Troy McQuagge is the 2016 CEO of the year One Planet Awards Gold winner. The USHEALTH Group CEO was elated when he was announced as the winner.Troy McQuagge thanked the whole staff group of USHEALTH Group and credited them for helping him win the prestigious One Planet Awards. He confessed that USHEALTH’s Group noble objective of assisting everyone to get affordable healthcare has also assisted in his success.

USHEALTH Group provides its clients with original healthcare solutions which cater to different job groups. USHEALTH Group was also recognized for its role in the professional healthcare industry as it was named the Company of the year for the One Planet Awards Gold section.

The awards accept nominations from all over the world. The global prestigious awards honor professional and business expertise from all companies. The submissions come from non-profit, profit, private and public organizations. In addition to this, the companies also accept submissions from small and emerging start-ups. The awards are placed in categories which include; P.R, Marketing, Corporate Communications, new products and services, executive teams and organizations from all over the world.

The USHEALTH Group CEO has worked for the company since 2010. He has been instrumental in re-emerging the companies’ market. This led to the formation of the USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. McQuagee was elected as the CEO and president of the health insurance company in 2014 and his successful track record can be clearly seen through his thriving ventures in the company. He has been able to rake in a high-profit margin for the health insurance company.

About Ushealth Group Inc:

USHEALTH Group is an establishment that offers tailor-made health insurance plans that cater for the entire family. The company offers top-notch insurance regardless of the client’s income. The safe and secure premiums are available to clients from anywhere in the U.S.

About Troy Mcquagee:

Troy McQuagee is an alumnus of The University of Central Florida where he studied Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies. The dynamic leader is an experienced sales professional who has over 30 years experience in this market. Mr. McQuagee is the current CEO, President, and a member of the USHEALTH Group Inc Board of Directors a post which he has held from July 2014. Under this role, he ensures that the company grows strategically and the profit margins increase. He also administers and manages the establishment’s subsidiaries and ensures that the operations and distribution are done efficiently. Click here to know more.

Prior to this, he was USHEALTH Advisors CEO and President. This is a post he held for seven years. While working here he ensured that the company’s profit margins also grew substantially in a strategic manner. In addition to this, he designed the Agency Platform which propelled USHEALTH Group success objectives. He has also worked for the Health Market at the President of the agency marketing group. Troy McQuagee is an avid philanthropist who has contributed to various causes which include the Semper FiFund, HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, among others.

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Feel Elegance with the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Experience

Are you looking to setup a profitable outlet in Brazil or experience ideal shopping, leisure, fun, entertainment, and relaxation? We have the perfect choice for you – the Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall! It is a new fun and exciting place to spend time with family enjoying great meals on Wikipedia, the company of friends and a fantastic view of the city. Named after the local owner and developer located in Manaira, the shopping complex is designed to feel spacious, bright with natural lighting and serenely edifying without seeming to try too hard.

Roberto Santiago is an accomplished investor and Business Administration graduate from Joao Pessoa. Santiago started his business development empire with a small packaging company in his hometown delivering niche ornamental and functional products. Roberto Santiago’s ventures in commercial and residential real estate development have seen him become one of the most sought-after developers in Brazil showcasing several contemporary and exquisitely built shopping complexes such as the flagship Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall right in his hometown. The northeastern city is popular for its magnificent views, perfect sunsets, and stunning beaches.

The shopping mall offers wholesome family entertainment, luxury and leisure shopping, relaxation and delectable cuisine with a whole floor dedicated as a food court. Technology is at the heart of the architecture, and it leverages the great bright natural environment with vivid colors, easy navigation with escalators and bright daylight so inviting it’s hard not to go in and check it out. For the calculating business owner on or the demanding consumer, for business or leisure, Manaira Shopping is the go-to place for convenience, comfort and leisure options.

Comprising of movie halls with the latest 3D and VIP rooms such as the top rated Cinepolis theaters, a technology packed electronic amusement park popularly known as the Game Station, a gourmet space, and a food court, the shopping center is definitely an attraction in itself. Have you ever experienced a great concert right from the roof with the stars watching over you? Welcome to the concert hall known as the Domus Hall on the roof for memorable experiences that will leave you raving for more. Concerts, festivals and all manner of fairs happen here.

The design and layout by Roberto Santiago of the stores and conveyance spaces leave no doubt that consumer convenience is key with complementary stores placed nearby. Move even the most cumbersome products such as hardware and furniture effortlessly. The mall Of Roberto Santiago has an elegant website where you can check out their directory to see where to find your favorite vendors.

If the great stores don’t get you, the ambiance will. Balcony shrubbery, organic palm trees dotting the ground floor and open seating space is perfect for that tranquility that you desire to catch up with friends. Being a local himself, Roberto Santiago understands the needs of the business and local communities and attracts massive numbers of customers with little marketing. With proposed expansion in sight, the experience is expected to get even more options. Don’t miss out on the best. You know where it’s to be found!

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business: Josh Verne

There are many ways in which Josh Verne has succeeded in life and business. In all his ways, he has seen become the pillar of his success. According to him, vision is the only art which makes someone see what others cannot see in broad daylight. Josh is a US-based serial entrepreneur with more than 20years of experience in founding and selling business conglomerates. He is a widely known man in the world of business. For this reason, his expertise and experience in this sector has played a significant role in his establishment. His first move was leading a family business. Josh Verne is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of


For you to succeed in life and business, you must follow the following guidelines.


  1. Figure out what gives you passion

There are many things you must do to become successful at what you do in business and life. Finding out what gives you passion is one of the major causes of concern in life. If you want to succeed, never engage in doing something that does not give you passion. On the contrary, passion is the scale that separates success and failure in business. While it is true many passionate people fail in business, there are few people doing business in a sector that does not give them passion. Whatever gives you passion makes you wake up every morning to work till late in the night without getting tired. If you deal in what does not give you passion, you will soon look miserable with your work. In the end, you will drop the idea of making money in that business. The key to succeeding in life is passion at whatever you find your hands to do.


  1. You need a balance in life

Life is always a way of balancing actions. For this reason, there are many things in the world which give you actions of scale. If you don’t have enough money, your family will never have its needs fulfilled. On the other hand, you will suffer even if you have all the money in the world when your health and home life is out of order. You and your loved ones will always suffer even if you have all the money with a shredded body. Life is not all about money. It is a balance between all the things that are building blocks of life. Make life a better tough balance.

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Don Ressler’s Convenience Companies

No, Don Ressler does not own a chain of convenience stores. Ressler owns companies that are convenient for people because they do not have to worry about even leaving their homes to be able to get the products that the company sells. This is something that has been great for people who are looking for something different and it has made a difference for women who need to be able to do different things when it comes to the clothes that they wear and the things that they purchase to be able to go along with the clothes that they have.

When Don Ressler first started out, he wanted to make sure that his clothes were easy for people to buy and even easier for people to be able to wear. Because of this, Don Ressler came up with the idea to do a subscription service for clothing and for people to be able to get the fashionable styles that they needed to be able to wear when they were in different areas of the business world. He wanted to make sure that people got exactly what they needed from the different aspects of the business and from different types of clothes.

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Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics by Kate Hudson – Our Interview

The idea of Ressler behind all of that was Fabletics. The company was a great idea because it allowed people the chance to make sure that they were getting great workout clothes. Workout gear can get worn out fast and Don Ressler knew that. For that reason, he wanted to make sure that things were taken care of before he had the chance to do more with it. This was something that was different than what other companies were able to do. Don knew that he had to be able to provide people with the convenience that came with a subscription company while still providing a product that people would actually want to use.

Along with Fabletics, there is also JustFab. This is a company that provides shoes on subscription. It works in the same way as Fabletics except that people are able to get shoes instead of workout clothes. This is an important factor when it comes to the different ways that things can be done for the business. Ressler also has other companies that can be attributed to the success of JustFab and Fabletics. He always works for convenience of the different things that people can use in their daily lives.

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Keith Mann Raises Money for Uncommon Schools and the Police

Keith Mann is concerned about the low quality of education and what is happening to police because of all the protests and the targeting of police officers. Lots of people are concerned about these issues, but when Keith Mann is concerned, he does something. He is a person who is not afraid to back up his ideas and his belief with cold, hard cash.


In 2000, Mann had a vision of helping the financial industry, especially alternative investment vehicles such as hedge funds, find the qualified staff members it needed. Therefore, he co-founded the executive search firm Dynamics Search Partners. He is now an expert on hiring strategy and executive compensation in that field, and has an extensive network of contacts. His list of clients includes the largest, most prestigious and most successful private equity firms and hedge funds on the planet. He’s the Managing Directory. They have filled over 2,000 positions at major financial trading firms.


Mann is concerned about giving everybody a chance to create abundance for themselves and to have a good job. That requires having a good education. Therefore, he and Dynamics Search Partners hosted a fundraiser for the Uncommon Schools at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Uncommon Schools is a network of 42 schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. All of them are urban charter schools seeking to give disadvantaged students a good education and prepare them for college. The $22,000 Mann helped raise at that event went toward supporting students to get better scores on the standard achievement tests.


To show his support for the police, Mann and his wife Keely sent lunch to the officers at the 54th Precinct in New York City several times. Mann has some understanding of what those officers face because his uncle is a detective on the force in Staten Island. Mann said officers need to be thanks for the service protecting people, not attacked.


The world needs more people like Mann, who take action to support themselves and achieve their career goals, and who then use that money to help others. By helping disadvantaged youth go to college, Mann is helping to reduce the risk that police face while enforcing the law.