The Benefits Of Investing In Gold

When it comes to investing, having a save place to put your money is always desirable. But where in the world should you go when it comes to this? While some investments are safer than others, investing in gold is always going to be an option. Gold can fluctuate in price, the same as any other kind of investment, but ultimately, when the market starts to struggle, gold is there and it is going to be a fine opportunity for you to invest in.

Why Gold?

If you paid attention to the markets, did you notice that the value of gold skyrocketed to well over $2,000 an ounce? Now, that price is down to about half of that. Why is that exactly? Gold is seen as a safe investment. It is going to hold up against the value of the dollar and other currencies. It is always going to be there and it is not going to suddenly drop out in value like a stock, bond, mutual fund, real estate or almost anything else outside of other precious metals. So, when other stocks and investments start to decrease in value, gold is there and it becomes the safe location to invest into. That is why gold started to increase so quickly. So, if someone believes that the value of other stock markets are about to take a dive, investing in gold is the way to go.

When Will Gold Go Up?

Gold has dropped of considerably since the record high. It has been sitting around for several months now, as if wondering what direction it should go. Gold is a precious metal that you just are not going to know when it might go up or down. However, one thing for sure is that when gold does start to go up in value, it is going to significantly go up in value. Now, there is no telling when this might happen. It might be in six months or it might be in six years. However, when it does, it is going to increase often two fold. this way, all of the money you put into gold you can double. You just have to stay on the look out for when to sell the precious metal. As long as you watch the markets and stay on top of the change in gold price, you shouldn’t have any real problem with buying or selling gold. So, if you are looking for a potentially save investment option that is going to go up eventually and double or triple in value, gold is the way to go. It is just an investment that is likely going to take a bit of time to come to fruition.

If you decided to invest in gold, I reccomend US Money Reserve. It is one of the best specialists when it comes to gold investments ant it offers professional investment advices that will surely help your money grow up over time.

Forefront Capital Looks At Unaccredited Investors Differently

Many firms are interested in attracting accredited investors and high net worth investors in general. This is an exclusive group of people who likely already have all the help that they need in terms of getting investment help. What Forefront Capital likes to do differently is try to attract unaccredited investors.

Brad Reifler is the founder and the CEO of this capital management firm. He is interested in helping people who have not received all of the benefits of being wealthy and having a ton of investment advice at their disposal. He seeks out those who are unaccredited and helping them along the way with their investment journey.

The rising cost of the things that people so often want to achieve is causing many to fall short of their dreams. The only way to have the funds that one needs to reach these huge milestones is to start investing today. When one’s money is working for them, it is often a lot more effective than when one just waits and waits or attempts to time the market. No one can time the market out perfectly, so why even try?

Forefront Capital has been happy to work with new regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to help more investors. These regulations allow individuals who can prove that they know what they are doing to get more options in the investment world. They can start putting their money into alternative investments.

There had once been restrictions on the types of investments that non-accredited were allowed to make, but the SEC changed that dynamic. New rules mean a whole new crop of investors who are trying out these alternative investments perhaps for the first time. That is why Forefront Capital is there standing with them to help promote safe investing and guide them towards the advice that they require.

All told, Bloomberg says Forefront stands up for the little guy. They like to work with these investors both because they may require the most assistance, and because they are an untapped market. The other firms can battle each other for the small market of accredited investors, Forefront wants to work with the rest. Not as much money may be going into those funds, but the quantity of investors is sure to be larger.

Those seeking a partner in investments should look at what Forefront Capital has to offer. They are opening their doors to many and hoping to take on new business.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Attracting New Business To Newark

Economic development is something that it always needed by every city in the country. Businesses come and go and when they leave, they take jobs with them. This means the people in charge of the economic development of the area must always be out there selling their city to new people. If they don’t, they’ll notice a downtrend where no new business open and older ones leave. It happens every day in cities all around the nation. That’s why economic development corporations like the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation are so important for a functioning financial life.

Kevin Seawright is running the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation after his recent appointment. He brings a lot of experience in finance from the various jobs he’s spent working for big city governments on the East Coast. As CFO and Executive Vice President of The Newark CEDC, he’s responsible for all financial matters related to the organization. Crunchbase says that Seawright and the rest of the staff have been tasked by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka to help bring prosperity back to the neighborhoods in the city. That can only be done by attracting new business while keeping the ones who are there happy. Business owners have a large number of concerns about doing business in any city. They want to make sure they have some sort of support system in place.

The Newark CEDC is reaching out to people who want to build businesses in the neighborhoods of Newark. They’re able to help them with many facets of their project, including site selection. Business owners will find it useful to have someone that can help them with demographic information and more. It’s tough opening up a new location, and often the biggest problem is a lack of knowledge. That’s what this organization is in business to help with. They can provide business owners with enough information that they can take decisive and correct action. This type of person to person, ground-level support can help companies establish the type of deep roots they need to make a real difference in a community. That’s the type of relationship that the neighborhood, the city, and the business all need. This helps rebuild areas that are in need of redevelopment in a way that is sustainable and that can bring in more jobs and new residents. Newark is going to grow through these types of efforts as long as they continue to execute.

United States Dollar to Maintain Stability

Many questions have been asked if the dollar will maintain its supremacy. A lot people thought otherwise. Christian Broda from the University of Chicago, a hedge fund manager, is one of those who have been positive about the dollar remaining relevant. These doubts about the dollar emanate from the challenges the United States fiscal system has gone through. Many major currencies are struggling to dislodge the dollar as the main currency in international trade.
After the Global Financial Crisis, it was expected that the dollar usage would decline. Other currencies were expected to rise as a result of the same. Financial analysts and hedge fund professionals were of the opinion that the dollar be replaced. However, it did not happen. The dollar has continued to maintain a lead among the major currencies. It is still a choice for many investors. The stability of the dollar has served to silence the notorious critics. World economists have also raised concerns that the United States Dollar could be the reason for unfavorable international business in the world. They claim that changes in the US adversely affect the dollar and other currencies too. In that regard, they have proposed a single world currency, which is not of one country.
Amid all expectation of the dollar to fall, Christian Broda has been among the few economists who have maintained faith in the dollar. Christian expressed confidence that the United States Dollar would continue to be strong, regardless of the prevailing financial challenges. To demonstrate his point, he had published academic journals and papers in support of his assertions. Christian is a dedicated and analytical individual who continues to amaze may on-lookers. He maintains his job as Professor of Economics, Hedge fund manager and Managing Director.
In 2009, Christian and Ethan Haris co-authored a white paper, predicting stable inflation over the next few years. In the article, Christian and Haris predicted that the dollar would continue to dominate the international due to stable inflation rates. It is important to note, that their prediction about the dollar has surely come to pass. He has maintained that the dollar will remain the currency of choice regardless of the prevailing circumstances.
It is evident that Christian has not only supported the dollar, but other currencies. A good example is in 2004, where he showed resilience in supporting the Bank of Japan (BOJ). At the time, many financial pundits said the Japan’s fiscal system would be ripped apart the economic challenges facing the country. Therefore, Christian’s analysis and predictions are always backed by facts, rather than mere speculation. Christian has continued to gain influence due to his unmatched analysis. It has even earned him a position as Duquesne Capital Management’s Managing Director.

S’well Can Help Build Your Business

Even if you have only eyed the idea of starting a business, you probably have the general idea of time equals money. At least, you have probably heard this saying before. Basically, it all boils down to the more time you waste, the more money you miss out on. That would also mean the faster you get your business up and running, the more money you will make and the more successful you will be. Easy enough, right? Well, to make this money and to get your company up and running quickly, chances are you need a bit of help. Most companies are not massive success stories overnight, and some might not come to any kind of success for years. That is exactly why S’well wants to help.

As posted on LinkedIn, S’well is all about helping people just like you build your business not only faster, but smarter as well. While time might equal money, a rush job typically equals a quick collapse. Nobody wants to be in a quickly made boat, because that boat is liable to sink when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Not good. Instead, you need something build efficiently and smartly. S’well can help with the marketing aspect of the business and raising money. If there is one thing any business needs more of it is money. When starting your business from the ground up, this is probably what is most important and also what is most lacking.

Receiving assistance from someone who has been through the process of opening a business before and the struggles that go along with it can prove especially beneficial. Yes, you are going to make mistakes, and you should, as long as you learn from them. However, Sarah Kauss and S’well want to help at least point you towards success.

So Far So Good: Trump Tres Triumphant in Latest Polls

He’s the leader of the pack, and then some. Presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to soar in the polls much to the chagrin of his fellow Republican candidates.

Trump likes to open his mouth and often insert his foot or even both feet, but that doesn’t matter for the moment, because the New York City billionaire is sitting pretty as the favorite with 24 percent of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. That is big news in Post-ABC News polls, according to the Trump is surging with the highest percentage and biggest lead recognized by any GOP candidate. Tne numbers reveal a sixfold increase in his support since late May.

What the heck is going on?

Is it because Trump is a fiery, popular reality TV star and seems to attract a lot of television coverage? asked by Bruce Levenson in an interview.

We are not sure, especially following the nasty comments the wealthy businessman made about US war hero John McCain and his Viet Nam War service.

Trump is like teflon. Whatever innaproporiate things his says, don’t appear to do him any irreparable damage and merely slide off his back.

He even attacked McCain for ignoring America’s many veterans:

“John McCain has not done enough for the veterans,” Trump said. “The veterans in this country are suffering. The veterans in this country are treated as third-class citizens. John McCain talks a lot, but he doesn’t do anything.”

The Dorchester Collection Offers Excellent Accomodations

The Dorchester Collection offers luxury hotels to stay in. They are a collection of 10 of them. Since these hotels offer the very finest amenities, many people desire to stay at them. All of them are rated with five stars.

What Are The Names Of The Dorchester Luxury Hotels?

The names of the ten hotels are the Beverly Hills Hotel, The Dorchester, Hotel Meurice, Plaza Athénée, Hotel Eden, Hotel Bel-Air, Principe di Savoia, Coworth Park, Le Richemond and 45 Park Lane.

Where Are The Dorchester Luxury Hotels Located At?

There are two in the United States, three in the United Kingdom, one in Switzerland, two in France and two in Italy. Here is where they are located:

The Dorchester Collection Hotels Have Great Amenities

There are plenty of great amenities in these hotels. From spas, pools and saunas to luxury items in the rooms, everything is the best in these hotels. Patrons enjoy great service too because they are treated like royalty when they stay in them.

The Great Foods In The Hotels

The Dorchester Collection hotels offer fine dining in their hotels. Patrons can dine on delectable dishes and excellent cuisine. Top of the line foods are followed by excellent desserts. Everyone that stays at these hotels tells will have the opportunity to delight their palates.

YouTube video highlight:

William Oliveri of Le Bar 228 at Le Meurice shows how to prepare his signature Bellini, one of the finest cocktails in France. M. Oliveri’s Bellini is his own variation, with peach puree and a touch of peach liquer to unite the flavors of the fruit and the champagne.

The Dorchester Collection hotels offer a grand experience. Since patrons love staying at them, they recommend them to their friends, relatives and neighbors. All are pleased with their stay and awesome experience when they stay at these fantastic hotels.

Marc Sparks, Philanthropist

Texas businessman Marc Sparks is sometimes referred to as an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He’d rather be remembered and respected as a philanthropist. Not a philanthropist’s philanthropist … just a plain citizen and father who wants to leave the world a better place for his daughter, and someday his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A resident of Dallas, TX, Mr. Sparks is heavily involved in local charities. Since the late 1980s, he has been involved with the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter. He believes a man, to be a real citizen, must do more than just write a check occasionally. He himself has helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity. He is an active supporter of American Can! Academy, which is a high school magnet program focusing on the four R’s: reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and responsibility. He is involved with Highland Park United Methodist Church and its Carpenters for Christ program. He established Sparky’s Kids, a foundation that gives away computers to children. He is also a major sponsor of the Center for Animal Research and Education, which rescues and nurtures sick, injured, and abused big cats.

Marc Sparks, the head of Timber Creek Capital for the past 15 years, is a businessman and venture capitalist. He has started and sold many businesses and currently maintains multiple portfolio companies. In fact, since the 1970’s he has been involved with more than 60 start-ups. Some have been successful and he sold them at a profit. Some were disasters and he learned from his mistakes. “Failing isn’t the end; it’s an integral part of succeeding, much as a soldier earns his stripes,” said Sparks. “We’re all soldiers in this battlefield of life.” He’s been involved with restaurants, healthcare, real estate, and telecommunications. He’s been owner/investor of Blue Jay Wireless for 3 years and owner/investor of Splash Media for 10 and a half years.

His book, They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success, was published in September, 2014. It traces his path to success from less than stellar beginnings to becoming a financial success. He admits his failures have taught him more than his successes, and hopes other will learn from his mistakes. Although he has the greatest respect for higher education, Mr. Sparks was a C student in high school. He’s living proof that even today, a college education is a bonus but not a necessity. Follow Marc!

Haidar Barbouti is the Face of Houston Shopping Centers

As someone that has lived and owned a business in the city of Houston I am aware of all that Haidar Barbouti has done for luxury shops in this area. He has managed to keep Highland Village afloat for all of these years. For more than 2 decades Haidar Barbouti has managed to keep one of the most successful shopping centers thriving for a long time.

When I moved to Houston I was trying to find an area that was thriving. I didn’t want to make a home in a place where the shopping centers were going out of business on a regular basis. I wanted to live in an area where the shopping centers and the business properties were booming. I found that Haidar Barbouti was the one that kept Highland Village moving forward.

There are certainly a lot of places to shop in Houston, but this shopping center is unique. It has been the one staple in Houston that you can rely on. I have seen stores around the city come and go, but Haidar Barbouti knows real estate. He has been in the city of Houston long enough to know what businesses will work. Barbouti has a feel of the businesses that may not thrive in the Highland Village mall. After years of trial and error he has carved out the right type of strategy to lure the businesses that the residents want to see.

I have admire his real estate prowess, and I commend him for his years of service in the real estate industry. As a residence of Houston I am grateful that we have someone like Haidar Barbouti that knows what he is doing. I have been to other cities and seen dilapidated buildings around town. Haidar has a whole team, and he the ability to sustain great relationships with clients. This makes it much easier to keep a study stream of businesses in the Houston area.

Haidar has also expanded his skills in commercial real estate to business opportunities with restaurants. He has gotten some upscale restaurants in the Houston area, and this has helped the economy thrive. There are a lot of celebrities that come to the Houston area, and many of them are looking for upscale places to eat and shop. Haidar Barbouti has made it possible for that masses to descend on Houston to have some great places to shop.

The Freedom from Wireless Companies

Now days, you probably use more data with your phone than you actually use it to make phone calls or text. In fact, it is possible to send text messages and phone calls through a data connection or Wi-Fi. However, this is always where most mobile service providers get you. With the combination of data services and your smart phone bill, you probably pay over $100 a month for almost basic services. That is a far cry from what it use to be, back when you could obtain a general mobile phone and use it for a few dollars a month. Now your mobile phone is almost a car payment every month. There are better ways for you to cut back and save money though, and FreedomPop wants to help you out. With this service, you can skip out on most mobile services and simply subscribe for the $5 a month (no contract) Wi-Fi service. 

 It also gives you access to all of your Internet based applications and services. All of this is available to you, without signing up for a contract service, paying a smart phone fee or any of those other bills that cost you. Instead, you can potentially only pay $5 a month. Now, chances are there are going to be times where you are not under the umbrella of the Wi-Fi system, so having some sort of a service is recommended, but you can at least cut down your expenses, and this Freedompop review assures you do have the capability of canceling everything, should you decide. 

With FreedomPop, you have access to the wireless networks signed on with the company. This includes major chains such as Burger King, Starbucks, McDonald’s and others. This way, whenever you are in a close proximity to such a service you can connect through FreedomPop. You don’t even need to go inside as the service signal is generally strong enough. Also, if the networks of different stores overlap, you can seamlessly move from one to the other, without dropping a call or being disconnected from the Internet. With tens of thousands of available locations spreading across the country, this is becoming more and more a viable option, which is exactly why you need to look towards using this service.