Warren Buffett informing the American people

Warren Buffett has made a $1 million dollar bet, claiming he can make better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by simply investing S&P 500 passive index fund. Buffett has promised the money will be given to charity, with him expected to be declared the winner sometime this year.


Timothy Armour, chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group is a supporter of some ideas that Warren Buffett has introduced. Both men support cheap and simple investments that are bought and held for a long time period. Warren Buffett is a strong advocate of what is called “bottom-up investing” which deals with closely analyzing companies and creating a durable portfolio. Warren Buffett encourages Americans to keep saving as they get closer to retiring and also to begin investing and to stay investing and more information click here.


In a letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett tossed aside the “active versus passive” investment debate, arguing that it does not help investors. Tim Armour supports Buffett’s method of finding the strong investor. He separates the strong from the weak by analyzing low expenses and high manager ownership. Buffett and Armour both agree that it is important find an investor who invests a lot of their own finances and learn more about Timothy.


Tim Armour is the chief executive officer of Capital Group, which manages American Funds. He has accrued more than 35 years of investment experience with Capital Group. He started his career with Capital Group as part of the Associates Program. He was also an equity investment analyst with Capital Group were was responsible for covering global communications and American companies.


Timothy Armour now lives in Los Angeles, California. Armour received a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. Armour has been interviewed by several business magazines including Financial Times and Bloomberg. Armour has also given investing advice to the public during segments on MSNBC and CNBC and Timothy on Facebook.


More visit: https://medium.com/@timarmour

highland Capital Management Looks For Workers Within The Local Community

Highland Capital Management has several different jobs available on a weekly basis. These jobs are available because of someone retiring or as a traditionally generated job. Highland Capital Management loves its community. As a result, it loves hiring people from within the community. One of the main ways people get a job at Highland Capital Management is through Indeed.com.


Once people post their resume on Indeed.com, Highland Capital Management receives notification of every resume filled with keywords that meet the requirements of the job in question. Highland Capital Management encourages all people to tailor their resumes to the job in question, and this will better their chances of getting the job.


Highland Capital Management does not discredit people applying from other states. However, it first considers the local community for potential employees. Highland also hates seeing people relocate from thousands of miles away, especially those with young children. Unless, of course, it is necessary.


If people do not want to post their resume on Indeed.com, they can go directly to the Highland Capital Management Website. There is a section on the website solely for job postings and applicants. Applicants can submit their application directly online. All applications will be reviewed by a staff member. Applicants are usually contacted within two business days to set-up a job interview. Those who are declined for a job will still be contacted with a full explanation of why they were not considered for the position.


Highland Capital Management is one of the rare companies that has always been credited to not hiring by political means. Highland Capital Management is not looking for relatives of staff members or managers. Highland Capital Management is looking for people who want to join the company to change the community. Highland only hires people who share their vision regarding transforming the community by positive financial means.


In addition to working for one of the leading financial companies within the United States, potential employees will be happy to know that many more benefits exist upon obtaining employment with Highland Capital Management. These benefits include outstanding healthcare and retirement plans, paid sick and vacation time, room for advancement, and much more. Potential employees will have these benefits explained to them during the interview process.