Equities First Holdings Provides Quick Capital against Shares Traded on Public Exchanges

Equities First Holdings has taken the center stage in the finance world with it innovative alternative shareholder financing solution. As is widely known that business cannot thrive without capital, this fact holds the key to success and failure in business. Many failed businesses today lost ground because they could not get the much-needed capital. Banks and other conventional lending institutions continually make it difficult for new businesses to survive by demanding loans collateral beyond their reach. The few that happen to scale the hurdles have to go through hell to pay back because the interest rates are always outrageous. Almost all the profits is spent in paying the huge interests. They had to call it quite when they continually have nothing to show for time, energy and capital. Click Here to Contact Equities First Holdings.

Within the space of 14 years, Equities First Holdings has rescued hundreds of business persons and organizations from financial liquidation. More and more people are contacting the company on a daily basis, which has necessitated the opening of other branches in major cities round the globe. The company now has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sydney, Hong Kong, Bangkok and many others although it stated operation from Indiana, its headquarters. Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/

With Equities First Holdings’ stocks-based loans, you do not need to provide costly assets as collateral. Some amount of shares or stocks will do. There are no unnecessary formalities. The interest rate is one of the lowest around, within the range of 3 to 4 percent, and it is usually fixed, so you can be sure what to prepare for. There is no restriction to what you use the loan for, and it has a relatively high loan-to-value ratio. The non-recourse nature of the loans helps to cut down on the risk as you can walk away if you could not pay back forfeiting just the shares or stocks used as collateral. Read NewsBoost News of Equities First Holdings.

Loans collateralize with shares or stocks remains one of the least risky ways of getting quick capitals, and Equities First Holdings is still the most reliable source.

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The sky is not the limit for AXA Advisors under the leadership of Vincent Parascandola.

As a financial professional, Vincent Parascandola has had his share of success in his line of work. He is renowned for his various awards he has won while offering service to the general public such as Master Agency Awards. He is the Senor Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC where his primary job includes retention, management development, producing and developing new financial professional among other duties.

AXA Advisors, LLC, majorly aims at assisting in providing financial security to individuals who require their services. A financial professional from the firm is able to help the client break down their financial goals into small steps which are manageable. Through this, the client can understand his/her options; make an intelligible decision which will lead to taking action to a successful future.

Vincent graduated from Pace University, New York and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. His career journey began after graduating where he joined Prudential and worked as an agent as from 1987. While in Prudential, he was named National Rookie of the year before joining MONY, a Life Insurance Company, after three years. While in MONY, he held various local and regional field management positions. He continued working with MONY for nearly fourteen years gaining experience as days went by. He later decided to join the AXA Advisor team in 2004 to assist in offering financial solutions to individuals and businesses.

Before becoming the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Mr. Parascandola has had various leadership positions. He was once a president of The Advantage Group which is a unit of AXA Equitable. He was also once a co-manager of the firm’s New York Metro branch which contained nearly four hundred financial professionals. His experience of almost twenty-five years in the financial Industry is what made him eligible for all these leadership positions.

Jose Borghi Gains Respect as Advertising Agency CEO with Mullen Lowe

CEO Jose Borghi has become one of the most prominent executives in the advertising world. He is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, and he has proven that he has the talent to really build a strong advertising agency in Latin America. Brazil has always been known for unique advertising ads, and Jose Borghi has been the creative force behind many of these ads.

With more than 25 years of experience, it is evident that Jose has become the type of creative force that just will not stop. He is the type of executive that has won awards for international festivals like Cannes and the New York Festival. He has also won a plethora of different awards, and this has made people seek him out for a plethora of different ads.

Many people outside of Brazil may not know of Jose Borghi, but even people in America have seen his work. The highly successful campaign by Fiat that was created by Jose Borghi has been see by people all over the world. He has been able to make a lot of people realize the value of the products that have been advertising through his agency.

Some advertising executives are gaining a lot of experience, but few people have the ability to actually gain the type of experience that Jose Borghi has. He has worked with American Express. He has also worked with Toyota and Goya Foods over the years. This is what has made people take interest in the advertising work that Jose Borghi is doing. As a CEO Jose has been able to transition into a powerful executive where he knows how to help companies produce advertisements that will make people come running.

What Jose Borghi has done that most other executives have not done is use the different elements of pop culture in Brazil. He has made his company stand out because he uses a much different approach to marketing different ideas. It has been easier for him to establish himself as one of the best in the industry because Jose Borghi has proven himself time and time again.

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Danilo Diaz Organizes Summer Event for Guests in Miami


Danilo Diaz Granados is a successful entrepreneur who is known to many as a man on a special mission. Granados realized that he was born to make a difference in the society when he was still attending Babson College. The college is situated in Wellesley Massachusetts, and this is where the entrepreneur acquired his degree in entrepreneurship and economics. However, he did not use the skills acquired in school until he moved to Miami city.


After moving to Miami, Danilo Diaz Granados realized that the men in the Latino community needed a special luxurious boutique that would provide fine watches, contemporary art, jewelry and exotic automobiles all under one store. This realization led to the luxurious boutique known as The Toys for Boys Boutique that is mainly based on the luxury that never existed before, as HauteLiving describes.


Danilo Diaz Granados is also the founder of a film company that is known as Glory Film. Since he was a young boy the successful businessman wanted to have a film company. However, due to financial problems, he was never able to achieve his dream. After moving to Miami, Granados made some wealth, enabling him to start a successful film company. The company has been doing quite well, and it earns him a good amount every year.


Every now and then, the entrepreneur organizes events for affluent guests living in the city. This year, the co-founder of Toys for Boys decided to orchestrate an incredible event that left all his guests amazed. The event was held in July, and it features some of the best features that ever existed. Some of these features included exclusive previews, excellent cuisine, helicopter rides, sunset boat rides, special time at the race track and bottles of Dom Perignon. Since the launching of the luxury boutique in the year 2013, the entrepreneur has managed to hold several hyper-sensory experiences for the affluent guests living in Miami.


From morning to sunset, the guests had a time of their lives, spending time with Danilo Diaz Granados and his business associates. They had their food in some of the best restaurants and hotels in the city, thanks to the successful planning made by the businessman.

Keith Mann: Making a True Difference

A lot of people talk about making a difference, but very few actually go out and do it. When it comes to Keith Mann, he is one of those people that likes to talk the talk and walk the walk. He lives his life this way, each and every single day. It is not just cheap talk or promises coming out of his mouth. He is a man of his word and he knows that his reputation means a lot and what he says stands for a lot. Recently, along with Dynamics Search Partners, they held a fundraiser to help Uncommon Schools. The event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Along with various members of the financial services world, they raised over $22,000.

These funds are going to go towards sponsoring student testing in regards to the 2014-2015 year for students at a brand-new high school that was opened by the charter school. In Keith’s own words, it is about closing the gap. When it comes to low-income students, they don’t have to suffer anymore. They can be afforded the same chances that a student from a high-income housing can receive. They have every chance. After all, isn’t that all anyone wants in a life is a chance? With a chance, you can achieve anything and anything is truly possible. Nothing can stand in your way and nothing can stop you for obtaining your goals.

Keith Mann is all about the future and preparing them for the future. You can’t always help where you are raised or the money that your family has. However, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a truly special life, each and every day, and that you can’t achieve whatever your dreams are. After all, dreams are what make life worth living and they help us get out of bed, each and every day. Keith Mann just wants that for the future and for the future children of America. He knows what it feels like to have a dream and want it more than anything in the world. No longer is it just a pipe dream, but it is a reality.

Sam Tabar, Schulte Roth & Zabel’s Newest Recruit

In order to grow and advance in life, you need to constantly make some changes, and move out of your comfort zone. This is precisely what Sam Tabar did, by moving to Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in mid October, 2013. He was formerly the head of capital introductions at the Merrill Lynch &Co.

Schulte Roth & Zabel is a multidisciplinary law firm, which was founded in 1969. They are one of the largest in their sector, and represent various firms working in the finance and investment business. Their staff is made up of both legal and business professionals. This allows them to properly serve their clientele.

The company has quite a number of attorneys, who all work to represent the managers of alternative investment firms. Over the last few years they have had various clients from Asia, who were interested in matters like the development of US regulations.

While talking to the Bloomberg via email, Mr. Tabar said that he would be working with New York based investors, while also working to explore the market in Asia. He further went on to say that hedge funds currently need even better legal advice, with the focus on regulations in the US being even more stringent. Mr. Tabar noted that the Asian market is growing, and therefore more attention needs to be paid to that sector. He however, said that the firm does not have any current plans, to open an office in the East.

A Little about Sam Tabar

Mr. Sam Tabar has been working in the business and finance industry for quite a while. He graduated from Oxford University and subsequently Columbia University, in 2001. He later went on to be an associate at one of the world’s most prestigious law firms, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP. He then left in 2004 and joined PMA Investment Advisors, which is based in Hong Kong. Although he is essentially a lawyer, he also has a wide knowledge of business, which makes him a very good fit for investment firms.

Lufthansa Cancels Flights Between Germany and Venezuela

German airline Lufthansa cancelled flights between Germany and Venezuela, as a result of economic problems in Venezuela.
Venezuela’s economy has rapidly shrunk this year says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, which played a part in Lufthansa halting the flight. Lufthansa has difficulty repatriating money from Venezuela because of currency issues.

There is increasing pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as there are shortages of food and medications. The US is not happy over the situation, due to Venezuela’s oil wealth. US Intelligence Officials have been informed on the possibility of an uprising occurring.

Venezuelans like Velasquez Figueroa himself wants a referendum to remove Maduro, as a vote of no confidence. The referendum may not take place until 2017, when The Vice-President replaces Maduro. To avoid defaulting, Venezuela plans to cut imports to pay off its foreign debt.

John Goulet the Phenomenal Principle of Diversant

As their motto ‘Empowered by Difference’ suggests, Diversant is a validated Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and is the biggest African-American owned IT staffing conglomerate in the US.
This enterprise offers products and services based on authentic metamorphic ideas targeted at meeting clients and partners’ needs as well as the communities at large.

Diversant also uses consulting approach and engages customers as certified business associates thus helping them solve discerning problems.

This foreign firm would not be where it is, though, were it not for their principal Goulet who is a visionary leader and an honorable entrepreneur. He attained his education in Ursinus College in Great Philadelphia Area from 1979-1983. From there John first served as a

Computer Consultant before rising to IT staffing manager. In 1994 however, he founded his company Info Technologies that provided Fortune 500 companies with staffing solutions.

John Goulet grew this business from scratch to being ranked 8th in the list of 500 fastest growing and best IT industry in the US. He achieved this accomplishment in just five years. His entrepreneurial mind believes in starting something and flourishing it to become unique using his talent and skill. John also likes to work for everything and never regards things that come easy.
His passion and experience also make him a great leader in Diversant as he holds the IT sector in high esteem, with respect and hard work. He always supports the clients’ demands to be met at a personal and corporate level.

Diversant believes that diversity in all forms brings more innovative solutions for customers and leads to bigger opportunities for partners and consultants. Some its values include Disciplined Teamwork, Ethical Behavior, Respect for others and Professional development. This firm believes diversity is crucial as it promotes innovation, inspires creative thinking and leads to effective problem solving. It also aids in building formidable ties with the community and links to different markets. Diversant understands that diversity is a fundamental element for a successful business, and their services and solutions are formulated to satisfy their clients’ needs. This has made it the go-to company for many people as it caters for all their desires.

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Keith Mann Raises Significant Funds for Uncommon Schools

The Standard Hotel Beer Garden was the site of a very important meeting. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners met with several professionals from the financial industry to raise money for Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is a network of charter high schools in the Brooklyn area. The purpose of Uncommon Schools is to provide opportunities for gifted young persons. The schools are designed to help those with low-incomes and have been very successful over the course of several years.

As is the case with any educational institution, significant money is necessary to run operations. Keith Mann’s recent fundraiser was able to garner $22,000.

Keith Mann has a strong connection to the New York area. The office of Dynamics Search Partners is located in New York City. Since the search firm focuses on the financial services industry, it is no surprise the headquarters is found in the city known for being the financial capital of the world. Mann has been running this company for many years and his tenure is marked by many achievements. A number of the most influential and impacting hedge funds and private equity firms are listed as client’s on Mann’s company’s resume.

As someone involved with financial career placement, Mann knows a strong education is necessary to enter into the field. He is doing his part to assist young persons who want the necessary education to rise to prominence in their own chosen field. Mann has stated he wishes to “close the achievement gap” for low-income students. This fundraising endeavor for Uncommon Schools helps with the cause.

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Meet James Dondero: The co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the co-founder and chief executive of Highland Capital Management, who have enjoy a very memorable career. The billionaire has vast experience in the equity and credit markets, focused on distressed and high-yielding investing. Since Highland Capital Management establishment in the year 1994, the company has been the forefront on matters regarding hedge and at one point in time, he pioneered the development of the collateralized loan obligation market as well as credit oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors globally.

Serving as the president and the CEO of the company, James Dondero has spearheaded the company all the way from scratch to being the leader in hedge fund investment. At the company, he is mandated with supervision of investment operations and strategies for both retail and institutional products designed by the company. The fact that he have gathered experience of more than 10 years in the industry, gives Highland Capital an upper hand in relation to its competitors. This is evidenced by the numerous awards that he has won among them the Lipper Award for floating rate opportunities which he acquired in the year 2014. The Morningstar’s 5 Star Award which he was awarded for global allocation which he also acquired in the same year.

James Dondero obtained his Finance Degree from the University of Virginia. Thereafter, he was awarded the title “certified management accountant and chartered financial analyst” later after his graduation. He served a number company before eventually establishing Highland Capital, among them including Protective Life GIC Subsidiary, under which the made a record profit of $2 billion from a company that had just acquired its portfolio. The profit proved Dondero’s potential for investment as well as a person who will guarantee success in any typical company.

Dondero’s reign has continued to rise as he has hired experienced experts at Highland Capital Management the recent one being that of Terry Jones. Jones was offered the position of institutional products. She has brought his experience to the company and is set to lead its discussion with major stakeholders in order to develop solution oriented business programs.

With the changes and anticipated financial crisis, Dondero has positioned the company at a point where its products will always outsmart those of its competitors in the market. Among the plans he implemented include buying into Argentine Bonds, with the company setting aside $12 billion to fund the project. The company is making a fortune by investing in such bonds as this will raise its capital base as well as its asset base.

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