The Uprise of Digital Advertising in Brazil

Digital advertising has come a long way in Brazil, and it has now become one of the most popular advertising methods. As of 2013, it was ascertained that about 100 million Brazilians were digital. That is to mean that they were using digital devices including laptops, iPads, tablets and smart phones, had access to the internet and were actively using social media platforms. Today, the online user-base has incredibly increased with a promising exponential growth in future. Brazilian companies are grasping this new opportunity to their advantage. They are transforming the data to actionable information and incorporating it into their business strategy.

Use of mobile phone applications grew by a stunning 76% from 2013 to 2014. This followed a dramatic growth of smart phone penetration by 43%. Mobile apps for shopping were the most utilized apps in 2014. Programmatic media is another upcoming digital advertising strategy taking Brazil by storm. Although TV is still the number one advertising platform in Brazil, it has been reported that about 38% of Facebook users in Brazil are on their Facebook while watching TV. Therefore, many companies are trying to coordinate their TV ads with social media campaigns.

CypressAssociates says that YouTube is also a growing advertising tool for businesses in Brazil. Many Brazilian stars have made it to fame through YouTube. Brands have also made viable efforts to seize the opportunity of YouTube advertising. Several companies have actually done it successfully. Content delivery is a great benefit that has come along with digital advertising. Companies can now deliver more relevant content to their target markets. This is contrary to traditional advertising methods where the same message had to be passed to everyone across the country. Social media has offered a good channel for social sharing. Customers can now share their experiences with a product or service. This is of great importance to companies since they can improve their products or services.

As advertising experiences a paradigm shift in Brazil, some advertising agencies are making a fortune out of it. Claudio Loureiro, a founding partner of Heads, has made the agency rise to the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil. He has been a great contributor of advertising innovation not only in his agency, but also in the country. He has also brought on board some great advertising professionals such as Woody Allen, a factor that has greatly boosted the success of the company.

S’well Can Help Build Your Business

Even if you have only eyed the idea of starting a business, you probably have the general idea of time equals money. At least, you have probably heard this saying before. Basically, it all boils down to the more time you waste, the more money you miss out on. That would also mean the faster you get your business up and running, the more money you will make and the more successful you will be. Easy enough, right? Well, to make this money and to get your company up and running quickly, chances are you need a bit of help. Most companies are not massive success stories overnight, and some might not come to any kind of success for years. That is exactly why S’well wants to help.

As posted on LinkedIn, S’well is all about helping people just like you build your business not only faster, but smarter as well. While time might equal money, a rush job typically equals a quick collapse. Nobody wants to be in a quickly made boat, because that boat is liable to sink when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Not good. Instead, you need something build efficiently and smartly. S’well can help with the marketing aspect of the business and raising money. If there is one thing any business needs more of it is money. When starting your business from the ground up, this is probably what is most important and also what is most lacking.

Receiving assistance from someone who has been through the process of opening a business before and the struggles that go along with it can prove especially beneficial. Yes, you are going to make mistakes, and you should, as long as you learn from them. However, Sarah Kauss and S’well want to help at least point you towards success.

Joseph Bismark – Success from Spirituality


I was going through WordPress blogs and I found this appropriately named one– Bring on the Random– which has this really cool feature on Joseph Bismark. He is a man whose business is affected by the teachings of the ashram, far up in the mountains of the Philippines. His knowledge of spirituality has joined easily with his business beliefs.
Joseph Bismark was born in the Philippines and left home at age 9 to become a monk. At age 17 he joined the corporate world and implemented his teachings with his work. That was when Qnet chose him as the managing director for its group of companies. He has a keen eye for identifying the potential of employees and helping them grow with the business. He seamlessly balances work and spiritual life, making him the perfect example to everyone in the corporation.

This amazing business person has founded RHYTHM, which serves as the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility platform. His wish is to give back to the community. There are three elements that he believes create a better corporation and more pleasant work environment, and thus has proven to be true through successes with Qnet and many other areas of his life. Those elements are:

  • Success
  • Business
  • Spirituality

It sounds simple, and truly it is. Mr. Bismark has found that inner peace contributes to not only one’s overall well-being, but successes in life. Imagine for a moment, being an employee for a company run by someone focused on self-improvement. Just like a smile spreads from one person to another, so does finding that inner “yes!” that everyone wants. Other good things that come from such a workplace include:

  • Better problem solving
  • Harmony
  • Innovations
  • Profitability

Today, Joseph Bismark continues to inspire as an author of books and blogs, and he is a popular speaker in motivational conferences. If you’re interested in improving your business, and creating more of an inner peace, then you owe it to yourself to read his work, or attend a seminar.

Top 3 Reasons Why to use BRL Investment Company for all of Your Financial Investment Needs

Before we get into the top three reasons why you should choose BRL Trust Company for all of your financial investment needs, let’s take a look into their background and history as a company. The BRL Trust Company started out about ten years ago as an investment company that provided loans in the private sector.  Since their founding in 2005, the company has expanded and branched out into five different categories according to their LinkedIn page. One short decade later, the company is now recognized as the largest administration of investment funds in Brazil by the Anbima ranking.

Though BRL Trust Company has grown and diversified so quickly, they pride themselves in being able to make a complete distinction and segregation of their different branches of services offered. What this means for their clients is that they do not have to utilize all or multiple services the company offers, but rather choose which services suit their individual needs. This distinction is undoubtedly one of the main reasons it has prospered so rapidly, and why many other companies have started coming around to this way of doing business as well.Below is a list of categories that are offered by The BRL Trust Company:

• Investment Loans for the Private Sector
• Administration
• Management of Investment Funds
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Capital Markets

Now that we have a basic understanding of the company’s background and services, and without further ado, here are the top three reasons you should choose The BRL Trust Company for all of your financial investment needs.

1. Proven Success — As stated above, BRL has shown successful results within their first year of business and have continued to grow successfully ever since.

2. Ethical and TrustworthyBRL has proven that they value ethics in all situations and you can trust them to put the interest of their clients above that of their personnel.

3. National Legalities — BRL always respects the national legal system and backs it up in their value and mission statement.

Bonus — Being diversified in multiple branches through their growth, while keeping a clear segregation of services offered, the BRL Investment Company has the advantage to offer you many of the financial tools at their disposal, even if you don’t use all of their services!

Skout allows anybody to make friends at home and on their travels

In the digital age we live in it can be difficult to make new friends and form relationships without first searching out people on the Internet. Skout is an easy way of looking to meet new people Online as the GPS positioning within a Smartphone or laptop is used to make sure the people being contacted Online are located within the area the user is currently in. The company has also recently launched a travel version of their dating and friends app that can be used to find friendly local people who can help a traveler explore the region they are visiting in the best and most exciting way.

Skout was launched in 2007 as a mobile social network that was designed to allow adults make friends and begin relationships with people they knew were located within their area. Knowing that an individual is not wasting time by looking outside their geographic area was the main selling point of the app when it was first released and remains one of the strongest benefits noted for using the app.  Another area of the app has also been opened up for minors to use it in a bid to keep younger people safe and secure when they make friends Online.Recently, the Skout Travel app was launched, which is targeted at young travelers who may be looking to meet new people as they travel around the globe. The use of the GPS technology on Smartphones is used to make sure an individual meets locals who can assist them in exploring the local area. A major selling point of Skout is the fact that the decision of whether tore veal the actual location of themselves is the decision of the individual. In adding this important feature a traveler does not need to declare their location or physically meet those who they receive travel advice from.

A Safe Investment With BRL Trust

BRL Trust, a Brazilian investment firm was founded in 2005 and began their services with private loans. After their first year of business, the company already compiled more than 100 loans. Due to this milestone, the Trust actually turned into Intervening Trust. The progress and success of the company quickly led to a higher demand of services from the customers. This led to an expansion of what BRL Trust had to offer. New divisions were added to the company including Administration, Management of Investment Funds, Merges, Acquisitions and Capital Markets. Despite the quick expansion, BRL Trust still managed to oversee all divisions. Due to the highly trained team of professionals employed at BRL Trust, the company has now become the biggest international administrator of investment funds in all of Brazil.

BRL Trust provides many different fund services among other asset plans. The company has earned their customers’ trust in all areas. It has a good amount of company policies that are accepted around the world within the financial services market of today. The company structure is very straight forward and disciplined. There is no toleration of money laundering or any other types of company breaches due to the extremely high ethical standards placed on BRL Trust from within.

Management applications are taken under careful and cautious consideration. The evaluation will depend heavily on whether or not the candidate will be able to turn over a profit and move the company forward, and only then will they be accepted for management at BRL Trust.

BRL Trust treats each client as an individual and personalizes their financial needs completely. The next step is to look for investment opportunities for every investor. For every portfolio, BRL Trust explains the levels of risk to the owner to be able to figure out what is best for the individual specifically. After the investment portfolio is analyzed, a personalized investment plan is drawn up.

This let’s the company give assets to the investors that been sponsored directly. Then, the clients have the opportunity to invest in capital market assets which can have high results. BRL Trust prides on getting the best rate of return on all of their clients’ portfolio investments because they have put their faith in BRL Trust.

Qnet Marketing and Advertising


Qnet has become one of the largest companies based out of southeastern Asia. Now, there are many different variables of the company, but what makes it successful is the marketing strategy it uses. This marketing formation is unlike anything else that someone is likely to experience. Due to this, anyone who wants to eventually become as successful as Qnet should follow through with its marketing platform. It is sure to set themselves apart as one of the very best in the industry.

For starters, Qnet provides simple items that most people, in some shape or farm, are going to need. It sells fashion accessories, diet supplements, cleaning supplies and just about anything and everything else someone might need throughout the course of the day. All of this simply makes the material it has that much more desirable, which in turn is going to help people find exactly what they are looking for.

From here, Qnet sells its products to local distributors, who then sell the products to local stores, and the stores sell the products to a local consumer. However, with every sale, Qnet makes money back. This is because the seller does not receive the full price of the product but instead receives a commission. This means, if a product is sold three or four times to different companies or individuals, Qnet makes money off of it.

When it comes to marketing, Qnet knows that everyone in the surrounding region needs to use at least one item that it sells. Because of this, it blankets the local community in advertisements in newspapers, magazines, local publications and billboards. Basically, if it is a cheap form of marketing that a large number of people can see at once, it uses it. It does not focus primarily on Internet marketing, which is rather different for this day in age, but for the products it sells and for the consumers it is targeting, it all makes sense and is why it is one of the most desirable companies right now and it comes to be one of the very best as it grows its profits and pushes into different countries throughout the region of southeast Asia.

Mark Ahn Explains Marketing for BioTech Startups

Mark Ahn Explains BioTech Startups

When Mark Ahn worked his own biotech startup, he knew that there were a few things he should do before his business could be successful. Dr. Ahn knows how startups should work, and he has done his own research to make sure he is clear on these pointers.

The Startup Needs A Board

The board of directors of the startup must be made up of industry veterans who are going to provide leadership and expertise to the business side of the company. The people who have the vision for the company have all the training and education, but they need people who understand how to make the business last. The only way for this to happen is to avoid putting friends and family on the board in favor or experienced business professionals.

Management Needs To Communicate

The board and management need to communicate regularly. If these two sides of the business get into a war over how the business is supposed to be run, nothing will ever get done at the company of any real substance.

Get As Much Funding As You Can

When this was reported by PR Newswire, many people did not realize how long the product cycle is for these companies.

Mark Ahn’s Top Leadership Lessons

Mark Ahn Gives Advice On Leading

Biotech industry is a competitive field and Mark Ahn has given a decade of his life to this industry. Getting his Master’s degree in Business and then a Ph.D. in Philosophy, his experience in the industry of life sciences is vast, varied and exceptional. In Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, he has spent enough time in being an entrepreneur to understand the importance of leadership. In fact, Mark Ahn believes that good leadership is important for any and every job. Using his previous executive experience in various startups like Genetech, RXi Pharmaceuticals, Hana Biosciences, Essia Health, Galena Biopharma, Amgen and Pukana Partners, he is able to share his lessons on top quality leadership. 

The first lesson Mark Ahn offers is to learn about leadership from one’s predecessors. He stresses on the timelessness of great leadership skills that transcend day and age. Getting hung up on fads and trends in business leadership is something he dissuades people from doing. Instead, he recommends learning from those who are impressive and valuing great leadership, no matter which form it comes it.

It is no secret that leadership without integrity is useless. It can make institutions ineffective and dilute their value. Without integrity, both leaders and followers can quickly lose direction and find themselves in dark times. Especially for business organizations, the importance of integrity in leadership can never be underestimated. And this is exactly why Mark Ahn recommends business integrity as the second lesson of great leadership. 

In this dynamic world, good leadership has evolved with time. The principles might remain the same but those who are not blessed with good judgment would never find success in business leadership. It is important to be flexible and if people want to improve their leadership skills, they have to understand that good leaders are made of more than just intelligence or education. Character and courage are equally important.

The greatest leaders in the world always led their followers by example. They never left their followers with meaningless orders to follow but made the change in themselves so that everyone could see them and emulate. This is the fourth lesson offered by Mark Ahn.

The lessons shared by Mark Ahn would help to foster a system of give and take based on trust and understanding.

The Powerful Hollywood Mover Tom Rothman

Movies are about marketing. Nobody knows that quite like Tom Rothman.

In the world of Hollywood, you don’t normally hear about the power players behind the scenes that really make things happen. These are the individuals who work hard to make the pictures you see on the big screen really become a reality. In the world of Hollywood, just like actors, there are those behind the scenes who really stand out above the rest. Columbia-educated Tom Rothman is one of these individuals. He is a mover and a shaker in Hollywood, making some of the biggest pictures happen. His work with the big studios has been very influential in the world of Hollywood. 

Tom Rothman is currently the head of TriStar Productions at Sony. Before he served as the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment for 12 years from 2000-2012. This marked a time where this company had the most profitable decade that it had ever seen. This is an incredible achievement for Tom to be able to have. During his stay with Fox Filmed Entertainment, Tom oversaw some of the industries biggest producers. He was in charge of 21st Century Fox, and also in charge of Fox Searchlight. One of his biggest successes was discovering the hit success, “Slumdog Millionaire.” Yearly Tom Rothman was in charge of over $8 Billion dollars worth of revenue. 

Some of the many great films that Tom Rothman has helped create have been, Lincoln, Cast Away, Juno, Borat, X-men, Master & Commander, Something About Mary, and The Simpson’s Movie. He was also responsible for helping the two highest grossing movies of all time being made: Avatar and Titanic. While Tom Rothman was in charge of Fox, their movies were nominated for 140 oscars, and grossed over $40 billion dollars in box offices worldwide.