The Bounty Of Ski Season

Winter is the one time of the year that anyone can enjoy the cold and the snow. There are many people that wait for the moment to partake in the winter sport we call skiing. For many, skiing is a winter tradition. Families from all over the country engage in this activity while enjoying the company of other skiing enthusiasts. There are many ways people can enjoy this activity – either by traditional skiing or by snowboarding. Snowboarding is a newer activity and it usually draws the younger crowd but it is equally as fun. While some people may go to ski resorts this upcoming ski season to enjoy the slopes, others will go to enjoy the ski resort itself. Ski resorts are great because they provide guests amazing amenities during their stay. The ski resort is usually the icing on the cake when it comes to the ski season.

The beauty of a ski resort is for total enjoyment. You can gather a few of your friends and head for the hills. Is there any place where you would rather be with a loved one? I can suggest two that comes to mind. The first one is Squaw Valley which was the host of the 1960 winter Olympics. They are one of the largest ski resorts in the United States. Located in Olympic Village , California. Here you can do some fine dining. Indulge in some shopping or just choose to sit by the fireplace and get lost in its glow . The Village of Squaw Valley has a lot to offer. It includes indoor and outdoor activities. You can enjoy the wonder land of the ski resort. You can go off the trail and leave your shoe prints on the fresh fallen snow. There are thirty lifts and more than 175 trails. Then there is Lake Tahoe Casino, if you want to try your luck. This place will definitely take your breath away. At least guarantee to get your pulse racing.
Then just as equal we have Alpine Meadows. Which has approximately 2,400 acres of terrain, 13 lifts and a drop about 1,800 feet. A great feeling for the avid skier. There are different terrains, from beginners to advance. Alpine Meadows has an average of 402 inches of snow fall that’s why they have longest snow season . While you are there, you may be lucky to run into Andy Wirth. He is the CEO of both resorts. He has worked in the hotel industry for 25 years. He has a lot if experience under his belt. He worked with the Steamboat Springs Resort (1986). He held positions as marketing office, executive vice president. As you can see he wore many hats. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado. After all that, I heard he is a real down to earth guy. So go ahead make a reservation. I bet you will have the time of your life.

New Squaw Valley Ski Museum?

The non-profit organization Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation gained more support for their Squaw Valley ski museum recently, according to the Auburn Journal. The Foundation, which has expressed the desire to locate their ski museum at Squaw Valley Park, has heard from Placer county supervisors that the county supports locating the museum at the preferred location.

The museum would be used to memorialize both the 1960 Winter Olympics, which were held at Squaw Valley, as well as winter sports more broadly.

Gus Thomson of the Auburn Journal reported that there are currently two sites being considered for the new museum: the Foundation’s preferred Squaw Valley Park location, and an alternative site at the so-called Gateway Property on the north side of Squaw Valley Road. While both are feasible options, proponents of the new museum favor the Squaw Valley Park location largely for aesthetic reasons, “mostly due to the existing power lines and nearby substation,” according to Jennifer Merchant, deputy county executive officer, who was quoted in the report.

According to their website, the Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation “collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets our western skiing heritage and celebrates the legacy of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games.” The Foundation works with volunteers and members both locally and abroad to promote the rich history of skiing in the western U.S.

The new museum could not come at a better time for Squaw Valley Ski Resort. The location has seen a surge in popularity and customer satisfaction, since the appointment of Andrew Wirth as President and CEO in 2010. In the five years since Wirth has taken the reigns of the organization, customer satisfaction has skyrocketed. Wirth has noted that “Squaw Valley moved from the bottom 20 percent of ski resorts into the top 20 percent over the year” for customer service satisfaction, according to a 2011 7×7 Magazine interview.

With Squaw Valley gaining prominence yet again in the world of skiing, the time appears to be opportune for the Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation to push for their museum. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the region to return to the conversation for hosting an Olympics in the future, especially since cities like Boston and others have shied away in recent years from hosting the legendary event.

In any case, the potential museum is another step in the right direction for an altogether charming and timeless location.