Organo Gold Extends it Operations to Turkey

The founder and CEO of the Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, opened a new branch in Turkey a year ago. This marked the 39th country where Bernardo Chua had overseen operation openings of his worldwide gourmet coffee firm.

Bernardo Chua claimed that the opening of the Turkish branch will be a significant operational success for the Organo Gold. In keeping with the firm’s Global Footprint Initiative, the Turkish branch saw the unification of the company’s Asian, African and European operations. This has allowed them to serve their customers and distributors in an effective manner across the dynamic and diverse region.

Turkey is known to have opened a coffee house way back in the 15th century. This led to the beverage been knitted in the national culture, and the appetite continues to thrive among the citizens. Chua took the opportunity to recognize that the crave includes an up-to-date enthusiasm and understanding for products that are healthy. This made Organo Gold to fit perfectly in the country.

The Organo Gold’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Holton Buggs, pointed out that the increased interest of Turks in living an active lifestyle and the budding nutraceutical market had helped in the creation of awareness and demand for the company’s products. Buggs added that the company is still looking forward to serving customers who wish to incorporate Organo Gold’s products as part of their active and healthy lifestyles.

Organo Gold’s health benefits have been derived from a mushroom known as Ganoderma. This mushroom has been used for ages in the ancient Chinese medicine as a high ranking herb. A renowned doctor, Shi-Jean Lee, who lived during the Ming Dynasty, noted that taking Ganorderma regularly will help build a strong, healthy body and increase a person’s lifespan.

Paul Jarvis, who was the regional VP of Africa, CIS and Europe, was appointed to head the activities of the company in Turkey. The product line in the country was to include Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Mocha, King of Coffee, Gourmet Black Coffee, Espresso TRE, Espresso UNO and Espresso DUE.

Bernardo Chua has been a pioneer in the health and wellness industry for more than a decade. In addition to Bernardo’s participation in the health community online, he is founder and CEO of the Organo Gold, which is a company that utilizes an ancient Asian herb in their products due to its medicinal properties.

Chua began working with Leow Soon Seng and they established Gano Excel Phillipines. He helped in the expansion of the company to Canada, Hong Kong and US in just 3 years. Chua later went ahead and founded his own company, Organo Gold, in 2008.

Talk Fusion Is A Trend Setter In Video Email Technology

The Relevancy Group, a market research organization, released a study showing email marketing campaigns grew 40% with a video insertion. As viewers attention span decreases, video email marketing is capturing their attention.

The study showed open rates of 20% and increased click-through rates with video email. Researchers claim that video inserted into email campaigns is better than text, providing on-demand satisfaction and pleasure. Video email campaigns deliver is a powerful method to convey a brand’s image and perception.

A trendsetter in video email campaign development is Brandon, Florida-based Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the world’s 8th largest online video content provider. CEO Robert Reina created the company in 2007 after a failed video email via America Online. Frustrated by the stubborn stance of America Online towards his invention, Reina, and a friend developed a successful method for video insertion into emails.

How easy Talk Fusion is, makes it very appealing. Those new to video marketing find video emailing daunting. To ease their fear, Talk Fusion provides subscribers with 1000 easy to use, templates for every conceivable scenario They can create custom templates as well to satisfy specific demands.

Talk Fusion creator Robert Reina vision is to unite individuals, on a global scale, through video email technology. Talk Fusion connects people around the world through contemporary video innovation and wants to share it, allowing them to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Reina’s experience in relationship marketing and his leadership qualities has earned him recognition as a trendsetter in the industry.

Argentina’s New President Is Offering $12 Billion In New Bonds To Investors According To Investment Advisor James Dondero

Argentina elected a new president at the end of 2015. A long line of Peronist leaders finally came to an end when pro-democracy candidate Mauricio Marci was elected. Marci is a civil engineer and the son of one of the wealthiest men in Argentina. Marci was educated at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business so he has a solid background in economics. Economics wasn’t former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner strong point, according to James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. In fact, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner did more to harm Argentina’s economic reputation than to help it.

As soon as Marci took office, he began to reconnect with the fragmented government ministries. He named a trusted veteran as the minister of the central bank, and he reorganized the finance ministry. Those two moves set his new economic plan in motion. Dondero had been watching Argentina for years. He knew that the country would make an economic turnaround based on the reports he was getting from his Sao Paulo office.

Highland Capital has offices in Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul, New York and the Dallas headquarters. Highland Capital decided to invest $4 billion in Argentina in 2014 because of the information Dondero was receiving from his South America contacts. That investment has been very successful, so when Marci announced a new $12 billion bond offering, Dondero was one of the first investors to commit.

There is still a lot of work to do in Argentina, according to Dondero. A U.S. court just agreed to lift an injunction based on Marci’s $4.65 billion offering to old creditors that were burned by Argentina’s most recent default. Argentina will use part of the new $12 billion bond offering to settle the debts owed to Elliott Management and Aurelius Capital. Even though Argentina’s Congress is not all pro-Marci, Dondero believes the new president will convince Congress to agree to the new bond plan as well as some of the other changes that will impact the economy.

Jim Dondero has a proven track record when it comes to investing in emerging market assets. The Argentina investment is a risk, but Argentina is getting help from the United States and China. Obama recently visited Marci and gave him assurance that the U.S. would help the country. Marci is also set the meet with Chinese leaders to discuss a new trade agreement, according to an article published by

Brian Torchin Healthcare Professional

Brian Torchin is a healthcare professional, chiropractor, business owner and the top healthcare recruiter worldwide. Brian currently practices out of his offices in Philadelphia, PA.

Brian was born and raised on Long Island. It was while attending the University of Delaware that Brian first gained an interest in medicine; earning a bachelor’s in Exercise Medicine. He later went on to earn a chiropractic degree from New York chiropractic College.

As a chiropractor, Brian Torchin can diagnose and treat back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries and many auto accident related injuries. Brian provides quality chiropractic care to his patients. With a specialty in physical therapy and sports medicine, he goes above and beyond the chiropractic scope of medicine.

Brian owned, operated and managed several medical offices as a chiropractor. It was during this time that he realized how extremely difficult it was to find quality, talented healthcare staff. And vice versa, for other healthcare professionals to find employment at a quality medical office, urgent care or hospital.

That is why Brian Torchin founded a company where he is the owner, ceo and president – Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). After years of staffing, opening and managing chiropractic medical offices throughout PA, FL and DE, Brian put his vast knowledge and experiences to work. He started by successfully helping his friends and colleagues find the dependable staffing they needed. That led to the opening of HCRC. His company strives to help quality medical care professionals find employment with chiropractic private practices and hospitals across the United States and worldwide.

Brian Torchin is a busy man with many talents. He has led a lucrative career that has helped many. From chiropractor to staffing expert, Brian Torchin has become a household name.  Brian’s Vimeo has tons of career tips for those looking for work.  Otherwise, Wellness is a good source for jobs that they are actively posting.

Sam Tabar: Top Attorney in New York

Sam Tabar works in a firm located in New York City. He is one of the prominent attorneys in the area and also works as a capital strategist. Sam got his start in Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an Associate. After working there, he started working in capital strategy and business development. Among the companies he worked at includes SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors, Bank of America, and Merril Lynch. He has a diversity of work experience in law, business and finance industries.

Sam has studied and graduated from Oxford University with honors. Afterwards, he attended Columbia Law School. While studying there, he also worked as an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review publication. Throughout his career, Sam Tabar has worked in the legal industry as well as the financial industry. Sam has taken a break from the legal world until September of 2013. He began working for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. In his line of work, he catered to hedge funds. He handled the issues with employment, regulations and compliance. He also handled investment management agreements. He worked at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate until March 2014.

Among the interests he has is travelling and hosting events. Lawyerist shows Sam Tabar is also fluent in English, French and Japanese. Right now, he is involved in charitable pursuits which include making donations to African women. He has joined a company called THINX, which inspired him to look at more ways to help people in Africa. Then Sam Tabar found and got involved in the Africa Wellness Institute which is involved in helping children that are suffering from AIDS, HIV and plenty of other diseases. The African Wellness Initiative serves various parts of Africa which include the southern parts where there is the highest need for medical support.  Currently Mr. Tabar has become COO of FullCycle Fund.

Switching To The OrganoGold Products For Your Morning Cup Of Joe

Coffee is a beverage that a lot of people enjoy every single day. It might be something that you only enjoy once in awhile or all the time. Because of the importance of a good cup, the company known as OrganoGold has made it easy for you to get one of the best brands and makes in the industry. They have a different type of ingredient used within their coffee that makes it taste delicious to those who like coffee. This ingredient is known as Ganoderma and it is a special type of mushroom that is rare to find but incredibly sustainable at the same time.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO and founder of the OrganoGold company and has worked diligently to make the company what it is today. Because of Bernardo Chua’s work, the company is one of the largest and most successful organic coffee companies in the world with millions of people buying the product each day. Stocks have soared in the recent past with so many people getting on the band wagon and learning what the ingredient has to offer. Because of the fact that the decorated Bernardo Chua has worked on creating this company and finding its product, it is no wonder that he has a real passion for coffee.

He’s said on Twitter that Bernardo Chua’s true passion is providing people with delicious coffee that is sure to hit the sweet spot. While it might seem strange that a coffee is made using a mushroom as its main ingredient, a lot of people are finding that Bernardo Chua has hit the right ingredient to be used in the company’s beverages. The OrganoGold company has been around for awhile and Bernardo Chua has created it to be a wonderful asset to those looking for a nice hot cup of coffee that they can enjoy.

OrganoGold is also highly sustainable and you can feel great about buying the product and using it every single day. Some people are using OrganoGold products as a treat for themselves while others have made it their go-to when it comes to that every morning cup of Joe. This is why it is a good idea to check out OrganoGold and see what it is all about. This is a great time for you to check out a different product to see if it is right for you. Between the work being done to the products themselves and the fact that the OrganoGold company is organic and highly sustainable to the environment, many people have been looking into switching and choosing this brand as the number one in their cupboard. There are lots of brands out there, but OrganoGold has the best possible ingredients that you can easily find.

A Big Quarter Three for James Dondero

The investment firm known as Highland Capital Management filed its quarterly statements with the SEC to reveal its investment holdings. Last quarter, Highland Capital Management possessed over 3 billion dollars in assets with its hedge fund. Despite the high amount in assets, this was an overall decrease of well over 1 billion dollars from the previous quarter. This overall holding amount is only 22% of the firms assets which has been revealed from numerous sources. In order to keep up with financial trends and stay competitive, Highland Capital Management acquired new positions with a number of financial transactions. The firm acquired holdings with Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call)(SPY) which has a total asset value of 67 million dollars. Overall the firm purchased a total of 69 new stocks during the past quarter.

As well as getting new positions, Highland Capital Management also increased its holdings in the ever thriving information technology sector. In fact the firm raised its holdings from 16 to 18 percent in this particular sector. While the firm has acquired a number of stock holdings, it has also sold some as well to offset its recent changes. In all the firm has holdings in five companies which make up a large percentage of its hedge fund. The holdings include companies such as American Airlines, Salesforce, American Express, Loral Space and Ishares TR (PUT).

Jim Dondero is the owner and founder of Highland Capital Managment. He has owned and run the firm since it inception in the year 1993. During the last 20 plus years, Jim has made Highland Capital Management among the top investment firms in the world. It specializes in a number of financial activities such as hedge funds, wealth management, equities and collateralized loan obligations. It also has a worldwide presence with office locations in New York City, Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and Singapore. James has become a financial firm owner who has provided clients with a number of ways to best manage their money as well as providing leadership in this very important sector of the economy.

Dondero first studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia and graduated with top honors. He would then get his first job as a trainee at an investment firm. After his initial experience he would then become the chief investment officer which allowed him to get significant experience managing billions of dollars in assets.

The Genius Behind Forefront Capital

The CEO and founder of Forefront Capital, which has gotten a lot of press as of late, Bradley Reifler, has years of experience in the financial world and has founded other companies such as Pali Capital Inc, an international firm, which was on the NASDAQ for a couple years. Pali was later repurchased and the returns of this new and highly successful Wall Street Firm during Reifler, grew to more than $1 billion dollars in the early 2000’s. After resigning in 2009, Reifler created Forefront Capital; a financial firm that is globally recognized for its banking and investment services.

Brad Reigler is a graduate from Bowdoin; a Liberal Arts College in Brunswick, Maine, which teaches discipline together with patience in all things. Forefront Capital attracts high caliber business men and women who are the leaders in their field. These influential and high-ranking individuals, through word of mouth, are in turn introducing Forefront Capital to their peers in the investment management and merchant banking world. Success for Reifler comes only by working with investors that are accredited.

Reifler’s number one goal is to give positive power to all investors by helping them understand, through education, the complex world of financial investments at all levels and his articles in Reuters. He wants veteran and rookie investors to benefit from the various techniques of investing in the market by walking them through the concepts he has learned throughout the years while he was formulating his own financial career.

Here are some tips from Brad on paving your way to safe investments:

• Always consider the risk you’re taking.
• There are charges, so make an inventory of your expenses and also make sure you
have the assets that it takes to make that particular investment you’re
interested in.
• The safety of your hard earned income is paramount, so find a trustworthy
financial adviser for your funds.
• Don’t invest all your money in the same place; you can always add more in the
future if the venture is successful.
• Diversify your assets for a thriving investment and a winning outcome.
• Compounded returns are great for future retirement accounts, so start early.

Although a highly specialized firm, Forefront Capital and Reigler’s well rounded team of financial advisers see every client as loyal partners that will stay with his innovative and futuristic company for years to come. The financial institution provides asset management and profitable returns on investments with diminished risk for many of its clients.

Mr. Reifler has extensive financial training, and as a long-term, experienced entrepreneur, has instigated and run many start-up companies. He knows how to offer a unique product or service with great opportunities to his customers. Reifler wants everyone to be able to invest in the American economy and get a portion of the American Dream into their bank accounts.  Check out the Forefront Group website for a longer breakdown of the services they offer.

New Life In Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are often looked at as a last resort and a bad one at that. The negativity attached to the idea of living in an assisted living home has been a universal thought, though many people don’t know much about actual facilities. Assisted living doesn’t mean there is absolutely no more independence in your life and that you’re dictated by a certain schedule and rules. Moving into these facilities shouldn’t be seen as a last resort or the end of the road, it should be seen as a wonderful way to live out your golden years with assistance as needed.  You just have to find a good facility, and that’s why reviews are invaluable.

Many places offer assistance as its requested, and let their guests choose with their doctor what works best for them. In most cases a general fee covers the cost of residence, meals, and daily clean-up but a deposit may be required depending on the facility. Individual laundry services may be an added charge, but many places offer daily laundry service for things such as bed sheets and towels. Most facilities include transportation and social groups as part of their package to ensure their guests are not confined to their rooms and have the ability to socialize during the day.

For those who are living or plan on living in the area of Southern California, Manse on the Marsh is a premier assisted living facility that offers a wider variety of luxury amenities. Founded and owned by Chris Skiff, Manse on the Marsh hopes to break the term ‘old folks home’ and paint a new, better picture for seniors and the way they view these facilities. Skiff is an honors graduate from UCLA and has always been focused on senior care and how he can improve it. At 23 Skiff worked with one of the biggest developers in southern California to create, build and provide affordable senior apartments.

Manse on the Marsh offers a myriad of top notch amenities as well as a few added bonuses found solely at their facility. Residents can choose from studio and one bedroom apartments, and residents can choose between fully independent living or their assisted living program.  Contact them for even more information.

They have a large and well paid staff of registered nurse on the premises twenty four hours a day as well as an emergency response team. Each guest is given a pendant they can use at any time to ask for assistance, no matter the time. They serve three meals daily as well as offer fruit baskets and hot beverages through the day. They’ve got a home-theater with fresh popcorn, library and computer access as well green space in terraces looking over the beautiful valley. Manse on the Marsh gives you a wonderful place to live out your golden years without sacrificing your independence.  Their twitter outlines even more of what they have on offer.

Investing in Education Like George Soros


Education is an area of the economy that is getting a lot of press right now. There are thousands of students who are graduating every year with record levels of student loan debt. In addition, these students are graduating with degrees that will not allow them to land jobs in the field of their choice. There are many students who are starting to believe that education is no longer a good investment. This is a sad reality of our time. George Soros has been able to achieve remarkable success in both business and politics for several reasons. However, his educational foundation is one of the biggest reasons for his success. Here are several different tips on how students can invest in their education like George Soros in order to achieve success over the long term.

Degree Choice

One of the most important factors in getting a good value out of your education is the degree choice that is made. There are many people who simply want to graduate from school as soon as possible in order to get out and start working. However, it is vital to spend some time on which degree program suits you the best. According to Forbes, for Soros that meant getting a Bacholor of Arts/Science from the London School of Economics. Looking at the current job market is a good indication of what it will be like when you graduate. There are some degrees that always offer some sort of help when it comes to getting a job after graduation. This can play a huge role in the future success of a student.

School Choice

George Soros knew that in order to succeed in life he would have to go to a good college. He was able to get in to the London School of economics at an early age. Over the long term, this is one of the best decisions that he could have made. This school is one of the most well known in the entire world. He was able to leverage the degree that he earned from the school in order to land a job in a field that he was interested in. In addition, the alumni base that he had access to was a great resource early on in his career.
Continuing Education

We live in a world today where it is not enough to go to a school and forget about learning for the rest of your life. Investing in continuing education with both time and money is essential to long term success. George Soros would eventually go back to school to earn a doctorate degree even though he was already greatly successful in his field. It is vital to stay hungry to learn in field that you are interested in. Over the long term, this will make a huge difference in the amount of money you can earn. There are many people who have been able to go back to school while they are working in order to get a large bump in pay after graduating from school.