The Growth Of Purina Dog Food Products Like Beneful Through Sound Business Decisions

Purina dog food is owned by the Nestle Purina Petcare company, and they can boast about having some of the best and most quality dog food and pet products on the market. Since the merger of Ralston Purina and Nestle’s Friskie’s company in 2001, the dog food manufacturing industry has been reshaped and molded into Purina Petcare’s image. Purina dog food products come in both wet dog food and dry dog food, and they’re available in a variety of products for dogs depending on the dog’s age, weight, breed and overall health. Some of the products that are put out by Purina Petcare dog foods are Purina ONE, Purina Dog Chow, Purina Pro Plan and the ultra nutritious Beneful brand.

The early part of the merger’s history was historic for dog owners even if they weren’t aware. Purina Beneful shifted much of its dry food manufacturing out of the cities of Saint Joseph, Missouri, Jefferson, Missouri and Arden Hills, Minnesota, and it transferred a lot of those responsibilities to New York. This is significant because those three major factories were originally Friskies’ factories, and two of the major factories are located in Missouri, and Saint Louis, Missouri is where Purina Petcare decided to locate its new headquarters after the Federal Trade Commission approved the historical merger. After the dry Purina dog food manufacturing was shifted to th company’s liking, they decided to shift the manufacturing of the wet dog food mainly to the Saint Joseph factory. Then, the company unified their Latin American and North American operations, and they restructured that under a new division called the Nestle Purina Petcare Americas. One of the last major changes made in the early part of the Purina Petcare company’s existence was taking over and managing their own distribution in Asian counties instead of keeping it under the old adage of being “dealer controlled” which was a good thing because it allowed for better quality control, and there were better recipes developed for the food.

Purina dog food is marketed well, and part of that marketing is due to the philanthropy of the Purina Petcare company. Often times, philanthropy and marketing go hand in hand, and that does sort of make it an advertising cost for the maker. Many people might call the philanthropy a ploy, but it really doesn’t matter as long as dogs and their owners get help and benefit in times of need. When Hurricane Charley struck in 2004, it was Purina Petcare that sent 80 tons of food and over $100,000 to animal shelters. There was also a joining of Purina with the Canine Health Foundation to further the science of veterinary medicine and nutrition for dogs.

Purina’s Beneful Brand has always been marketed as being the most healthy dog food a dog owner could purchase on an average income. This is a statement that Purina has been able to validate through recommendations by vets, and the Food and Drug Administration also approves and endorses this brand. Purina dog food products are the superior products on the market.

Beneful workers feature in the latest advertising campaign

The Beneful pet food brand is to receive a boost with the release of a new advertising campaign that features the employees of the company explaining why they have such pride in their work and products produced. The ‘I Stand behind Beneful’ campaign debuted as a full page advertisement in The New York Times and will be followed by a national TV campaign, which features the employees of the Nestle Purina owned brand explaining why they feed the product to their dogs.

The slogan ‘I Stand Behind Beneful’ was first used after a series of untrue and unproven claims were made against the Beneful brand, PR Newswire reports. Beneful employees used the slogan as a rallying cry, which was followed by senior management figures deciding the slogan was so effective it should be used as a marketing campaign. The TV segments will feature various employees explaining why they feed Beneful products to their own dogs and would not feed them any other product. The unfounded allegations against Beneful have been thrown out of court and the brand stands behind the fact it has never been the subject of a recall despite more than 1.5 billion meals being served to dogs in 2014 alone. The Beneful brand is at pains to express the fact that their employees are also pet owners and care for the animals they create the branded meals for each and every day.