Mike Baur And His Work With The Swiss Startup Factory

There are quite a few people who are attempting to get startups off the ground, and they are trying everything in their power to do the job right. They want to know that they may have the money and guidance that is required to do good work, and they will work with Mike Baur to ensure their dreams come true. This article explains how Mike does his work, and it shows how he has created a much better way for someone to grow a startup.


#1: What Does Mike Do?


Mike does quite a lot of work with new startups at the Swiss Startup Factory, and he completes most of his work with people face to face. He wants to have clients in his office so that they may learn about how to build their companies, and he talks to them about options they have that will keep their companies solvent. Financing is only the first step in what is a long process.


#2: How Does Mike Guide Clients?


Mike helps clients understand how they must hire managers, distribute their assets and create a better work environment. Someone who has contacted Mike for assistance will find that he gives them a number of options for hiring, and he will serve as a mentor. Mike does not put himself on the board of any company, but he is happy to act as an advisor at any time.


#3: Leaving The Startup Phase


The startup phase must end for every company at some point, and these companies must have new information that will help them progress in the future. Mike has specific ideas about how his clients should manage their businesses, and he will help each new client find a way to reach their goals over the course of several months. He knows that it is quite easy to reach these goals when the company is progressing at a steady rate, and he ensures that that rate does not change.


There are many people who come to Mike Baur every day for help with their startups, and they will find that it is quite a lot of fun for them to change their companies with his help. He gives these clients all the assistance they need, and he shows them how easy it is to build a company from the ground up when it has all the financing and guidance that is needed.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Philanthropy Reaches Beyond His Hometown

It seems now more so than ever, the issues facing our society have become more decentralized in terms of the organizations that aim to address them. Much like the crowdfunding nature of modern projects, finding solutions for the ailments that plague our planet has recently taken a similar path. Foundations and non-profits themselves have allowed many like-minded concerned individuals to address the issues most important to themselves while giving these caring individuals a chance to give back to underserved communities and underfunded programs.

Though many problems such as human rights violations, financial inequality, and life-threatening diseases affect the world as a whole, governments of the world have budgetary demands that often push these pressing issues onto the back burner. It is the individual contributions of philanthropist that often drive the most progress fixing the problems facing our world click here.

Individuals who hear the call to give back to humanity are instrumental in solving the issues facing all of us.

Philanthropist such as Tempus’s Eric Lefkofsky take it upon themselves to not only fund programs that help find solutions but also create foundations to better address the issues from start to finish.

Lefkofsky himself has is no stranger to tackling adversity head on, both in his career and personal life. The foundation created by himself with the assistance of his wife, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, approaches the issues facing the world with the same integrity the Groupon executive has become famous for.

The foundation created by Lefkofsky has helped his community in Chicago beyond measure as the foundation looks into funding programs, giving to research facilities, and providing the necessary funding to programs that provide grants for charitable causes within the city.

Beyond the charitable foundation bearing his family’s name, His linkedin Eric Lefkofsky has been instrumental in the fight against one of the most deadly and devastating diseases afflicting our society, cancer.

Tempus is fundamentally changing the way that doctors treat and research cancer. By providing new tools to aid doctor’s fight for finding a cure for cancer.

To learn more about the revolutionary advancements taking place due to the tireless work of Tempus visit their website.


Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian 58-year old businessman who owns Manaira Shopping Mall based in Joao Pessoa. His other businesses include Maigeira Shopping Mall which is a shopping center that is contemporary. He is a tycoon now, but he started small, his vast career started at Café Santa Rosa and he later on invested in Cartonage Company. Cartonage Company is a company that uses a unique technique to manufacture utilitarian and decorative objects. Despite being a shrewd businessman with a very promising career, Santiago is a man passionate about sports. He has won several trophies in kart and motocross championships.

Joao Pessoa is the hometown of Santiago; he was born in that town July 16, 1958. He studied in a traditional institution in the capital that is Pio X Marist College and later joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE) where he undertook studies in Business Administration.

His business is doing well especially Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is breath taking, and creates room for both leisure and fun. It located in Joao Pessoa, and it proves that it is not only rich cuisine, unmatched sunset, spectacular beaches that brighten the north eastern city, a city popular for its vast hospitality.

This are the few but sensational things that Manaira Shopping Mall offers:

Fun and Entertainment-This two are the key trade marks for the mall. The mall has movie theaters, ballroom, an amusement park, and bowling alleys thus satisfying families in search of tranquility.

Gourmet Space- This is a perfect environment for those wishing to enjoy a serein environment. The space also provides customers with a mouthwatering meal. There is also a food court allowing customers to enjoy variety.

The Domus Hall- The hall is at the roof top of Manaria Shopping Mall, and it is among the largest halls in Joao Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba State. The hall has amazing structure and features the latest in acoustic insulations and sound equipment. It actually represents a grand theater for musical shows. The house stage has hosted great singers and composers such as Jorge Mario da Silva and Ana Carolina.

You combine the creative mind of Roberto Santiago with a great investment like Manaria Shopping mall then you can understand beauty, class, luxury and comfort that represent the opium of success.

Eric Lefkofsky, the Man I Have Always Long To Meet

There are a number of men and women of exploits on my list of people I wish to meet one day and have handshakes with. These are people that have risen to the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields of endeavor in spite of all odds. Top on this list is Eric Lefkofsky.


He was born on the 2nd day of September, 1969, to the family of Bill, a structural engineer. The mother, Sandy, was a teacher by profession. No doubt, Eric had the advantage of being blessed with enlightened parents. Little wonder, he had a solid foundation in terms of education and morals. After he got through with Southfield-Lathrup High School, he went straight to the University of Michigan. He obtained his Juris Doctor after completing his program at the University of Michigan Law School in 1993.


There are three things I find irresistible about Lefklofsky – his entrepreneurial acumen, his giving spirit and his love for the community. I will throw more light on these virtues.


There are few American entrepreneurs that can rival the achievements of Eric Lefklofsky. Proofs can never lie. He is one of those that gave birth to Tempus, and currently the CEO. Also, Eric Lefkofsky is the Chairman of Groupon and one of its co-founders. The number of companies he co-founded is numerous; some of them are Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics (ECHO), InnerWorkings (INWK), Uptake and Lightbank.


The word “philanthropy” seems to be in Lefkofsky’s DNA. Together with his wife, Elizabeth, he set up a charitable trust by the name Lefkofsky Foundation. The foundation has since being supporting charitable, scientific and educational endeavors and organizations in and outside the United States. However, children remain the major focus of the foundation. Over 50 organizations have benefited from the Lefkofsky Foundation to date. See crunchbase.com.


I am yet to see a man that loves his community as much as Lefkofsky. Go to the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, you will find he is a member of its board of directors. Take a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago; you will discover he is a Board of Directors’ member there. What about Theatre Company, a performing art center in Chicago, he is there as a member of the board of directors. According to lightbank.com, He is also a Trustee of Steppenwolf.


I hope one day I will have the opportunity of meeting this great fellow and ask him the secret of his outstanding achievements. No doubt, he will be generous enough to tell me.

Check https://www.tempus.com/about-us/


JustFab Launches ‘All Size’ Campaign, #FABforAll

The fashion-description website has launched a new application at http://ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com/nav/tags/donressler/0 that caters for all cloth sizes in the market. For every type of body in the market, there is a material designed and made for them. For this reason, this is the best way to market the website. Most people, in the recent past, were finding it hard to get their clothes on the site. This led to the development of the facility, through the action mode of Don Ressler, to determine a better way to enhance business by the inclusion of all stakeholders. According to him, this move will increase business in the company.

JustFab is one of the leading companies that offer fashion-description. This is an online commerce website on The firm on Pando that allows individuals to seek the advancements in technology in a modern way. The company has announced the launch of their new offer through the lifestyle fashion brand. According to the company, they are expecting the demand of this feature to increase on a massive scale due to the numerous launched complaints by the clients. For this reason, the company is also expecting to receive funding through their stakeholders on Brandettes. The company has also decided to extend their ready-to-wear sizes, within their collection, to expand their size demand levels in the region. For the company, engaging in the issuance of special remedies is one of their main strategic development capabilities.

One of the main development capabilities made by the company is the issuance of the design team through a series of strategic development campaigns. The company values all clients on a vertical scale on LinkedIn.com. For this reason, they have decided to treat all through their development of this campaign to cater for the demands of all body sizes in their sales. As a matter of fact, the company has worked with stakeholders to issue the design.

According to one of the directors of the company, they value and celebrate every individual design. The company also works to satisfy all customers regardless of their body type through their capabilities. For all its members, it has pledged to offer strategic and comprehensive designs to satisfy all their customers on a massive scale. They value every look on the clients. They feel that everyone deserves to look good no matter how big their body size is. According to Don Ressler, he believes that all women must feel confident and comfortable in the fashion they choose to wear. For this reason, JustFab has developed a better way to assist the people.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Can Help You Navigate The Stock Market

Updated December 15th, 2016:
Jim Hunt was interviewed about VTA Publications by IdeaMensch. Jim gave plenty of background about his expertise, and what interests him about investments and money matters. The interview also divulges some of Jim’s biggest investment strategies and secrets, so it’s definitely worth a read.

Jim Hunt is an English investment professional who works as an advisor and analyst for VTA Publications Ltd in Reading, England. He focuses mostly on stock predicting and with his vast experience he can easily guide investors to success and help them accomplish their financial goals. He is known for spotting market trends and accurately predicting future activity.

Jim Hunt recently launched Wealth Wave which is a strategy for making money from a falling stock market. He compares riding the stock market to success to a surfer catching the perfect wave hence the name of his program – Wealth Wave. As with many other things in life, it is all about timing, and he strongly believes investors can succeed in a bear market. He teaches new investors how to invest safely by providing investment tips and strategies through distance learning courses provided by VTA Publications.

The company provides investors with cutting-edge information to help them make informed financial decisions. Investment experts like Jim Hunt guide investors through the entire investment process and offer a series of webinars and DVD training videos so clients can understand exactly how to profit in a bear market. Jim and his colleagues are also available by telephone and email.

VTA Publications Ltd was founded in 2012. It is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses specializing in specialty genres such as economics and finance. They source the best advisors, such as Jim Hunt to share their expertise and knowledge of their field through seminars and online courses. The company also offers professional services for event organizing in addition to providing investors with the tools to learn about investing from the comfort of their own home.  Check out more videos, like the one above, on Jim Hunt’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_8HMk0s_M9rk2KZWOOTrQQ.

Co-working Spaces For People Who Want To Grow Their Businesses


With the new economy came co-working spaces. These types of spaces have changed the work industry forever. It has made things especially easy for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. Before co-working spaces, entrepreneurs either had to work from home or they had to rent an office. Either way, it was a little hard for them to expand their business so that they can do the type of work that they want. Fortunately, co-working spaces have come in to make things easier. For one thing, people can focus more on their work because they are in an environment of work.


For people that are looking for a co-working space to grow their business with, it is important that they check out Workville. This place is one of the areas that stand out among other co-working spaces in New York. They have places where people can do the type of work they can. They can also take time off to socialize and network with others in order to help come up with a plan for success. One thing that could be said about Workville is that it is actually a very friendly place for people to get together and work with each other. It is definitely a change from the harsh environment of the workplace.


Workville and other shared office spaces are great for people that want their businesses to grow. They have a lot of room to focus on their task. When people are able to make sure that their business is growing, then they will be a lot happier with the results. One thing that has been proven is that it takes the right environment for there to be success. This is why co-working spaces are quickly becoming a popular form of work. People go there to work as opposed to starting all types of problems.  Chase has a great article on coworking spaces, and what they can provide.

The Career and Entrepreneurial Abilities of Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados has continuously proven that he is a man with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. His business knowledge can be traced from his academic experience. He attended the Babson College, which is situated in Babson Park, Massachusetts. Founded in 1919, the Babson College is prominent for its quality education, especially on entrepreneurship matters. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, which he gained after three years of studying.

In the past, Danilo served in the capacity of an Account Advisor in a Miami-based private equity investment entity. He was in charge of researching global investment to return relationship in energy efficiency, innovative start-ups, merchandising industries, hedge funds, real estate as well as fine arts. In addition, he analyzed social, creative and demographic qualities regarding investment opportunities.

Fireman Capital Partners

As listed on Danilo’s Facebook, he is an Associate Partner of the Boston-based company, the Fireman Capital Partners. Fireman Capital is a company that specializes in dealing with businesses in the consumer sector. In a bid to work with FCP, an organization or company ought to be based in the United States, have sales ranging between $25-$150 million as well as an equity level of around $10 to $75 million.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

As an individual with entrepreneurial skills, Danilo has ventured into numerous businesses in Miami, which include the following:

Toys for Boys Boutique

Danilo has made a name for himself when it comes to offering luxury commodities to the wealthy through his Toys for Boys Boutique Privee. The high-end boutique displays a broad range of luxurious items ranging from rare automobiles, fine watches, contemporary art as well as jewelry among many other items. The store attracts wealthy customers from various locations and those based in Miami.

Edge of Glory Films

According to CrunchBase, he also owns the Edge of Glory Films, which is a film company that focuses on Hispanic interests. Consequently, the company undertakes production, editing, promotion and distribution of its films in a bid to provide Hispanic content media in the United States.  Follow Danilo on Twitter.

Sanjay Shah’s Philanthropy to Help Children Affected by Autism.

Sanjay Shah was recently in an interview at the Enterprise Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio in a show that is hosted by Erick Dye. My Dye’s program is a business show that allows principals to interact with entrepreneurs, who are still developing and give them ideas, inspiration, motivation and knowledge of how to be successful. Mr. Shah, who is a founder of both Solo Capital Limited and the Autism Rocks, spoke about various matters at the show. These include how he started the Autism Rocks charity, the approaching concerts that will be held by Autism Rocks, and how business persons should run their enterprises for them to be successful.

Mr. Shah is a prominent entrepreneur and humanitarian, who lives in the United Kingdom and runs several businesses in Malta, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, London and The British Virgin Islands. He founded his Solo Capital as a trading firm, and it has since been successful. The firm is licensed by the U.K government and in the 2010-2011 fiscal year, he took home 19 million pounds from the company. Shah’s has private offices from which, he runs his businesses in Dubai and London, and his net worth is currently about 280 million dollars. Prior to starting Solo Capital, he was an accountant at various investment banks and a medical professional.

Sanjay started the Autism Rocks charity organization in 2014 to help children who are affected by the neurological disorder across the world. He was encouraged to found the institution by his son who has also been a victim of the condition since 2011. Mr. Shah’s autism campaign raises money for funding research on autism and creating consciousness about the disease among members of the public. His wife also makes personal contributions towards the fight against autism.

Autism Rocks makes money to support its operations through events that it hosts in conjunction with various renowned musicians from all parts of the globe. In 2014, the foundation held its first event and celebrities such as Prince, the late music star, were invited to entertain the crowd. Drake, Lenny, Snoop Dogg, and Michael Buble have also worked with Autism Rocks during its gigs. The 2016 concert will feature Florida and Tyga and is meant to be a family event and therefore, it will be filled with several fun activities. Anyone who would like to get more classification on the future concerts that will he hosted by the organization can visit www.autismrocks.com.


Learn more about Sanjay Shah:



Organo Gold Extends it Operations to Turkey

The founder and CEO of the Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, opened a new branch in Turkey a year ago. This marked the 39th country where Bernardo Chua had overseen operation openings of his worldwide gourmet coffee firm.

Bernardo Chua claimed that the opening of the Turkish branch will be a significant operational success for the Organo Gold. In keeping with the firm’s Global Footprint Initiative, the Turkish branch saw the unification of the company’s Asian, African and European operations. This has allowed them to serve their customers and distributors in an effective manner across the dynamic and diverse region.

Turkey is known to have opened a coffee house way back in the 15th century. This led to the beverage been knitted in the national culture, and the appetite continues to thrive among the citizens. Chua took the opportunity to recognize that the crave includes an up-to-date enthusiasm and understanding for products that are healthy. This made Organo Gold to fit perfectly in the country.

The Organo Gold’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Holton Buggs, pointed out that the increased interest of Turks in living an active lifestyle and the budding nutraceutical market had helped in the creation of awareness and demand for the company’s products. Buggs added that the company is still looking forward to serving customers who wish to incorporate Organo Gold’s products as part of their active and healthy lifestyles.

Organo Gold’s health benefits have been derived from a mushroom known as Ganoderma. This mushroom has been used for ages in the ancient Chinese medicine as a high ranking herb. A renowned doctor, Shi-Jean Lee, who lived during the Ming Dynasty, noted that taking Ganorderma regularly will help build a strong, healthy body and increase a person’s lifespan.

Paul Jarvis, who was the regional VP of Africa, CIS and Europe, was appointed to head the activities of the company in Turkey. The product line in the country was to include Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Mocha, King of Coffee, Gourmet Black Coffee, Espresso TRE, Espresso UNO and Espresso DUE.

Bernardo Chua has been a pioneer in the health and wellness industry for more than a decade. In addition to Bernardo’s participation in the health community online, he is founder and CEO of the Organo Gold, which is a company that utilizes an ancient Asian herb in their products due to its medicinal properties.

Chua began working with Leow Soon Seng and they established Gano Excel Phillipines. He helped in the expansion of the company to Canada, Hong Kong and US in just 3 years. Chua later went ahead and founded his own company, Organo Gold, in 2008.