BMG Bank Shines In Spite Of The Brazilian Debt Downgrade

Two of the three rating agencies have downgraded Brazil’s debt rating to junk status over the last four months. Unemployment is more than 10 percent, and it may go to 12 percent when all the figures are calculated. Inflation is pushing 12 percent, and the political situation is in turmoil, and that is putting it mildly. President Dilma Rousseff is fighting for her political life. Some experts say she may not make it through the first quarter of 2016.
But in spite of all those issues, BMG Bank is thriving. BMG Bank recently moved its headquarters to Sao Paulo in order to handle the growth the bank has experienced over the last 15 years. BMG Bank has been giving loans to people and businesses for the last eight decades thanks to one family that believes good banking starts with treating people fairly. The Guimarães family has kept control of the bank since the beginning, and there’s no signs that the family is going to give up control now.
BMG Bank is one of the leaders in the consignment credit business. Ricardo Guimarães, the president of BMG and Vice-President Marcio Alaor, have things at the bank under control, according to several articles published by Marcio Alaor is also the director of the bank and under his leadership, the bank has had a dramatic growth spurt. A recent merger with Itaú Unibanco and two mergers with other banks are all products of Alaor’s banking prowess.
Most of the banks in Brazil play it safe when it comes to spending money on marketing, but President Guimarães and Director Alaor decided that in order to make money they had to spent it, and they chose sports as the vehicle for that spending. BMG Bank sponsors football players as well as tennis and volleyball players. The bank’s most recent addition to the sponsorship program is tennis great Marcello Mello. Mello is ranked number one on the professional doubles circuit, and he wears the orange BMG logo on his tennis shirt when he is on the court.
Mello is preparing for the Olympics, so BMG Bank will get a lot of exposure in 2016 for that sponsorship. The Olympic Games start in August, but Mello will be in the spotlight all next year because of his ranking. The main reason Alaor likes the Mello sponsorship is he fan base is different than the football fan base. Mello’s fans are better educated, earn more and will spend more and that is the kind of clients BMG Bank wants.
Alaor and Guimarães have a solid client base now. Those clients continue to apply for loans, but in banking like any other business, there is always more to achieve.

Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

As the auto industry continues to grow, it is attracting more and more investors who are considering investing in this particular area of the stock market. At the same time, there have been several recent scandals in this industry that have affected the performance of the auto market and auto stocks such as that of Volkswagen.

Marcio Alaor is the executive of Banco BMG. He brings us the main news of this market by giving us a brief overview of automakers that are listed on the stock exchange. He says one of the first to go public was General Motors. This company has completed a century since the IPO took place. At present the company has about $ 53.52 billion in market value.

In 1956 the Ford Motor Company began an IPO that was the equivalent of 600 million back then, recalls Alaor. An IPO stands for Initial public offering and is a means of allowing people in invest in a company. Shares of the company can be traded in this way, often for both institutional investors and to the general public. Via this process, a private company can enter the public realm. Companies use an IPO to help raise funds and capital investment. This enables the monetization of investments.

Company shares can rise. For example, the Ferrari IPO had a 5% stock increase. As a result the company has $ 10 billion in market value, says Alaor. Alaor points that investments in auto companies have often paid off well for investors. Many such companies have also been able to enjoy a great deal of market success that has allowed them to expand into new markets as well as helping investors at the same time.

Marcio Alaor is a highly respected Brazilian bank executive. Alaor is a native of Brazil who has done much to help expand the Brazilian banking markets as well as help provide people in Brazil have the chance to be able have access to capital in order to allow them to be able to do things such as opening up a new business or expanding a new one. He has many years of experience in the banking markets in Brazil. As a result of his skilled leadership, he has been able help develop one of the region’s most impressive banks, BMG, into a local and national leader in the field of banking and finance as well.

Source: Exame Magazine


Marcio Alaor was recently honored by the Santo Antonio Do Monte community for his efforts in developing the Community. A food court he helped establish was named after him. He is the vice president of Banco BMG and a respected community and business leader. The food court is expected to provide a ready market for produce from the rural community. It will be a big boost to the local business community that has for a long time operated in an inefficient market. The court was named MARCIO ALAOR DE ARAUJO.
The event was a bright one attended by most leaders from the area. They included Wilmar Son the town Mayor and the Rural Union president Vilmar Octavian.In his speech, Mr. Wilmer thanked him for his efforts and said naming the place after he was synonymous with the role it was going to play. It was going to serve greatly the community and help many people prosper. He recalled his history from a shoe shiner to the position of a senior Honcho at the biggest consigned credit provider in Brazil. His success; he said was due to his hardworking nature and visional stature.

Luís Antônio Resende, who was representing the rural, spoke highly of Mr. Marcia.He thanked him for helping without expecting any returns or legislative seat and how he has assisted the local community.Mr. Vilmar Octavian while presenting him with a trophy showered him more praise to Cap of an incredible day for the banker.
Rising to speak, Mr. Marcio Alaor was elated to be honored.
It is not ordinary for humans honor the living. In Brazil like every other part, people speak highly of the dead but this was different. He expressed his utmost love for his city, his family, and his friends and graciously thanked them for all he has done. He proceeded to tell them of his story from his humble beginnings to where he is in life. It was all a blessing. He also promised to continue working hard to help those in needs and urged all to be each other’s keepers.
The naming of the food court after him is a new initiative in the area. It was during the 33rd edition if Expose Samonte in Santo Antonio do Monte.It is the Holy Agricultural Exhibition day here when the best step forward. Its significance for the local community cannot be underestimated.
Banco BMG is the leading consigned credit provider in Brazil. It has a big distribution network and covers a large area. Efforts of people like Marcia have shaped it to be people’s bank.Mr. Marcia is an inspiration to the population of Santo Antonio Do Monte.

Marcio Alaor And BMG Leading Bank In Brazil

In the financial market, BMG bank founded by Guimaraes family, has reflected recommendable performance over the last eight decades. With its credit facilities, the bank has extended its support from the individual level to companies. They have really taken lead in offering solutions. All this has been made possible through their cards in payroll credit, financing large economics groups and companies, financing vehicles already used and BMG equity loans at the home level. Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A., plays a part in assisting the bank in maintenance of the present payroll loan sector as it owns a percentage of the total stock capital.
Following the bank’s strengthened sales and an excellent operation in Brazil’s finance sector, BMG has maintained a firm stand over the years marking great history. It has extended its roots worldwide with the current vice president Marcio Alaor, coming up with a brand known all over. The bank has also come up with vast technology and an increased ability to focus on and target movements that stand out majorly in the market.
Led by the vice president, Marcio Alaor, together with the high qualified management team of professions, BMG has adopted high level collective practices in its governance. The Board of Directors work closely with the committee’s chairman, department of investor relations, Anti-money laundering Program and shareholder’s code of ethics since these members are highly independent. This works in perfecting the banks governance.
BMG in history has maintained a quality credit profile and this is all credited to its firm credit policy. It has come up with good strategies to deal with decision making in offering credits. This has been made possible through a formed committee that entirely deals with credit issues. The committee is working to see to it that the bank meets its demands responsibly with vast intelligence and efficiency.
The bank has also invested immensely on human capital placing this as the most highly considered aid to the company’s success. Through recognition of talents, BMG has brought up a team that has highly embraced creativity and teamwork to overcome challenges facing the bank.

Why BMG Has Stood Out Despite Stiff Competition

Running a business in the modern market is a complicated affair that calls for some professionalism and ricks that can allow one to easily penetrate despite competition. There are many things that have come into play, thereby making business complicated and difficult to handle. Among factors that have stalled businesses, competition and technology have taken the front row. Modern technology has given some companies a better edge at competition, while those that are not equipped properly make losses and lose visibility in the market. The banking sector is one of the industries that have revolutionized in the past few years. More institutions are embracing new systems to catch up with the needs of the market. BMG, a Brazilian bank has been in the front row of implementing new changes that are able to make banking a whole different affair.

BMG has employed some of the best professionals in the market and this can be argued as one of the strengths they enjoy. All their projects are implemented with the needs of customers in mind. They have ensured everyone gets the right responsiveness and this has improved the relationship between customers and the company. BMG is one of the oldest banks in Brazil and they have maintained positive conduct for the many years they have been in business. The bank has been operational for more than 20 years, offering tailored services to their customers.

Leadership is a key factor when it comes to running a business. BMG enjoys one of the best leadership structures as they have qualified professionals who have been working in the banking sector for many years. Marcio Alaor, who works as the director of the company, has been instrumental in ensuring they do not fail to offer products that can help make the lives of customers better. He has worked towards ensuring all structures that are necessary to make the bank stable are implemented. This has been seen in the installation of an online system that allows customers to transact from any location.

Marcio Alaor has also been key in ensuring the management of the bank remains relevant to the needs of the market. By this, he has offered support that has allowed for professionalism to be maintained. Discipline and faithfulness are also part of the areas Marcio Alaor has helped to tighten. All employees are trained on regular basis to help them keep in touch with current changes in the banking sector, thanks to the help of Marcio Alaor.

What You Don’t Know About BMG’s Vice President, Marcio Alaor

Brazilian banking sector has a long history. There are institutions that are part of this history while others have a hand in the creation of the history. BMG bank is one of those institutions that have helped create history for the banking industry in Brazil. With an impressive list of accomplishments, BMG bank is considered one of the oldest and most preferred banks in Brazil. It recounts its history in the early 1930’s when the Gumaraes family began the venture. Nearly 90 years later, we still enjoy the seeds that were sown by the Gumaraes.

The family-owned financial institution started by financing auto loans for both light weight and heavy weight commercial vehicles. Upon realizing stiff competition in the area, the institution shifted to a less risky business, that of offering payroll loans. This is still the main product that has seen BMG stand out in the competitive banking industry. The companies joined up with Itau Unibanko S.A in 2014 to diversify its market as well increase its authority in the banking sector. Since its inception, BMG bank has been known for its conservative credit policy. The bank has been able to cut their market niche, a strategy that has seen them survive the stiff competition for more than eighty years.
The bank attributes a big part of their success to the manpower behind the company’s major strategies. Mr. Marcio Alaor, the BMG vice president, has been instrumental in the success of the company. Mr. Marcio Alaor, was not born a Brazilian bank executive, he has worked his way up to be one of the most prominent business leaders. Few will believe that Marcio Alaor started has a shoe shine boy. Throughout his life in the bank, he has helped dozens of local people start businesses as well as playing a crucial role in the expansion of the city.

President Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Bank Brazil

Ricardo Guimarães leads the Bank of Minas Gerais S.A and is the serving, president. Ricardo is the owner of BMG S.A from June 2004. His career started in BMG S.A. in the year 1990; Ricardo served as the bank’s Financial Executive Officer to the year 1989. He then served as the bank’s CEO from the year 1996. Mr. Ricardo became the Vice-President of the bank’s board of executive officers. He is a member of the Board of Councilors of the bank. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of UNA.

BMG History
BMG is a financial institution that is privately owned and controlled by the Guimaraes family. This family had been involved in the industry of finance in Brazil since the year 1930 when it founded the BMG bank. BMG is a profitable bank offering products to institutions and individuals. BMG’s main business was to provide consumer and wholesale financing and was a premier in heavy and light vehicles financing before 1990. From 1998, the bank has its focus on providing of payroll loans and has become a benchmark for this kind of operations. In the year 2012, BMG entered into an agreement association with Unibanco S.A. aimed at offering commercialization and distribution of payroll finances in Brazil. It formed a joint endeavor called Bank of Itau BMG Casignado S.A. this unification had seen some benefits to BMG. It has allowed the bank to lay emphasis on strategic products such as payroll loans and used vehicle financing.

Corporate Profile

The bank was founded by the Guimaraes family and has 80 years performance in the monetary market. It is a bank with a capacity for offering solutions to both institutions and individuals through their products. Throughout its history, the bank has stood out within the country’s financial sector due to its operational excellence and sales strength. It has created a brand that is known countrywide for its technology, tradition and the ability to forestall market movements. BMG has maintained a healthy and high-quality credit portfolios. The credit decisions are taken unanimously through the credit committee structure that is intended to make the banks demand in an efficient and intelligent way.

BMG Strategy
The bank seeks to increase profitability and productivity of its products through its customer portfolio. The bank is currently working to develop new business that will meet customer needs and add value to the firm. BMG focuses on growing the loan portfolio in a sustainable way and enable the company continuity through profitability. BMG is diversifying funding sources to enterprises and businesses. It has a funding structure that is comprised of external financing, deposits, and securitization. It has adopted the substantial business governance practices to attract more investment.