselves for. In today’s world, the more that you can move into the cloud as an IT director, the stronger the support from upper management because cloud computing is viewed as being a lower cost, better security type of option.

Because Service Mesh ran its own data centers as part of the platform, customers knew that the security that they were receiving was at least as adequate as the security that they could provide themselves on their own networks. For CSC, this was key because they have a tendency to partner with technology leaders and not develop their own enterprise solutions that do not fit into the scope of internal customer requirements. The move to acquire Service Mesh, therefore, helped establish themselves as not only a key IT contractor, but a technology provider that now could offer a market leading service that was on a par with the technology leaders that they normally partner with.

Eric Pulier played an important role in coming aboard at CSC and integrating his corporate offerings with the normal set of services that CSC provides. It wasn’t too long after the company was acquired that CSC signed a major agreement with IBM allowing IBM to sell its cloud services over the CSC Service Mesh Agility platform as a partner.

The IBM Partnership opened a lot more doors to a customer base that has not always used CSC’s services.

On the customer side, the effects were also fairly immediate, government agencies that CSC was bidding on contracts for became interested in the new set of services and the overall expanded capability served to enhance CSC’s image at a time when their sales team managed to bring in some large government contract wins.

So as CSC gets ready to split into two businesses, the Service Mesh acquisition is appears more and more like one of the better decisions that the corporation has made in the past decade.

Brian Bonar: The Undisputed King Of Finance

Scottsman Brian Bonar has taken the American financial industry by storm. He is considered one of the most knowledgeable and successful hedge fund manager in the game. He has an extensive background and currently sits on a number of company boards. Bonar has worked both in the U.S. and abroad. He has had partnerships with a variety of well-known corporations and has created many of his own. At the age of 54, Bonar says that although he has accomplished a lot in the industry, he still has a lot more to do and learn.

Bonar was born in Scotland and that is also where he went to college. He first attended Strathclyde University and received a degree in mechanical engineering. He went on to receive both his MBA and PhD. from Stafford University in England. It didn’t take long for Bonar to put his education to work. He got his start at Bezeir Systems, where he worked for two years. He went on to Dalrada Corporation and worked as a marketing strategist. Bonar continued to work at many companies and in a number of positions. He has a long partnership with IBM Global, which has lasted to this day.

Bonar currently holds the position of CEO at Dalarada Corporation. He and his team help a number of companies bridge gaps between the administration and employees. He also holds the position of CEO with Trucept-Inc., which is a large software company. When Bonar isn’t working for the good of his companies, he is often in demand as consultant or guest speaker. He has been published in a number of financial journals and interviewed by many magazines.

Bonar currently sits on the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Greater San Diego. He was recently honored with the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wickliff.

Attorney Dan Newlin Looks to Help as Many as Possible

Helping those in need has always been the aim of attorney Dan Newlin, who began his career as a law enforcement officer before moving on to become a firefighter. From the firehouse Newlin moved to law school where he completed his studies to become an attorney and make his focus the helping of others as a personal injury lawyer. Opening his own legal offices in Orlando, Florida allowed Newlin to continue along his path to assisting as many people as possible who were trapped in difficult situations or had been affected by the ill treatment or neglect of those who should have been helping them.

Almost two decades after starting his career as a public servant, Newlin is now looking for the best options to help as many people as possible by expanding his practice with a new office in his hometown of Chicago. In Orlando Dan Newlin has made a name for himself by helping others with more than $150 million worth of compensation claims being paid to his clients over the course of his career. A figure Newlin is hoping to match in Chicago when he looks to continue helping others by expanding the practice and his legal team to new areas of the US and dividing his time between Orlando and Chicago.

Dan Newlin is bringing a whole host of legal experience to his new clients in Chicago without sacrificing the help he provides for those in his existing practice of Orlando, Florida. Newlin is a household name in Orlando because of his work to assist the family of 15 year old Danielle Sampson in receiving a multi million dollar award for their loved one after she was accidentally shot as she was driven past the scene of a robbery. Achieving a $100 million award for the family and making sure they felt justice had been served by the courts added to the reputation of Dan Newlin as a man fighting on behalf of his clients across the country.

Qnet’s Steps to Global Recognition

While technology is taking the entire world by a storm, business minded people are busy trying to identify the opportunities therein. E-commerce has created numerous opportunities for businesses to expand their boundaries in terms of supply limits. Qnet is of the many organizations that have taken their businesses to the internet platform. Based in Hong Kong, the company has grown to become one of the largest conglomerates in the world and a global leader in the e-commerce industry. Qnet’s popularity and growth has attracted many customers online and the company boasts of thousands of subscribers to its website. The company has shaped the online market structure and currently other new entrants are following its model.

In order to make a worthwhile investment in business, you need to diversify your operations and productions to capture as many industries as possible. This has become the new trend in the business world and it still remains to be a viable strategy even in E-commerce. Qnet understands this perfectly and this is why the company has diversified its business to capture a myriad of industries. Qnet deals with different products including energy product, cosmetics, health products, and food products among many other products. Using this carefully thought out strategy, the company has been able to create a name on the global map as well as averting possible losses from the crumpling of one sector.

Its diversification has it attract producers and players in the entertainment industry, the hospitality industry, education sector and the health sector. Qnet has had tremendous success in the provision of these services and its growth has been accelerated over the past few years. Although the company is predominantly based in Asia, it has offices and operations sites all over the word including Europe, America and Africa. Founded in 1998, Qnet’s worth is rapidly growing and the company is gradually taking over major online services. One advantage that the company has over the rest of the players in the same industry is its economies of scale.

Due to economies of scale, Qnet is capable of providing its services to its clients at a very low cost hence making its products cheap. This is due to the fact that the company has a large capital base and customer base. With these two, one can influence the economies of scale. Qnet’s cost of operation is very minimal and this what makes the company to remain at the top of its game. Due to the growth that the company has been experiencing, the management has decided to increase its locational coverage on the global map. This has led to the establishment of an office in Russia where the company had not venture at least physically.