S’well Can Help Build Your Business

Even if you have only eyed the idea of starting a business, you probably have the general idea of time equals money. At least, you have probably heard this saying before. Basically, it all boils down to the more time you waste, the more money you miss out on. That would also mean the faster you get your business up and running, the more money you will make and the more successful you will be. Easy enough, right? Well, to make this money and to get your company up and running quickly, chances are you need a bit of help. Most companies are not massive success stories overnight, and some might not come to any kind of success for years. That is exactly why S’well wants to help.

As posted on LinkedIn, S’well is all about helping people just like you build your business not only faster, but smarter as well. While time might equal money, a rush job typically equals a quick collapse. Nobody wants to be in a quickly made boat, because that boat is liable to sink when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Not good. Instead, you need something build efficiently and smartly. S’well can help with the marketing aspect of the business and raising money. If there is one thing any business needs more of it is money. When starting your business from the ground up, this is probably what is most important and also what is most lacking.

Receiving assistance from someone who has been through the process of opening a business before and the struggles that go along with it can prove especially beneficial. Yes, you are going to make mistakes, and you should, as long as you learn from them. However, Sarah Kauss and S’well want to help at least point you towards success.

What Do Really Economists Do?

Economists study the way money works and make predictions about the impact of such things as pricing, employment levels, and interest rates. Businesses and governments use this information to help control the money supply, analyze tax strategies, and how to fund large social projects and programs. Economists have traditionally been split into two major fields of study, micro and macro, but a new field of study called behavioral economics is growing and gaining acceptance.

Micro economists look at things from a point of view that focuses mainly on supply, demand, and pricing. The fundamental law of microeconomics is that as supply goes up, prices will come down, and when supply is low, then prices will rise. All of this is based on the concept of scarcity, meaning that everyone including people, companies, and governments, only have a certain amount of resources whether that resource is cash, gold, labor, automobiles, or lettuce. By analyzing the relationships between supply and demand, economists can help set resource use to maximize profits or efficiencies.

Macroeconomists look at the economy as a whole rather than individual markets. For example, they will analyze how the automotive market will influence home buying, or how the Japanese markets affect stock prices in London. Concepts as money supply and gross domestic production are some of the ideas that macroeconomists seek to understand and predict.

Christian Broda on CNN is an example of a macroeconomist. He is currently the managing director for Duquesne Capital Management in New York. Broda earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was a professor at the University of Chicago. His research work in international finance and trade issues has been widely published. Some of his work researched the relationship between variety and welfare, optimizing tariffs, and the biases of the Consumer Price Index.

Behavioral economics is a new field of study. All economic thought in the past has been based on the assumption that people, businesses, and governments always act in rational ways, trying to maximize their own resources. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. As an example, behavioral economists cite the idea that everyone knows we need to save money for retirement and emergencies. Yet most people instead of saving, spend more money than necessary of a newer car, or a bigger house. People specializing in this type of economic study seek to find out why people do what they do with their money.

Beneful Is Best For The Health Of My Dog

My pet needs the best foods possible, because he does have some food allergies. The previous dog food that I was feeding to my pet was making him sick, and it turns out that the food was truly inferior to other dog foods. I knew I needed a better dog food that had wholesome ingredients, so I turned to Beneful. Beneful has made all the difference in the world when it comes to feeding my dog, and I know it’s because the food is great for him. What I like best about Beneful is that they don’t cut corners when it comes to the ingredients in their dog food.

The ingredients are not only wholesome, but it’s actually real food that’s even good enough for human consumption. Any good dog food will have ingredients that are from foods that humans consume, such as rice, chicken, and beef. Many of the dog foods out there today will put a lot of garbage in the food they give to dogs. My pet is my family member, and I only want him to have the best foods, so I don’t appreciate dog food companies making their foods inferior because they want to make money. More info on Beneful facebook.

After learning about the food allergies that my pet has, I took some advice from the veterinarian about which kind of dog food would be best for him. My vet did suggest a few foods, but she really was steering me towards Beneful because she feeds it to her pet. If my veterinarian prefers a certain type of pet food, it’s definitely something that I would buy because she knows what’s best for my dog. Not only is the food good for my pet, but he loves the food that he eats. I have bought the wet dog food and the dry dog food, and he’ll eat them both.

When it comes time to eat, my pet is always anxious to get his meal, and if I put food in his bowl, it won’t last for very long. I’m also happy about the fact that my pet doesn’t get sick from the food that I feed him, compared to the food that I used to buy. Beneful truly has a great brand of dog food, and I don’t understand why other dog food companies can’t mimic the same models that Beneful has, so they’ll have happy and healthy dogs. No matter what, I’ll always choose Beneful.

Rotten Beams Blamed for California Balcony Collapse

Investigators pointed to dry rot and moisture damage as a potential cause of the deadly balcony collapse in Berkeley, California. The accident took place in the early morning hours of June 16th.

According to official reports, 13 individuals were on the balcony during a 21st birthday party when the balcony suddenly collapsed stated Handy.
All thirteen individuals on the balcony were thrown five stories to the ground. Six people died, and seven were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Investigators quickly moved in to determine a potential cause. They finished their report early this week and reported that extensive rot was visible on the joists and supports that held the balcony up. Investigators however did not say with certainty that rot was the only factor that contributed to the balcony collapse.

Five of the six individuals who were killed in the accident were Irish nationals on work visas. The sixth individual killed as a 22-year-old California native. The group had gathered to celebrate the birthday of a friend. The individual who hosted the party has not been named.

All other balconies in the complex were inspected after the balcony collapse. Only one other structure was found to have significant rot damage. Investigators have not determined how the water damage occurred, or whether structural defects or poor building methods were to blame for the incident.

China Fines Proctor and Gamble for False Advertising

China has fined Proctor and Gamble, $ 6.03 million yuan or $ 964,000 in US dollars for false advertising.

The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce in Shanghai determined the bright white teeth of the model in the toothpaste ad were merely a result of photoshop stated epoch times. The Crest dental hygiene products do not actually produce this effect, as revealed by their research.Proctor and Gamble allegedly digitally intensified the effects seen in their overseas toothpaste ads to make the model’s teeth appear whiter.

White teeth of the model were merely a result of photoshop. The Crest dental hygiene products do not actually produce this effect, as revealed by research conducted by the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce in Shanghai.

“Many celebrities are well aware of the false effects of the product when they act as models for the ad,” said Miao Jun, manager of the advertising department of the Municipal Office. “That is why we have proposed a reform of the Law on Advertising – pending approval – in which the actor or model participating in an ad that sells false expectations will also have to take responsibility and may be punished.”

Meanwhile, Proctor and Gamble contends that their “one-day whitening” advertisement involves both using their Crest toothpaste and following the correct brushing techniques, it said.

Mark Ahn Explains Marketing for BioTech Startups

Mark Ahn Explains BioTech Startups

When Mark Ahn worked his own biotech startup, he knew that there were a few things he should do before his business could be successful. Dr. Ahn knows how startups should work, and he has done his own research to make sure he is clear on these pointers.

The Startup Needs A Board

The board of directors of the startup must be made up of industry veterans who are going to provide leadership and expertise to the business side of the company. The people who have the vision for the company have all the training and education, but they need people who understand how to make the business last. The only way for this to happen is to avoid putting friends and family on the board in favor or experienced business professionals.

Management Needs To Communicate

The board and management need to communicate regularly. If these two sides of the business get into a war over how the business is supposed to be run, nothing will ever get done at the company of any real substance.

Get As Much Funding As You Can

When this was reported by PR Newswire, many people did not realize how long the product cycle is for these companies.

Mark Ahn’s Top Leadership Lessons

Mark Ahn Gives Advice On Leading

Biotech industry is a competitive field and Mark Ahn has given a decade of his life to this industry. Getting his Master’s degree in Business and then a Ph.D. in Philosophy, his experience in the industry of life sciences is vast, varied and exceptional. In Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, he has spent enough time in being an entrepreneur to understand the importance of leadership. In fact, Mark Ahn believes that good leadership is important for any and every job. Using his previous executive experience in various startups like Genetech, RXi Pharmaceuticals, Hana Biosciences, Essia Health, Galena Biopharma, Amgen and Pukana Partners, he is able to share his lessons on top quality leadership. 

The first lesson Mark Ahn offers is to learn about leadership from one’s predecessors. He stresses on the timelessness of great leadership skills that transcend day and age. Getting hung up on fads and trends in business leadership is something he dissuades people from doing. Instead, he recommends learning from those who are impressive and valuing great leadership, no matter which form it comes it.

It is no secret that leadership without integrity is useless. It can make institutions ineffective and dilute their value. Without integrity, both leaders and followers can quickly lose direction and find themselves in dark times. Especially for business organizations, the importance of integrity in leadership can never be underestimated. And this is exactly why Mark Ahn recommends business integrity as the second lesson of great leadership. 

In this dynamic world, good leadership has evolved with time. The principles might remain the same but those who are not blessed with good judgment would never find success in business leadership. It is important to be flexible and if people want to improve their leadership skills, they have to understand that good leaders are made of more than just intelligence or education. Character and courage are equally important.

The greatest leaders in the world always led their followers by example. They never left their followers with meaningless orders to follow but made the change in themselves so that everyone could see them and emulate. This is the fourth lesson offered by Mark Ahn.

The lessons shared by Mark Ahn would help to foster a system of give and take based on trust and understanding.