A Look At The Author Of The Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt

The Greyhound Diaries is a story of a lone man who traveled by bus across the United States. Condensed in a book, the Greyhound Diaries describes the journey in detail. It contains descriptions of people that he met while traveling across the country. The book even recaps conversations that Doug Levitt had with fellow travelers on the bus and off the beaten path. Photographs in the Greyhound Diaries give a visual image to the reader on how the journey unfolds and what Doug Levitt experienced while going around the country by Greyhound buses.


Doug Levitt is not the man who you would think would embark upon a journey across America by bus. He was raised in a comfortable middle class home in Washington D.C. After completing college, Doug Levitt got a job with news organizations working as a correspondent. Doug Levitt spent some years working abroad covering world news. When he came back to the United States, he had an urge to go travel across the United States. That is when the Greyhound Diaries officially began.


The reason behind embarking on what would become the Greyhound Diaries had to do with more than just seeking adventure and travel. Doug Levitt said that he wanted to witness and report on a side of America that has often been left out of the dialogue in the media and our mainstream culture. What Doug is referring to is the out of the way towns, rural communities and cities that are often bypassed or unknown to a large portion of the population.


Yet another reason for Doug’s journey by bus has to do with the worsening economic situation of millions of Americans. By forcing himself to travel only by bus, Doug could understand what it means to be unable to have the means to purchase a car. It is something we take for granted.


Doug Levitt’s perspective on our fellow Americans and human beings in general has changed since writing the Greyhound Diaries. Mr. Levitt was even inspired to compose music based on his experience. His songs, which he himself wrote and composed, have been compiled into a music album called fittingly, The Greyhound Diaries LP.

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