Lime Crime Cosmetics is bringing Unicorn Hair to their customers

In recent years pastel pinks, purples and greys have made it onto the most fashion forward celebrities. The trend quickly gained popularity and just about everywhere you looked woman and men were sporting pastel tinted locks. Now hair color is evolving even more in the direction of brighter and bolder colors.


Lime Crime a cruelty free, vegan cosmetic line is coming to the call of all those who are craving richer and brighter hair color. Lime Crime is known for their variety of lip colors and has grown to offer eye shadows, eye liners, pop-on nails, and finally hair products. Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime considers to be a unicorn queen herself. Creating her cosmetic brand has given her a way to express herself unapologetically. She encourages women and men to do the same.


What is unicorn hair you ask? Unicorn hair consists of bright bold colors almost fantasy like. You can do one single color all over or mix and match painting strands several different colors like a rainbow. On April 3rd Lime Crime will give you the tools to let your imagination run wild. They will be launching their newest product a semi-permanent hair color named none other than “Unicorn Hair.” These brightly colorful shades will range from a charcoal grey named “Gargoyle” to a bright green named “Salad”.


If you have ever wanted to take some chances with your locks and go for a new bold look I would absolutely start with the Lime Crime brand. This semi-permanent hair color follows along with the rest of the cosmetic brand in being cruelty-free and vegan. It also contains no ammonia or bleach and is only meant to deposit color onto the hair. Because of the lack of chemicals the risk of damaging your hair are very small to non existent. Unicorn Hair will deposit on to medium to pale blonde hair and can last anywhere from 7-12 days. Depending how much you wash your hair it could last longer. Once it does begin to wash out the color should do so gradually. A huge statement with very little commitment.

Sujit Choudhry Is Enhancing Constitutional Advice Through The Center For Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry capitalized on the inadequacy of knowledge and lack of updated research on constitutional advice to establish the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The professor of law is an internationally recognized authority in comparative constitutional law. He realized this gap while working as a constitutional advisor. While serving in this position, Sujit developed constitutions for emerging democracies across the world. The center supports constitutional building by generating necessary knowledge and mobilizing international networks of experts to develop evidence-based options to help in decision making and research. Sujit Choudhry spends most of his time talking to his policy partners to determine important issues in different countries with the objective of creating practical ideas for his audience.   Have a peek on this.

Sujit and his team pay attention to countries having insufficient or non-existent knowledge on constitutional law. The center moves in to provide their insights on how such countries can enhance their constitutional knowledge with the help of policy partners. Sujit posits that leaders stay ahead of the game by always thinking about what is coming next. He always talks to people on the ground to understand the needs of the populace. Sujit takes advantage of every emerging opportunity. He is always alert to engage in new ventures. This way, Sujit has managed to have a distinguished career in the industry. This information was originally reported on Ideamensch as outlined in this link

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a revered Professor of Law. He has been lecturing at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Previously, he worked for the New York University as a committed Law Professor. At one time, according to, Choudhry served as the Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto. Over the years, he has engaged in the constitution building processes of different countries such as Egypt, Nepal, South Africa, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Tunisia. Additional article on  He holds law degrees from the University of Toronto and Oxford University. During his practice, he served as a law clerk for Chief Justice Antonio of the Supreme Court of Canada. He has always focused on developing constitutional designs that helps countries to move from violent regimes and embrace democracy and peaceful politics. Sujit seeks to ensure that constitutions serve as a unifying document for ethnically divided communities. The professor has authored over 90 publications. He serves on boards of several constitutional-related committees, including the Constitutional Court Review and the International Journal of Constitutional Law.   Head over to to read more.


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Susan Macgalla’s Tips to Being a Successful Woman

For more than a century now there has been a lot of advocacy on changes that need to be done to change conditions and standards of women in workplaces. Data from labor reports show that the current percentage of women contributing to the labor force accounts for 46.9% with less than 15% featuring as executive officers.

Despite the high number of women in the workforce, most Americans are still not advancing career wise. This is something Susan Macgalla believes can change with the right strategies.

As a successful founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and an expert in marketing, branding and time management, she believes that success is possible if only we know where to look. She represents success and has a couple of tips she could share with women who want to succeed.  To read about this, follow this link.

Invest in higher education to increase your opportunities

Susan advises women to further their studies so as to excel in a male dominated world. It is important for university-educated women to increase if the number of successful women in the nation is to go up. The growing cost of higher education should not be intimidating to the younger women. Susan believes that they can rely on scholarships and education financing to pursue this goal.  Related Articles on

Confidence is key

Most women get into the workforce and get intimidated. This is counterintuitive since confidence is crucial to success. Women need to find support systems to help them forge on in confidence.

Always Ignore the Glass Ceilings

According to Susan, her excellence came to be by ignoring glass ceilings. Focusing on work ethics and not concentrating on prejudice will guarantee success. Discrimination and stereotyping will always exists and only those strong enough to deal with it will succeed.

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Yanni Hufnagel: Assistant College Basketball Coach and Recruiting Superstar

Despite his love for the sport, Yanni Hufnagel never made it as a basketball star after being cut from the varsity team in high school. However, he has found his own version of superstardom as an assistant basketball coach for Oklahoma, Harvard, Vanderbilt, California, and now the University of Nevada.


Hufnagel went to school at Cornell, and spent one season there as a basketball manager, and earned an internship with the New Jersey Nets, with a variety of duties including laundry pickup. But that internship brought him to the attention of Nets colleague Ryan Krueger who connected him with his old boss Oklahoma Coach Jeff Capel, who was searching for a graduate assistant. After that job, it was all uphill as an assistant basketball coach, starting in Harvard.


He was at Harvard for four seasons. In that time, his thorough understanding of basketball and recruiting prowess led the Harvard Crimson to three consecutive Ivy League titles and produced Jeremy Lin, a top NBA draftee who now plays guard for the Brooklyn Nets. After Harvard, Hufnagel spent a season at Vanderbilt where he helped land a nationally ranked freshman class in 2014 and gained recognition for developing strong NBA talent. Hufnagel then moved to California for two seasons as an assistant coach, and brought his high energy recruiting style there before switching to the University of Nevada for the 2016-17 season.


Recruiting is perhaps the most important part of a college assistant basketball coach’s job. They have to know and understand exactly what the head coach is looking for, and navigate also the interests and wants of the players they are seeking to recruit. As a recruiter, Hufnagel is not afraid of hearing no. He will talk with any kid he wants on the team and share his vibrant personality.


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Susan McGalla’s Advice on Success for Women

For a century now, the advocacy for change has been a national conversation in the conditions and the standards for women in the workplace. The United States Department of Labor has data that shows that in the mid 20th century there is one in 5 women who participated in the labor force.

Now women compose 46.9% of the labor force, however they only make up about 14.6% of executive officers. Susan McGalla says that although the growth is in continuous demand for females that are in America, many women are still finding it rather hard to move up in the workplace.

Susan McGalla is a founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is an expert when it comes to helping clients to brand and market as well as talent management and much more. She’s shared her views on how to get ahead being with being a businesswoman. A couple of the audiences that she has shared her views with were Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Conference for CEOs. Susan speaks on 3 important strategies that women need in order to progress and to become successful.  Learn more about Susan, follow this link.

She encourages higher education because there are better and greater opportunities available. Over half of the United States consist of women professional workers and it is critical to continue this growth. If women want to succeed in a male-dominated workplace, then they must increase their skill-dependent economy. Susan says that young women should not be intimidated by the cost of higher education ,but rather learn how to smart plan. Related article on

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When entering the workforce, women can start to have less confidence in pursuing their careers so it is important to find support. It is important to build a network of people that will influence them.

Lastly, she tells women to “ignore the glass ceiling” which simply means to ignore the prejudice and discrimination and just let their work speak for itself.

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Why It Is Good To Use The Best Of All Advertising Methods

Businesses rarely settle for one advertising method. They understand that the best way to get customers for one’s own business is to reach out to all of the sources of traffic so that they can maximize their profits. The more experienced advertisers make sure that the traffic they get is targeted. It doesn’t matter which source they use. For instance, different social media platforms are different with different types of people. However, people of all walks are going to use all forms of social media. It is important for businesses that are looking to profit to deal with all forms of social media.


However, one of the best ways to profit is through search engine advertising. This type of advertising is one of the easiest ways to get traffic because it relies on the traffic that comes from search results. Even though the ads that appear are not organic search results, they do appear because of the optimization efforts that have been made from advertisers like White Shark Media. White Shark Media is one of the most skilled and experienced advertisers. With skills such as search engine optimization and other tactics, the ads released by White Shark Media are guaranteed to bring in the traffic.


For search engine marketing, it is important for users to make sure that they use keywords and make sure that the web content is relevant to the keywords. This makes it very likely that it will rank highly on the search results. However, there is more to it than that. While it is good to get a lot of traffic, it is only the beginning. The more important thing to get is conversions. People that manage to get conversions are the ones that have achieved their goals with advertising. Conversions are the end goal for White Shark Media.


Chris Burch’s Newest Creativity In A Field He Has Just Started To Explore

Christopher Burch is a diversified entrepreneur with investments in various fields. He delves deep into creativity in all his endeavors, such as real estate, jewelry making, interior design and most recently, hospitality. Burch owns luxury homes for sale and renting in Palm Beach, Nantucket, Southampton, Florida and New York. He built the property in partnership with Philippe Stark, a well-known architect in the States and Alan Faena, an accomplished hospitality professional. Burch started C. Wonder, an accessory firm, in 2011 and developed apparel and home décor until the company’s sale to Xcel Brands. He established another home décor company in 2014, Cocoon9 in collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres. Burch co-owns Bur+Mah and TRADEMARK with Ellen DeGeneres. He also supports various independent firms such as BaubleBur, Brad’s Raw Foods, Blink Health, Chubbies, Soludos and Little Duck Organics. Christopher’s newest muse is his Indonesian creation, Nihiwatu, where he enjoys spending time.



Nihiwatu is a five-star international hotel that surpasses the dreams of every traveler looking for sleek hospitality far away from home. The serial creator stated that Nihiwatu’s result surprised him too since most projects always deliver less satisfaction than expected. When he bought the resort in 2012, he foresaw endless possibilities from renovating it. Chris marveled at the tranquility and beauty of the region and immediately made plans to take advantage of what nature offered. Nihiwatu is one of the few places in the world with a spa beneath a waterfall, rare and unique tourist destinations and hotel services that include a butler in every room. Chris bought the property in 2012 from a New Jersey couple in partnership with James McBride. He invested approximately 30 million into renovating the place and opened in 2015. Burch stated that he bought the hotel on the Indonesian Sumba Island for his children, and as a means to give back to the community in Indonesia.



Chris Burch and his partner give back to the community by contributing some of their profits through the Sumba Foundation. A sneak peek into the estate reveals that Nihiwatu has 27 private villas including Burch’s home, plunge pools in every villa and views of Nihi beach and the Indian Ocean from the plunge pools. The property has two storeyed houses that are connected by bamboo bridges. Nihiwatu’s staff includes yoga instructors, horse trainers, and surf coaches. Nihiwatu attracts international surfers during the high tide who travel to sport on the beach. Chris and James have plans to build more resorts for the millennial traveler in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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John Goullet Provides Outstanding Leadership For Diversant

There are many areas in the business world that contain markets that have become very popular or successful in the past few decades. One of the areas in the business world that have seen a huge increase in popularity and success is the staffing market. In the business world today, staffing companies are used much more than the companies were used 10 or 20 years ago. The reasons why staffing companies are used more today are plentiful. One of the primary reasons is because many companies have changed the way that they hire people.

Many companies have moved towards letting third party companies help with some or almost all of the hiring needs in-house. This change in company thinking has to lead to many companies in the business world using staffing companies to help with job-related needs. Staffing companies can provide a variety of job-related services for companies. Therefore, the level of service that is provided from company to company in the business world by staffing companies depends on what specific companies want in relation to job services.

A top staffing company that is helping numerous companies in the business world today is Diversant. As a staffing company, Diversant is running by its founder John Goullet. Diversant is a staffing company that provides job-related services to companies in the IT industry. The company also provides job seeking services for IT professionals looking for jobs in the IT industry.

One of the main reasons for the success of Diversant is the understanding that the company has of the IT industry. Since the company focuses its job services in the IT industry, Diversant is able to provide a level of service for IT companies and IT professionals that is hard to match by other staffing companies.

John Goullet is the central source behind the success of Diversant. John Goullet has many years of IT related experience that he uses to help make Diversant a top staffing company. John Goullet was at the helm of a technology company that he ran as CEO for over one decade. The amount of things that he has accomplished in the technology field has made running Diversant a natural progression to the staffing side of the technology industry. for more.

The Life of Eric Pulier and His Successful Entrepreneurial Career

Eric Pulier is, without a doubt, one of the youngest successful individuals in the world. Being a Harvard graduate in 1988 where he majored in English and American literature Eric is an all-rounded individual. He is an entrepreneur, a public speaker, a published author, a technologist, a philanthropist and a public speaker. He is a successful entrepreneur with over 15 companies under his name.

Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. His passion for technology was evident even during his early life. He started programming computers as a fourth-grade student and started his database computer company in high school. He later joined Harvard in 1988 where he became the editor of Harvard Crimson and also wrote articles for the newspaper.

Eric Pulier’s Career

Since 1991, Pulier has founded famous and beneficial ventures aimed at improving the lives of the United States citizens. In 1991, he established People Doing things (PDT), which was a company that dealt majorly on health care, education and technology. He later founded Digital Evolution in 1994.His skills with technology and passion for philanthropy helped him develop Starbright World, which is a private social network for chronically ill children. The platform allows kids to chat, blog, meet other kids and post content.

In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee selected Mr. Pulier to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C. In 1998, he co-founded Interactive Video Technology (IVT) and Desktone. Mr. Pulier has served in as Chairman of many organizations. Some of these organizations include ServiceMesh, CSC Australia Pty. Ltd., SOA Software, Inc., Exist Corporation, Santa Monica Media Corp., Enterprise Leadership Council among others.

His Publications

Mr. Eric Pulier is a published author who is known for his interactive and educative publications. His book Understanding enterprise SOA is one that has gained massive popularity. Published in 2005, the book gives technologists and business people a concise and easy-to-understand introduction to the topic. It explains the service offering and how to move confidently in the technology field. He has also written for Forbes where he talks about a model that helps companies to survive and thrive past the global economic downtown.

Mr. Pulier is a very active philanthropist. He has engaged in many philanthropic activities to help kids with chronic diseases. He uses technology to solve intractable problems in physically impaired children and economically disadvantaged communities around the USA.

Understanding Comparative Law and the International Authority of Comparative Law: Prof. Sujit Choudhry

The world we are living in today has evolved to become a conglomerate of nations: a global village so to speak. Businesses have gone international: we now talk about the world economy. These changes have necessitated the study of law systems in different countries, and that is where the Comparative law comes in. Comparative law involves lawyers studying legal frameworks of various nations and analyzing their differences and similarities. Comparative law lawyers exist in all jurisprudences, including Jewish law, Chinese law, Hindu law, and common law.

Branches of Comparative Law

Comparative law seeks to have a deeper understanding of all legal systems in different countries with the goal of improving the law practice in future. It is studied in several different branches, including comparative administrative law, comparative commercial law, and comparative constitutional law.

Comparative administrative law analyzes how regulatory agencies operate in the various countries. It looks at how power is shared between these organizations and how the law is enforced on subjects. It delves deeper into understanding how decision-making process is undertaken in different countries, and the administrative roles played by the judiciary in these countries.

Comparative commercial law analyzes how businesses are conducted in different countries. It seeks to understand the rights enjoyed by entrepreneurs in these countries and the obligations given to them. It looks at how various legal systems regulate importation, exportation, manufacturing, and sales within their individual countries.

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The comparative constitutional law seeks to understand the basic principles under which different countries are founded. It studies how different arms of government are related to the constitution and the separation of power between the executive, the judiciary, and the legislature. Constitutional comparative law studies how different constitutions stipulate regarding human rights, legislation processes, and the rule of law.  Related Articles here.

About Sujit Choudhry

Prof. Sujit Choudhry is a highly qualified law practitioner based in Berkeley, California. He is recognized globally for his contribution to the research of comparative law and his participation in constitution building in many Asian and African countries.More read on

A Master’s of law degree holder, Choudhry focuses his research on how the constitution can offer long-term solutions to conflicting societies. He is a firm believer that with strong constitutions, the world could rid itself of violence. Choudhry gives lectures on the same in different institutions across the world, Check this on

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