FreedomPop Raises $30 Million in Funding

As originally reported on Recode, the mobile carrier FreedomPop has decided not to sell and has recently picked up $30 million in new funding. This new funding comes from Partech Ventures, a European venture capital firm. One of the contributing factors to the company’s decision not to sell was CEO Stephen Stokols belief that the company would attain three to four times its current value in the next year after expanding its business internationally, Stokols also mentioned that he was inspired to make the decision not to sell by Silicon Valley, a television show about a fictional startup who decided to stay independent.

FreedomPop also intends to acquire retail partnerships, hoping to have their products on major retailer’s shelves by this coming October, despite Stokols saying he is not entirely convinced that it is what the company needs although several retailers have already expressed interest in a partnership. Until then their products are only available online. Stokols goes onto state that improving the company’s customer service is another one of their major priorities. To accomplish this the company is hiring more staff in addition to improving the software they use to handle customer service.

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Best Boss Award

A happy workforce makes for a happy company. Chinese billionaire, Li Jinyuan took money out of his own pocket to fund a companywide vacation for his employees. Jinyuan is ranked 27th on the Forbes list of 100 wealthiest people in the world. The billionaire owns the Tiens Group Company. The company specializes in pharmaceutical industries, supplement production, and nutritional products. The workforce that it takes to run this company surpasses about 12,000 people. 6,200 of those lucky people were taken on a vacation to France all at Jinyuan’s expense. It took 142 buses and 79 hotels to accommodate the brigade of people.

The hotels, which were all 4 and 5 star rated, housed the group for the four day weekend. The buses took the group across France where they were able to see many of the museums and art galleries that France is known for. The group also took the opportunity to break a world record. The Guinness world record association was on the ground to measure whether the group was able to break the record for the world’s longest human chain. At 6,400 employees, the record was broken.

The team managed to spell out ‘Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur’, while Ray Lane, record keeper, recorded the feat. The Tiens employees were elated about being able to take a vacation, free of charge. They mentioned be forever grateful for Jinyuan and love working for his corporation. Li Jinyuan is a prime example of what hard work and employee appreciation can do far a group of employees. It would be nice to see other billionaire companies follow suite.

The Freedom from Wireless Companies

Now days, you probably use more data with your phone than you actually use it to make phone calls or text. In fact, it is possible to send text messages and phone calls through a data connection or Wi-Fi. However, this is always where most mobile service providers get you. With the combination of data services and your smart phone bill, you probably pay over $100 a month for almost basic services. That is a far cry from what it use to be, back when you could obtain a general mobile phone and use it for a few dollars a month. Now your mobile phone is almost a car payment every month. There are better ways for you to cut back and save money though, and FreedomPop wants to help you out. With this service, you can skip out on most mobile services and simply subscribe for the $5 a month (no contract) Wi-Fi service. 

 It also gives you access to all of your Internet based applications and services. All of this is available to you, without signing up for a contract service, paying a smart phone fee or any of those other bills that cost you. Instead, you can potentially only pay $5 a month. Now, chances are there are going to be times where you are not under the umbrella of the Wi-Fi system, so having some sort of a service is recommended, but you can at least cut down your expenses, and this Freedompop review assures you do have the capability of canceling everything, should you decide. 

With FreedomPop, you have access to the wireless networks signed on with the company. This includes major chains such as Burger King, Starbucks, McDonald’s and others. This way, whenever you are in a close proximity to such a service you can connect through FreedomPop. You don’t even need to go inside as the service signal is generally strong enough. Also, if the networks of different stores overlap, you can seamlessly move from one to the other, without dropping a call or being disconnected from the Internet. With tens of thousands of available locations spreading across the country, this is becoming more and more a viable option, which is exactly why you need to look towards using this service.

Vijay Eswaran Celebrates Ten Years In The Sphere of Silence

Successful entrepreneur and businessman Vijay Eswaran is reported by PR Newswire to use an ancient yoga technique known as mouna to center his life and make sure he remains free of the stresses that affect the lives ofal most everybody. Being brought up in the Hindu religious tradition means Vijay has been influenced by the leadership and social values of the religion, a set of values that Vijay has used to make his successful business career a bright light in the world of industry.

As the co-founder of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful businessmen in Malaysia, with the QI Group expanding from a localized business to a global organization. Despite his large successes, Eswaran has also used the techniques in his book In The Sphere of Silence to maintain a humble and balanced outlook on life that helps him find an inner happiness. Everybody in the World is affected by the long term stresses and problems of modern life, from climate change to digital distractions the use of Eswaran’s yoga based techniques is something everybody can benefit from in the modern world.