Is George Soros a Meddler in Politics or a Man with Just a Cause?

George Soros has been the subject of various political bloggers across the world. His liberal attitude towards various human rights groups has put him on the global radar. The Hungarian born billionaire who later moved to the United States has been funding his political networks globally through his Open Society organization. He rose to the limelight in 2004 when he spent a whopping $27 million in an unsuccessful attempt to dislodge President George W. Bush from power. He recently spent over $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign alongside other Democratic candidates and causes. Read more at Washington Times.

The primary motivation and giving patterns towards Mrs. Clinton’s presidential bid are seen to be similar to 2004 attempt to dislodge President Bush from power. He was unhappy with the Bush administration policies and the humanitarian crimes committed during the Iraq war. Even before the entry of Donald Trump into the race, he was angered by the hostility of the Republicans towards the issues that he has worked to support for many years. These issues revolve around criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms, and political tolerance. He has been against the inappropriate use of the war on drugs to institutionalize, operationalize and criminalize people of a particular color. His decision to offer huge chunks of cash towards Hillary’s campaign was a significant boost in her campaigns. Perhaps more than any other donor on her side, this is because he can catalyze funding by other powerful and wealthy activists.

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Apart from campaign funding, George Soros has been known to fund humanitarian related causes. In the past three decades, he has donated at least 13 billion to nonprofit making organizations in the world. The aim being shaping democratic processes, improving access to health care and education. He does so by forging a political machine sponsored by his non-profit making organizations. These groups are so powerful and have the ability to impact American policies. Through his years or mobilizing groups and funding them, he was able to spur the Fergusons protests. The Washington Times reports that Mr. Soros gave over $33 million in a single year to various humanitarian groups responsible for mobilizing grassroots activists. George Soros backing of the protests gave rise to a combustible movement transforming the one-day criminal activity to a 24-hour-a-day cause event. The groups that received the funding closely collaborated by creating referrals and links to each other news columns. The resultant effect was an echo chamber of a kind using both Facebook and Twitter. The Ferguson protests were based on the claims that Michael Brown a Ferguson teenager was shot to death with his hands up in the air. Know more on about George Soros.

The Top Myths About the Koch Brothers

Charles and David Koch are well-known businessmen as well as political influences. Charles Koch is the proud owners of Koch Industries which is a family owned oil refining business that produces some of the much needed materials for popular goods. The family-owned corporation has gained Charles and David Koch both name recognition as well as wealth. Charles Koch is a multi-billionaire who have been spreading their idea of a free market with no government intervention. With their wealth and prestige, the Koch brothers have been able to utilize their power in order to play an important role within the political world.

Here are the top myths about the Koch brothers:

1.) The Koch brothers created their network to retaliate against Obama

Though the Koch brothers are in strong opposition with the champion of the liberals, Barack Obama, their billion dollar network was not created just to fight against him. Since the 1970s, Charles Koch has been making substantial donations to free market institutions such as George Mason University as well as several think tanks. David Koch even ran for Vice President on the Libertarian side in 1980.

2.) The Koch brothers’ network is only their project

This myth is false because the entirety of the Koch brothers’ network is made up of hundreds of free market believing wealthy family. In 2003 this network began with 17 individuals and families and has grown to be over 500 families and individuals in 2016. The donations that are made by their network have helped to fund the GOP presidential candidates will millions of much needed dollars.

3.) The network is nothing more than a third political party

This myth is highly untrue because of how intertwined Charles and David Koch are with the GOP. David and Charles Koch have become involved with the Republican party to encourage the shift to the right that would decrease government intervention. With the knowledge that independent parties do not win elections, the Koch brothers proudly call themselves members of the GOP.

4.) The Koch brothers give money to all conservative groups

Though the Koch brothers fund many organizations, these funded organizations are carefully chosen with a chosen amount to give. Each funded organization receives money in a strategic manner with an end-goal. Not all conservative groups with the United States receive large sums of financing from David and Charles Koch’s network of wealthy and influential investors.

Sections Of The “Patriot Act” Ruled Illegal

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan reviewed the “Patriot Act” and determined that it was illegal for the NSA to collect the telephone records of millions of Americans. Politicians had passed these laws in an effort to help the USA fight terrorist attacks. These measures angered many who were concerned about their privacy rights, yet after 911 lawmakers were under pressure to take action against threats to national security.

According to the three judge panel presided by Circuit Judge Gerard Lynch, who reviewed section 215 of the Patriot Act, the federal government does not have the right to collect “bulk telephony metadata” from its citizens.
The lawsuit was filed by the ACLU after the information from Edward Snowden became public.
Because parts of the “Patriot Act” will expire in June, the federal appeals court left the decisions about whether to extend or cancel it to the congress.  There are people at all levels of government who feel that the NSA needs whatever tools it can have to keep America safe. Many others across a broad spectrum including Senators believe the “Patriot Act” allows for too much invasion of privacy and needs to be revised or eliminated altogether. That’s not what Amen Clinics likes to see.