Bob Reina: Always Moving Forward

It is very exciting to hear someone like Bob Reina talk because you get the sense of a man that is really intelligent, grounded, and a forward-thinker. He is always looking ahead. The fact he is always looking ahead is proven by the success of the Talk Fusion. He had the brains and the courage to start this company up in 2007. He left behind a very decorated career as a police officer. It would not be surprising if many people thought he was making a mistake. He had a career there and he was well established. One word that comes up with Bob Reina is advancing. He always wants to advance in life and he always wants to advance with Talk Fusion.


It is very important to him and he knows that is how the company is going to stay relevant and stay fresh. He knows there are a lot of people that are looking at what Talk Fusion is doing with video, and they probably want to create something that is similar to it. They want to make the next Talk Fusion. He knows this, and he wants to make sure no one is going to surpass Talk Fusion or get ahead of them.


He has seen so many companies that get fat and lazy once they have achieved a little bit of success. They feel like they can just rest, relax, and the money will keep on coming in, but it doesn’t work like that. It is why all of the successful companies have always had a plan for the future. They are able to think in the moment, but they are also able to think ahead as to what is going to happen years from now. They want to be ready for that moment. Bob Reina is ready for it and he has a plan.


He is one of those CEO’s that has an open door policy. If someone has an idea or something they want to say or contribute, he wants to hear it. He is a big believer in the more information you have and the more voices that are heard, the better. He wants people to know they are valued at Talk Fusion. They are not just a nameless face over at Talk Fusion. They are family. He also thinks of his customers as family as well. He is big on family and helping out people in need. Learn more:


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