Cancer Treatment Center Clinical Pathways For Patients

Clinical Pathways was recently launched through collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Nanthealth and Allscripts. This is extremely beneficial and promising news for practitioners and patients. The Clinical Pathways program holds the information of thousands of oncologists as well as ever updating cancer treatment options. This new program will help make the physicians clinical workflow seamless.

Cancer Treatment Center of America patients now will be able to sit with their physicians and go through the new clinical pathways program. This program in-depth discusses treatment options, regiments and therapy for patients. The collection of up to date research provided helps to eliminate some of the guess work that physicians may have to make throughout the treatment process.

After a physician inputs all necessary patient data and the patient reviews treatment options, the clinical pathways program will become fully engaged and provide an extensive list of clinical functions. First it will provide a customized treatment plan that also covers the patients’ specific disease rate. Second it will provide the patient with in depth comparisons for their treatment options. These comparisons include the cost of treatment and delivery. Third, the clinical pathways program provides simple order; it is efficient and safe for patients to utilize. Fourth, a treatment plan will be fully mapped out for each patient so they are aware of the process, each step of the way. Fifth, clinical pathways provide up to date treatment options and drug reactions as well as typical response rates. Lastly, Clinical pathways will provide functionality with real time supporting data.

Cancer Treatment Center of America was founded in 1988 and currently has locations in Zion Illinois, Tulsa Oklahoma, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Goodyear Arizona and Newnan Georgia. Their corporate headquarters is in Boca Raton Florida and is a national non-profit cancer treatment network of hospitals.

The role of Avaaz in Civil Globalization

Avaaz is a civic organization that is based in the U.S. The group was launched in the year 2007. It tries to promote global activism on the worldwide issues like poverty, animal right, climate change, human rights, and corruption. According to The Guardian, it is the most powerful and largest online activist network. The name Avaaz means “voice” in most of the European and Asian languages. The organization gives people the power to numerous people from all over the world to act on the pressing global issues. The Avaaz community does most of their campaigning in 15 languages. They have some central teams on six continents and have a lot of volunteers.

Avaaz organization has a single global team. The team works with the aim of dealing with any problem that is of public concern. They have an online community that is likened to a megaphone. They can bring to attention the new issues and channel the public to one primary campaign.

Each year that passes, the institution uses the polls by all members to set their overall priorities. They also test and poll the campaign ideas that they have each week. The topics that have the most responses tend to be taken seriously. Those campaigns that are supercharged are the ones that have the full membership.

Avaaz claims to focus on dealing with issues in times of an opportunity or crisis. There are times when a decision may need to be made. When there is a public outcry, there is a difference that is made. It may take years to reach to that point. The people who are members of Avaaz will work on that issue without focusing on anything else. This moment may come once or twice in one year in a particular country. However, with Avaaz, the moments can come several times in a week as they are dealing with many countries.

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Talos Energy And Their Grand Expansion

Talos Energy has a plan to expand across Mexico from one end to another, and they have offered the largest assortment of oil products to the public as a result. This article explains how the company has grown over the years, and it shows that they have released many plans to explore for oil in many new places around Mexico. They must find more oil in order to meet customer needs, and they are working quite hard to do so.

#1: Talos Energy Ensures That The Economy Is Running

Everyone who needs resources in Mexico is going to Talos Energy for help because they are hoping to have the proper petroleum products delivered. They know that the company will meet their needs, and they will ensure that there are many people who will find that the company delivers to the same day in certain cases. It is important to have a relationship with Talos Energy because they have the best resources and staff.

#2: They Employ Many People

Talos Energy employs more people than most realize. They have a large workforce who helps with their refining and deliveries, and they have ensured that many people who needs jobs will have them. There is work to be done on oil platforms and in the trucking units. The company has people working in refineries every day, and they have a number of people who move into management positions for their own benefit. The company is helping grow the middle class in Mexico.

#3: They Are Well-Known

Talos Energy is well-known across Mexico for the products it provides, and many people who have used their gas before know that this company does many more things including offering natural gas and oil products. The company wishes to be as diverse possible, and they will continue to work to this end.

Talos Energy is to be applauded for the work they are doing, and they will provide the public with all the petroleum and oil they need. They have large divisions that hire many people, and they keep the people of Mexico working every day.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Leading The Way Towards Better Oncology Treatment

According to an interview by PRNewswire in Boca Raton, FL, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® will be working with NantHealth and Allscripts to enact a personalized technical solution which will enable Eviti® to obtain clinical workflows that are contained in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is expecting a coherent union of this support resolution. The Clinical Pathways program provides information about the cancer treatment undertaking, without affecting the physicians clinical progress. Hundreds of oncologists across the United States provided input towards the undeviating port NantOS. The clinical operating system holds a wide-range of information revolving around cancer care facts and statistics.

Clinical Pathways will provide more than facts and statistics though. It’s expected to assist in providing personalized treatment regimens for each patient, their diagnosis, and the state in which the disease is in. It will be able to provide comparisons between multiple treatment options as well as the cost based on the average market. Orders will be placed via touch screen which is more efficient than the previous system. The treatment regimens provided by Eviti® is held within the electronic health record and will reflect a collective approach to delivering care. The supportive therapies will meet the patient’s distinctive needs and enhances their quality of life while being subjected to cancer treatment. Patients and their physicians will have easy access to cutting-edge guidelines, unfavorable drug reactions, toxicity, and response rates. On top of all the information held within the system it will provide real-time functionality for the patients treatment and physicians access.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, and is a network of 5 hospitals that assists adult cancer patients. CTCA® provides care that incorporated advancement in genomic testing as well as surgery, cancer treatment, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Included is supportive therapies combined with evidence to assist patients both emotionally and physically by improving their condition of life and managing side effects at any stage of treatment.

They are proud to serve patients from all over the globe at all five of its hospitals, located in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix. They have been rated against other U.S. hospitals and has been acknowledged for administering highest quality in the patience experience and caliber of care. CTCA provides inclusive education about treatment choices to both patients and their families, and promotes them to participate in the treatment decision.

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Brazil’s Gama

     Successfully write – Alexandre Gama has done so after many years of dedicated work. Neo Gama is also a top company that has been through many mergers and acquisitions and continues to hold its name and fame. It is one of Brazil’s best agencies for writing, advertising, marketing and so much more. You may find Neo Gama and Alexandre Gama online through multiple social networks, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and even InstaGram.

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Avaaz’s Commitment to Making the World a Better Place

Avaaz is a leading online civil organization that is based in the United States. It has been committed to promoting global activism on matters such as human rights, climate change, animal rights, conflict, poverty, and corruption. Avaaz started its operations in January 2007, and it is regarded as the most powerful and influential online activism organization. The community’s name is transliterated from a Persian word “âvâz,” which means a song or a voice. Avaz has been striving to make sure that people across the globe are aware of different issues that can transform the world negatively. The organization is internationally appreciated, and millions of people take part in its activities.

The Avaaz community has a democratic mission that has influenced its objectives. The body is determined to eliminate any barriers are between different countries, uniting people from various parts of the globe, and the making world habitable to everyone. The transformation that has been brought by Avaaz has been felt by most people. It has made it possible for ordinary citizens to create active movements that oppose environmental pollution and corruption in governments. There has been an increase in the number of people who participate in the organization’s undertakings due to the accessibility of the internet.

Civil rights activists from various regions of the globe are working with Avaaz, and they currently use 18 languages. Most of the organization’s undertakings are run by volunteers. Avaaz has ensured that it attains success by using various methods that include organizing protests, lobbying governments, signing petitions, direct action, and supporting media campaigns. The undertakings of the organization have made the world better since the voiceless can be heard. It has been pressuring governments and corporations to consult communities before they make decisions that affect them. Avaaz follows the law when conducting its local and international campaigns.

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How Cancer Treatment Centers of American is Creating Custom Treatment Plans

One of the biggest changes that has occurred with CTCA is their recent partnership with Allscripts and Nanthealth as they launch Clinical Pathways. This new system is a comprehensive way to approach their treatment of cancer, giving them a more successful and fighting chance. This is a new platform that now enables the doctors working with patients to come up with a more definitive strategy sooner, giving the patient a more confident outlook on their treatment and their journey forward into healing and overcoming their battle with cancer.

The ability to find evidence-based treatment gives these doctors an edge in their treatment approach and is a one-of-a kind platform at this time. Traditionally, in the past, doctors would approach cancer treatment based upon their own unique studies with patients and what they have witnessed in their own practices. Now with the eiviti platform they now have more research to lean on as they look for answers to problems with specific types of cancers and solutions that are more targeted to attack those problems.

The hope with this new custom technical solution is that this will not only help doctors find a more targeted approach for the patient, but that this will also help bring the patient and their families peace of mind.

As stated on Wikipedia, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, located in Boca Raton Florida is network of five hospitals across the country that is run on a for-profit basis. The only focus of this network of hospitals is to serve cancer patients, and their approach to care is to combine conventional care along with some complementary therapies as well in order to treat the whole patient.

The CTCA was founded by a gentleman whose mother died from cancer, Richard Stephenson. He was dissatisfied with treatment and was looking for a better way.

Houston Company Talos Energy Joins Hands with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas to Sink A Well In Mexican Waters

In a landmark development, Houston company Talos Energy joined hands with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and the London-based Premier Oil Plc to sink a well together in Mexican waters. That is a watershed moment for the Mexican Oil & gas industry in that this is the first time since 1938 that the drilling of an offshore well has been allotted to organizations other than the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos.

This development is significant for the Mexican industry in the sense that the drilling of this well is the first instance of a non-Premex well being sunk since the opening up of Mexican waters as part of the process of reform being undertaken by the Mexican oil industry. There is no doubt about the fact that this development will be of immense interest to the industry, especially in light of the fact that geologically the drilling has a great chance of success.

Talos Energy is definitely the right kind of company to be associated with this project in the sense that it is a private upstream oil & gas company specializing in exploration and the possible exploitation or if need be the acquisition of oil and gas assets in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. They have sound financial backing from investment funds associated with Apollo Global Management, LLC (NYSE: APO), Riverstone Holdings LLC, and Talos management.

Talos Energy is renowned for their strategizing process for which their ownership of 33,000 square miles of cutting edge seismic data that pretty much covers the areas in their portfolio. That has helped them optimize their drilling inventory and be in a better position to take a call on acquisition or joint venture opportunities.

It is therefore just as well that they got involved in this seminal partnership with Sierra Oil & Oas and Premier Oil Plc in this important Mexican offshore drilling project. Success in this project, which by all indications is extremely likely should pave the way for many other similar forays in the area. That would augur well for both Talos Energy and the Mexican Oil Industry.

Wengie, the YouTube sensation, most known for her beauty hacks and tutorials now has a Vlog channel!

In one of her first vlogs, Wengie address why she quit vlogging in the first place and why she came back. The video starts with Wengie talking about people she meets on the street and why they like her vlogs better than their regular videos. She believes it’s a more intimate way to get to know the people behind the YouTube channel. It’s a way to see who they are as a person and get a more intimate glimpse into the life behind the camera lens.


She admits that she stopped vlogging before because it took away from her day to day life. She also found she was losing her creative touch with her videos because she was rushing and was losing her quality. She began living her life for the camera. Where and when to shoot and which things she needed to capture. She lost time to do things she actually enjoyed doing because she was putting up this facade of a life that her viewers thought she lived.

This is a really big problem with social media today. People are too focused on the life their followers think they’re living, so they start pretending for the camera, whether it’s with Vlogging or Instagram or Twitter. She has respect for those people who are able to film, edit and post daily vlogs, but confesses that she simply just can’t do them anymore.


She hopes that weekly videos are enough for her followers in that they will still get a glimpse into her life without her losing her own life by simply pleasing followers.

Learn more about Wengie:


Omar Yunes Emerges as the Best Franchisee in the World

Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto franchisee, scooped the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW). He was named as the winner in an event held on December 5, 2015 in Florence, Italy. His contributions towards the brand played a huge role in the win. Mr. Yunes first became a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain, when he was only 21 years old and by 2015 he held 13 franchise units. The units are based in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. This makes up for about 10% of the total units that this brand owns.




Omar Yunes expressed his delight at winning the award stating that he was very proud of it. He added that he was just acting as a representative as the prize rightfully belonged to the more than 400 employees spread across his 13 franchise units. He also dedicated the prize to the brand that had given him the freedom to innovate.


2015 Edition of BFW


BFW’s edition of 2015 was attended by a number of representatives from about 34 countries. These included Hungary, Portugal, France, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and Argentina. The franchisee underwent an evaluation during the event where its outcome on the network was considered. Among the things considered was its contributions in implemented savings, knowledge, employees motivation and how much improvements and invoices were projected for the model.


According to BFW Mexico organizer, Diego Elizarrarras, Omar Yunes also emerged at position one in the nationwide qualifier. He emerged as the winner due to his immense contribution to bringing about a vital change factor within the franchising-franchisee relationship. He also developed better information management systems and implemented control boards to have a clearer measurement of all units. Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO at Sushi Itto, stated that the awards were a true manifestation of their joint efforts to offering customers with remarkable flavor, excellent service and exceptional hospitality.


About Omar Yunes


Omar Yunes is the son of politician Miguel Angel Yunes. Omar, who is the youngest child of Miguel Yunes, is a successful businessman in both the real estate and restaurant industries. He started off his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 when he invested 34 million pesos in acquiring properties and a number of developments in Polanco, Mexico City.