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Anesthesia has come a long, long way. Today it’s administered by teams of qualified Anesthesiologists in Austin, Texas, who address not only the patients pain, but also their anxiety before, during and post procedure.

Here are some examples of the three main branches of care:

  • General anesthesia – abdominal, chest, brain or heart surgery are examples of this type of surgery.
  • Regional anesthesia – Usually arms, legs or lower abdomen. Sedation is administered through an IV for relaxation, then a nerve block is administered to the area being operated on.
  • Local / Monitored Anesthesia Care – Commonly known as “Twilight Sleep”, for operations on small area of soft tissue.

Specialty Anesthesia

Anesthesiologists require additional training and certification, such as Pediatric, Obstetric, Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeries.

Medical Facilities Served:

Hospitals – Seton Medical Center, Seton Northwest Hospital, Brackenridge Hospital, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Seton Shoal Creek Hospital, Seton Williamson County Hospital, Seton Hays and Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers – Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, CAREOS, Texas Orthopedics Surgery Center, Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, Meridian Plastic Surgery Center, Strictly Pediatrics, Texan Surgery Center, Hyde Park Surgery Center, Medical Park Tower Surgery Center, Inspire Surgical Centre, Hays Surgery Center, Williamson Surgery Center, Capital Otolaryngology and Reproductive Medicine Associates.

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