Eucatex: A Leader in Building Materials

Eucatex Group was founded in 1951. Eucatex began operation in Salto, which is the capital of the Salto Department in Uruguay in 1954. Eucatex is a Brazilian company. They first focused on producing and selling linings and insulation from eucalyptus wood fibers. Eucatex rapidly grew, evolving into what they are today. This company now sells to furniture manufacturers, large industrial construction, packaging, doors, plates, and even cars and toys. said the company works in both the construction and the furniture industry. In construction, Eucatex makes laminate flooring, modular partitions, doors, and coatings. Specifically when it comes to laminate flooring, Eucatex manufactures Eucafloor, which is composed of several lines. These include Prime, Evidence, Elegance, Classic, and Rustic.

Eucatex has three factories: Firstly, plates, paints and varnishes continue to operate in Salto. Eucatex offers a variety of paints. Some of the lines include Premium and Peg & Paint. Eucatex also ensures their paint will leave a quality finish. Eucatex also uses an E-Color tinting system so its consumers can have over 2,000 color options available to them. This factory is open in San Paulo.

Eucatex is also in the business of waterproofing. They launched a line of waterproofing material to control moisture and to stop infiltration in both internal and external environments. Two of the products developed specially for waterproofing are the Eucatex Waterproofing Wall Five in One and Eucatex Waterproofing White to Lajes.

Panels and flooring have moved to Botucatu, which is a city in southeastern Brazil. Finally, the forestry unit utilizes a seedling nursery.

Flavio Maluf has been the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex since 2005. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers for the company. Mr. Maluf received his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering Engineer at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, FAAP. While in charge, Maluf has made Eucatex a multi-billion dollar company. His leadership and industry knowledge are what led to his success.

The Importance Of Economists Like Christian Broda To A Country

In the contemporary world, we carry out our various tasks without the knowledge of how different scarce resources such as land, raw materials, labor and machinery are found and exploited to bring up the goods and services offered to us. Things such as the growth and development of firms and industries, the good decision making in our governments on matters to deal with the country’s economic issues arising in the sector of currency fluctuation against foreign currencies and how they affect import and export markets. We have no idea on how the economy is balanced; all we want to hear is that the prices are fair and accessible in the market without the knowledge of how it came to be.

The research conducted by Christian Broda on factors like energy costs, inflation, interest rates, farm prices, rents, imports, exports and employment, are performed carrying survey, questionnaires, reading of different articles, exchange of ideas and debating so as to present economic and statistical concepts in a clear, meaningful way for those who do not have a background in economics. These economists are in various discipline, for instance, one can be deal with monetary and financial issues. Others deal with government, education sector, health and so many sectors, and they provide information concerning these areas when matters arise. Economists work alone in that, they don’t require supervision and pressure in terms of deadlines and tight schedules, their work requires writing of reports, preparing of statistical charts, using of computers and may sometimes be required to go for research. A lot of individuals don’t get bothered about how things work according to plan, only that everything is made easier and accessible for them. It is obvious that these individuals don’t think about men and women who have designed and made these things easier for them to manage and go on with their lives without problems.

Among many, we come across an economist Dr Christian Broda. Dr Broda is a married man, with two sons and an economist with a Ph D and a Masters from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as a Bachelor from Universidad de San Andres in Argentina, where due to hard work became the managing director at the Duquesne Capital management. Prior to that, he doubled his efforts and served as the professor of economics at the University of Chicago, his hard work has been proved in the numerous published articles and books on international finance and trade. His efforts born fruits in 2005 and 2008 when he was awarded two national science foundation grants to support his research, and this led to him being named the James S.Kemperer scholar in 2006.

Dr. Broda also served appointments at Lehman Brothers as chief international economist. He later became a co-editor of the IMF Economic review and a member of the Latin American Association Economic Journal.

Women Are The Driving Force Behind The World’s Economy

Women control more than $20 trillion in annual consumer spending globally, and that number could be more than $28 trillion by 2020, according to some economists. Women earn $13 trillion a year, and by 2020 that figure will be more than $18 trillion. When you consider those numbers, women represent a consumer spending market bigger than India and China combined. In fact, it is twice as big. The female consumer can’t be underestimated, but many corporation do just that. Most companies think they have a winning strategy when it comes to attracting women buyers, but they usually miss the mark by a long shot.

Most companies have a lot to learn when it comes to selling to women according to economists like Christian Broda. Broda is the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. Christian Broda is responsible for managing and diversifying men and women portfolios. His hedge fund designed a very successful strategy, which include international investments tactics. In order to do that a comprehensive study of how women felt about investments, work and their lives, in general, had to be conducted. The study also wanted to know how they were served by businesses.

The answers were not surprising. Women feel underserved. Even though women have made remarkable strides in social positions and market power, they are still undervalued in the marketplace. Plus they are underestimated in the workplace, and that has a direct effect on the economy. Companies don’t respond to their needs, and they don’t create services and products that are designed for their everyday needs. Their needs are a combination of conflicting priorities and time constraints.

Women outspend men in most consumer goods categories, but businesses still think they have no say in purchasing decisions. That lack of sensitivity has a major impact on the country’s GDP. Automobiles like the SUV are built for sport and speed. Those features attract men. They don’t entice women to buy one. Economists say women must be recognized as economic leaders in order for the economy to continue to grow the way it should be growing. Women represent an incredible growth opportunity, and it’s time company men think with their feminine side, and give women the room they need to set the country on a positive course again.

Ex-Money Managers from Citadel Compete With Ken Griffin

In my search for business related articles I have stumbled across this article from Left Hand Right Minded. This article talks about how money managers that used to work at Citadel under Ken Griffin are actually working hard to beat him. They now work as his rivals. Among the money managers that have started their own firm with the intention of outdoing their former boss is an Indian judo instructor, a plasma physicist from Russia and a Los Angeles born resident who has lived in New York as an investment banker. They each have degrees from some of the most well respected Universities. They also use their influence and ambitions that were inspired by Ken in order to build their own brand.

Recently, Magnetar, which is a spawn of Citadel has sold a minority stake to Blackstone, which is a large asset manager based in New York. This was done with the purpose of reaching more talent and actually earning more in revenue. This shows a new route that Chicago firms have developed with the purpose of expanding their enterprise. The other successors to Citadel are going to have to follow suit if they want to have a chance.

Ken Griffin has set some high standards with his Citadel company which has $26 billion under their management. they handle 70% of the money that is in the industry with Magnetar being in second place with $14 billion under its management. Many other people that worked at Citadel have broke off to start their own firms incorporating what they have learn from the time they have spent under Ken Griffin’s management. This is perhaps one of the signs of a good business owner. He inspires others to do what he is doing. More people will follow in his footsteps and may possibly even make new innovations in their endeavors.

Chinese stocks plummet

Chinese stocks fell 8.5% on Monday and Chinese authorities are left trying to find what responses they can make to buoy markets. This drop marks the largest fall for Chinese markets in almost 8 years tracing back to the financial crisis.

The immediate cause of this drop was an anticipated lower growth as a result of manufacturing data that came in lower than expected according to Susan McGalla. However, there are many long term reasons for the decrease in Chinse stocks.

Up to a month ago, Chinese stocks had risen 150%, falling sharply by 30% last month before markets recovered as a result of governmental intervention. This governmental intervention was in the form of limiting major investors in selling stocks, loans to certain critical companies, and other minor controls. Critics indicated that these moves were short term benefits but would not have a lasting impact on stocks.

Three are approximately 50 million retail investors in the Chinese stock market which represents only a sliver in the overall population of 1.5 billion. As the wealth of Chinese citizens becomes more pronounced, increased market participation is expected. This should support markets though expectations for growth will likely need to temper further before the Chinese markets recover.

The move down in Chinese stocks has led to further weakness in oil and other commodities including metals, all of which are strongly correlated to the Chinese market. Further weakness in Chinese stocks is not expected to be contagious to Western markets, though weakness in the underlying Chinese economy could harm Western markets significantly. As such many western traders will be paying close attention to how the Chinese government reacts to this latest downturn.

Watching An Unstable Market and How International Economics Can Affect Your Income

Much of the headline news recently has focused on Greece and its debt and China and its stock market fluctuations. These events do have an impact on America in ways that do not always have an immediate effect. Many of us have pension funds and annuities that invest in funds that have connections to foreign markets or corporations that invest in them. A possible bankruptcy or disruption in the European Union’s economic viability can have a ripple effect on investors’ returns. Certainly responsible financial managers will maintain careful watch over clients’ funds. However, the intermingling of stocks and portfolios that include EURO based finances will be alert to events in Greece an other EU members which could adversely effect investments.

Likewise the Chinese stock market is seeing serious issues and the Chinese Government has been supporting it with infusions of money. Only the most adventurous and well-off investors or fund managers would be involved at this time. Investing in long term growth is the most consistently recommended strategy for most retirement funds. Diversification is also advised by most authorities as well.

Wise financial manager Igor Cornelsen recommends an element of gold and silver as well as a hedge against stock market fluctuations. Hard currency in the form of silver or gold will give even the least knowledgeable investor a solid foundation for financial security in these changeable times.

Working with a registered and reputable financial advisor is also recommended. These experts are certified and reviews of performance and any censures or disciplinary actions are available online. Making sure the representative is someone with whom you can communicate easily and answers questions easily is also a necessity.

Most important in managing retirement funds, investments or yearly expenses is planning. Keeping track of expenses, saving for unknown circumstances, allowing for possible decline of income from interest and managing resources wisely is perhaps the best method of being financially responsible and secure.