Laws and Lawyers in Brazil

With well over 180,000 laws in Brazil – the system can sometimes get confusing, even for those who work with it on a daily basis. So this article will touch on some of the laws, how they work and point out some of the unique laws that exist in Brazil, the origin and touch briefly on a specific lawyer there named Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

To start off with, Brazil is a civil law country and had its basis and origins in Roman law. It was implemented by the Portuguese during the colonization period of Brazil. Most of the laws have its basis on legislative codes followed primarily by the federal legislative power with a few rooting out into the individual states and their municipalities.

Touching on some of the unique laws to Brazil – gambling is prohibited. However, what makes this law unique is that it is 100% legal online. Brazil defines physical gambling illegal but when done online it is legal due to the fact that the internet is not a regulated part of Brazillian territory.

Another law that is different than most is Hunting, as a profession. It is illegal in Brazil as to help preserve the lifestyle of indigenous tribes. The only change that has been made to this law was in 2013 when it was allowed to hunt European Wild Boar for purposes of it being considered an invasive species and this change would help drop the population.

One last unique and specific law that I will touch on is that is smoking in public is illegal. There are exceptions to this such as Tobacco shops, Film Studios, Research companies that study smoking products, Healthcare institutions when it is okayed by the doctor, and religious cults – when it is considered to be part of their religious ritual. E-cigarettes have been completely banned and cannot be sold nor imported.

There are several good lawyers in Brazil but one of the most prominent leaders and strategists in Brazillian practice is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He started his own firm and it soon became one of the largest in all of Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has defended many large public figures and provided support for large important corporations and politicians. He has pioneered a lot of the legal mechanisms and they quickly became commonly used tools to all Brazillian legal representatives. He has also mentored several of his partners who started out as interns. You can learn more about him and the brazillian laws online to learn more.

What Happened to Tech Stocks?


At one time, tech stocks were considered all the rage. People made a huge amount of money earning great returns on tech stock. Today, tech stocks have a very negative connotation surrounding them. Most recommend against investing in tech stocks. To state that all tech stocks are terrible investments might be an unfair overstatement. It is true, however, the tech stock bubble of the 1990’s burst. In the aftermath of the collapse, a host of previously high performing stocks ended up becoming worthless. A few lessons have to be learned here. Among the most important of all lessons learned is tech stocks are not a good match for conservative investors with an eye on the long-term.

During the 1990’s, many of the publicly traded tech stocks did well because the internet was a brave new world. Massive interest in scores of new technological innovations helped generate a lot of interest and sales. Stock values grew huge because the assumption was demand would remain high and sales figures were never going to drop off. The conditions that were driving the value of the stocks were not going to last. A bubble existed below the surface and, when the bubble burst, a lot of investors lost money. Not all ended up with a bad outcome though.

Seeking advice on how to best invest money is strongly suggested. Professionals with experience generally do not advise clients on putting money into vehicles that are too risky for them. The investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has offices all over the world and provides support to corporations looking for safe and reliable investment strategies. Only through a close and careful analysis does Madison Street Capital arrive at any suggested paths to take. Individuals looking for investment advice are advised to work with a financial advisor that provides the same level of professionalism as Madison Street Capital.

Tech stocks are interesting to follow. Putting money into these types of invetments, however, really is not for everyone. In the current landscape, they have lost some luster. Ultimately, careful deliberation is necessary before putting any money into a tech stock.

Those who foresaw a bubble and sold their stock before the crash made decent money. Many people who got involved in high-risk day trading scored big as well, although such was not the case with everyone. Investors who put too much money into tech stocks and tries to make massive returns found the results did not bode well.

Significance of Capital Market Law

Capital markets law governs how companies can raise money and use the money they raised. It aims at eliminating fraudulent ways of raising capital. Capital markets law slightly varies from one country to another; however, the main focus remains professionalism. Capital markets lawyers are there to advise corporations on these laws.
For a business to succeed, it must have adequate capital. The capital needed can be raised through various means such as contributions by shareholders and through issuing shares and bonds. The raised money can be used to expand the business in newer territories, pay worker or to acquire machinery. Capital markets law requires companies to clearly state the intention of the capital raising process. The companies are also required to use the capital raised as was planned, failure to which will lead to prosecution.

Capital markets laws appreciate the hard work investors have put in to get the capital that they invest in companies. It also recognizes the presence of fraudulent managers. It, therefore, clearly spells what is all managers are expected of. These set rules ensure that the exposure of investors to fraudulent activities by managers is minimal.

A typical capital raising process takes weeks to finalize. The duration and process set by law may very depending on industry and geographical location of the company. However, the capital markets laws insist on having the process monitored by the market regulator. The law also requires the process of raising the capital to be thoroughly investigated to eliminate loopholes.

During a transaction, the number of lawyers monitoring the process can vary from a small group of capital market lawyers to a very large group. The group of lawyers is usually made up of partners, lawyers and even trainees. They go through every document of the transaction, while referring to the existing laws, to ensure no part of the documents go against the laws.

There are four main laws that govern capital markets. These are contract law, tax law, financial regulatory law and European law. A good capital markets lawyer such as Sam Tabar has in-depth knowledge of all the four laws. Sam Tabar is also a committed lawyer with intellectual rigor and energy. This has made him a very important capital markets lawyer in the United States.

Capital Market law is important and should always be followed to the letter. A good lawyer will help his or her employer to achieve this. This will save the corporation from court battles that may lead to millions of dollars in fines.