Bruce Levenson Sues The Insurance Company

The former owner of the NBA franchise is The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The Hawks have filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The Hawks claim that the insurance company breached its contract. This is with regard to the settlement of claims that had been made by Danny Ferry, who was the general manager here, earlier.

Bruce Levenson ( is the controlling partner of this former ownership group of Hawks. This lawsuit will not be involving the current ownership group of Hawks, but only the former one that was led by Bruce Levenson.

This lawsuit has been filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County. It is against the insurance company. They have asked for a civil action that should be for breach of contract along with insurance bad faith. The Hawks owners claim that the insurance policy covered certain losses that were related to employment. These included certain acts such as “Wrongful Termination,” “Workplace Torts,” and so on. They further claimed that notice was given to the Insurance Company in 2015 that these claims had been asserted by Danny Ferry. These were the claims that were believed to be covered.

There was a buyout agreement between Danny Ferry and Hawks ownership in 2015. The relationship ended with it. According to, the sale of the franchise was approved two days after this relationship ended. It was approved to be sold to a group led by Ressler.

The claim amount is confidential as per the court documents. But the confidential limit of the liability of this policy will suffice for paying this claim by the Hawks owners. In a report by Time, the lawsuit further states that the Insurance Company has refused to acknowledge that any claim was made. It is also refusing to acknowledge any policy that may have been triggered. This lawsuit is claiming a breach of contract for not paying for covered losses.


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