Avi Weisfogel and his Sleep Awareness Help Center

Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey Dentist who operated his practice for 15 years beginning in 1999. During his years as a dentist, he began to notice certain characteristics about some of his patients who were prone to have sleep apnea. Upon inquiring about their experiences with the problem, he learned that there were conflicting treatments in the marketplace and not many of his patients were being helped by anything.


He began to study the situation on his own and came up with a system that helped these patients, and he began to have great success in this area. His patients improved and were eternally grateful and Dr. Weisfogel began to share his experiences with other dentists.


In 2014 he established Dental Sleep Masters, and he began to lecture and show other dentists could benefit and begin to treat their patients. He had by now developed oral devices that worked in helping patients position their tongue and jaw so that the sleep apnea would not occur. Dr. Avi Weisfogel had always been fascinated by the world of sleep disorders, and while in his dental practice he had the opportunity to observe it in his patients.


Today, Dr. Weisfogel is in great demand as his theories and devices work very well. He says that he starts early in each day and he has to organize everything, or he would be deluged with calls and nothing else would get done. His work now in the sleep apnea area is his passion as it affects so many people.


He has had to become a very good businessman, so he works with a life coach who is a “second brain” to him and he follows the habits of successful people like Steve Jobs and other people who are achievers. He works to improve each day and to get better at getting the word out about how he can help other dentists in this area.


One thing that Dr. Weisfogel likes to do is to have similar conversations with different people. Each time he has this type of discourse, he comes up with new ideas and concepts. In this way, he is constantly learning and evolving towards a better approach to his clients.




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