Cancer Treatment Centers of America Leading The Way Towards Better Oncology Treatment

According to an interview by PRNewswire in Boca Raton, FL, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® will be working with NantHealth and Allscripts to enact a personalized technical solution which will enable Eviti® to obtain clinical workflows that are contained in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is expecting a coherent union of this support resolution. The Clinical Pathways program provides information about the cancer treatment undertaking, without affecting the physicians clinical progress. Hundreds of oncologists across the United States provided input towards the undeviating port NantOS. The clinical operating system holds a wide-range of information revolving around cancer care facts and statistics.

Clinical Pathways will provide more than facts and statistics though. It’s expected to assist in providing personalized treatment regimens for each patient, their diagnosis, and the state in which the disease is in. It will be able to provide comparisons between multiple treatment options as well as the cost based on the average market. Orders will be placed via touch screen which is more efficient than the previous system. The treatment regimens provided by Eviti® is held within the electronic health record and will reflect a collective approach to delivering care. The supportive therapies will meet the patient’s distinctive needs and enhances their quality of life while being subjected to cancer treatment. Patients and their physicians will have easy access to cutting-edge guidelines, unfavorable drug reactions, toxicity, and response rates. On top of all the information held within the system it will provide real-time functionality for the patients treatment and physicians access.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, and is a network of 5 hospitals that assists adult cancer patients. CTCA® provides care that incorporated advancement in genomic testing as well as surgery, cancer treatment, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Included is supportive therapies combined with evidence to assist patients both emotionally and physically by improving their condition of life and managing side effects at any stage of treatment.

They are proud to serve patients from all over the globe at all five of its hospitals, located in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix. They have been rated against other U.S. hospitals and has been acknowledged for administering highest quality in the patience experience and caliber of care. CTCA provides inclusive education about treatment choices to both patients and their families, and promotes them to participate in the treatment decision.

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