Achievements of Todd Lubar in the Real Estate community

Todd Lubar ventured in the real estate arena in the mid-90s. After realizing that the investment sector had a great potential for significant benefits, he decided to undertake it as a full-time career. He wanted to change everything about how people perceived and conducted the business. He later became one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Mr. Todd Lubar started out his real estate by soliciting for a loan from Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He got his cash and later developed his regular real estate practice.

As a wise businessperson, he developed business relationships with different individuals that would assist in the development of his company. A few years later in 1999, Todd Lubar held a position with the Legacy Financial Group where he was able to leverage loans as a direct mortgage bank and a broker. Todd advanced his skills in business and opened up the Legendary Properties LLC. The company begun its operations in 2002, it was able to rebuild, sell, and purchase properties that were more than two hundred in number. Lubar made wise investments through building relationships with banks. He expanded and extended his credit to over twenty million dollars. He used that cash to build various real estate property and sell them.

Legendary Properties gave the business a unique opportunity to build unique relationships with other professionals in the field. He worked with different experts in the field to produce products that were of high quality within a very short time. Todd got to establish a solid relationship with other financial services and banks. Mr. Todd Lubar has continually grown his business to date; it continues to thrive and expand rapidly.

In the year 2007, the real estate industry was undergoing a significant slowdown. Lubar decided to shift his business to other areas such as demolition, night clubs, recycling and property developments. Such an expansion enabled Todd to expand his knowledge in other sections of the industry. However, Todd has continually focused on property mortgages and has never left his core business. His expertise comes from his vast experience, and the closure of thousands of deals and an in-depth understand of the real estate markets.

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