Jennifer Walden Ranks as one of Austin’s Finest Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery is a delicate subject. People often see the process as an individual trying to mold themselves into an unrealistic, Hollywood body type by way of force. Jennifer Walden, an Austin based plastic surgeon, knows all too well how wrong this is. More often than not, Walden says her patients are only looking to eliminate imperfection and blemishes: a stark difference from the commonly held perception. Walden has accrued an enormous clientele over decades of work in the field, is undoubtedly one of the finest surgeons working today and learn more about Jennifer.

Walden has unique insight to plastic surgery as concept due to her status as one of the few female plastic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery is a male dominated field. The irony is tangible, considering the vast majority of clients are women. This means Walden has a definite advantage over her male competitors, as she understands what her patients want, and what their fears may be. Walden’s gender translated to greater work experience; as a female, Walden was required to prove herself on a daily basis. While certainly unfair, this ultimately made Walden the surgeon she is today. By working twice as hard, Walden has seen twice the success of her male cohorts. Walden is board certified and affiliated with dozens of hospitals in both New York and Austin and more information click here.

Jenifer Walden’s body of work is comprehensive and vast. Having worked as a surgeon for decades, Walden has received accolades and awards as far back as 1998, including the Herman Barnett Memorial Award. More recently, Walden has been featured in Texas Super Doctor’s three years running. Considering she only just recently relocated to Austin, the fact that such huge strides have already been made in an entirely new ecosystem is incredible. Walden a personable, quality surgeon, and is an excellent choice for anyone in the market and resume her.

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Life Line Screening is Bringing a Brighter Vision to Health Care

Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips found Life Line Screening in 1993, in Florida. Though, the company has since then been able to expand over the USA and also the United Kingdom. The company was able to expand well across the United States by 1998 and was able to offer screening to well over 500,000 people. In 2007 Life Line Screening was able to launch their preventive health screening services in the United Kingdom. Their service was once again expanded in 2008 to be able to include atrial fibrillation screening. Then, in 2012 using the companies name the organization was able to expand to be able to offer services in Australia and more information click here.

Life Line Screening conducts well over 1 million screenings per year and has done over 8 million screenings since the beginning of the company in 1993. Each year the company host over 16,000 community events at which there are screening services provided. The company has since partnered with several insurance companies to be able to provide more services to more people and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening was generous enough though in a recent article to provide several top health care tips for men. Including, if you feel like you are experiencing more stress then usual that you should try to relax. Some of the tips that Life Line Screening recommends for relaxing is relaxing in a hot tub, enjoying some good music, going to a social gathering or maybe just creating some detailed plans with some of your friends. Another tip that they recommend is taking supplements. These supplements should provide ashwagandha, magnesium, zinc and niacin. Life Line Screenings has been around for many years and hopes they they can continue growing into something great and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

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About the USHEALTH Group

Based in Texas Fort Worth and formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc., the USHEALTH Group was established in back then, in 1982. Ascent Assurance, Inc. later changed its name in 2005 March, to USHEALTH Group, Inc. This family of companies now provides several additional products and individual health insurance plans for small business owners and people in the United States.

Through its subsidiaries, the USHEALTH Group, Inc also sells and underwrites products like dental insurance, personal health insurance, income and accident protection solutions, critical illness insurance cover, specific disease protection and accident convertible life policy among others. Most of these products are sold through agents.

Why customers choose the USHEALTH Group

The USHEALTH Group comprises of other subsidiary companies that present healthcare customers with the most innovative and advanced health coverage. At the USHEALTH, customers have access to complete portfolio coverage plans that allow customers tailor-made health coverage plans to suit personal needs.

The company boasts of many years experience and are true innovators when it comes to providing the most secure, affordable and flexible plans to customers and their families. Excellent customer service is the company’s top priority. Through the company’s manager, Advisors contracted Agents and other staff who guarantee unique service delivery.

At the USHEALTH Group, service delivery is their number one priority, and this is reflected in the firm’s organizational commitment that brings positive differences in the lives of its customers. Reliability and affordability mark the products offered. Whether the client seeks for daily medical expenses coverage or just wants some leverage from severe medical events, the USHEALTH guarantees help. USHEALTH on Facebook.

The company has millions of happy customers, and with a five-decade experience, customers rest assured of innovative health covers from the most experienced industry player.

The firm’s committed Healthcare Specialists try to find out and comprehend every customer need and give counsel on the necessary action to ensure money’s value. The company’s team of caring claims assists all customers with information regarding the most confusing claims. For instance, the USHEALTH Group helps clients by acting as the intermediary between clients and the insurance companies. Even more, the firm has the capability of giving customers information regarding the area’s most qualified insurance providers.

The good thing with the USHEALTH, customers, have the ability to purchase extra insurance cover without additional endorsement. Customers who seek extra cover can even go ahead and buy USHEALTH’s Short Term Surgical Medical Expense Plan without any guarantees. There is even the option of the Optional Short Term Insurability and Guaranteed Rider package. More surprising is the fact that the USHEALTH Group is the first and only firm in America to provide the capability to lock in rates for up to fifteen months!


Renown Health – Newest Facility to Open in South Reno

Renown Health is a not-for-profit medical clinical that is locally owned in the Reno, Nevada area. They currently serve the region with 12 offices that handle all urgent care needs. The newest clinic is set to open this spring, and will offer primary care services and laboratory services. The initial demolition of the project started in November. Renown Health and its executives opted to utilize local construction businesses in the area. Electricity and plumbing was established in February and the office is set to start taking patients. They will offer staffing for 11 employees with the option to add more offices if the need is increased. There are many people moving to the area, and Dr. McCormack, medical director of Renown Health, is hoping for positive growth. She stated in a recent phone interview that she wants to wait and see what kind of healthcare regulations take place in the future, which will establish the grounds for a more active medical clinic. For right now, the clinic will be located in The Summit Mall area, and will occupy three store fronts. Click here to know more.

Renown Health has been in the healthcare industry for many years, and has become well established in the area. Their clinics offer all primary care services and some of the larger clinics offer more specialized care such as respiratory, diabetes and pediatric care. With future growth, Dr. McCormack hopes to be able to add more staffing to the clinic. She would like to add one more physician, a nurse practitioner and more office staff. The clinic will hold all of its own billing and will be able to take payments directly from the center. Her focus with the newest clinic was to make it a very welcoming and comfortable experience for all patients. She understands that being sick is hard, and wants to make sure all patients are treated with great satisfaction. Renown Health on Twitter.